2006 KTM 625 SMC Walkaround In HD DIY Reviews!

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MrAxileas: are reliable? ive heard horible about ktm’s reliability and i wanna get an 625 smcп»ї

Travis wich year is it?

Chad Rubber Metal Sexy.

@xianshengzhengxiong HEHE yeah, one time i had my dad push me on my Cb750 a hill, to try and start it, when i i didnt have the key turned :

I hadn’t heard about type of clutch before. How is it in performance than a typical

Dodge Rider: @woolstonman my bike already is too lean the factory. It has a hanging idle whenever it gets below 50 which is indicative of a very mix. I could turn the screw way out to fix it, but the real issue is I need a richer idle not a richer fuel/air screw Since I already have the jet kit on I’ll just do it at the same as the exhaust.

Worst case it be too quiet and I’ll have to get else anyway.

Mitchell Trebyck: Nice dude! What did you pay?

Rider: @420FlyByNight Yeah. been trying to get footage for it all day but it was 33F by noon today. I should a new intro ready within a or so. I mean, you can’t really me to be doing wheelies on the new bike just 2 days, right? 😉

@dodgerider26 Alright, we cool. And i your new bike.

Speedy very nice indeed look and sound … some nice pipes are good but there too damn if you buy new always worth a look

Speedy Gonegalez: @dodgerider26 i just get some slip ons if i you plus you would properbly to rejet with a full not so much so with a slip on be wrong. but yhh akras are overrated in my ended up geting a mivv on my hornet better sound and 150 cheaper.

Dodge Rider: Yeah, I like the Akrapovic but I’m not willing to pay $1,500 for a exhaust on this bike. I my SV was expensive for a full system at 800-900. This thing is on parts price but at the end of the day I’m willing to pay for it. I mean, it’s so darn awesome, so beautiful, a great bike.

Oh well. Fast, Reliable, You can only have 2 so I guess good KTM went for Fast/Reliable.

Rider: 2006 625 SMC

Iroquois14: She street legal tho! you’ll have to ride trails to work.

Dodge @Iamdustyyy Yep, no worries. not one of *those people* who gets upset when people like that. I actually it’s useful. I start my just before leaving for and when my phone vibrates someone commented FIRST I the video upload finished. 😉

I love your bike to get on like it.

Dodge Rider: Are you sure? I could have the comment that first first. just sayin.

Rider: I got a heck of a deal I bought it. It was winter time and at $4,300. This summer I saw ones listing for $5,000-$5,500.

If you are patient though you can get a good on a 625.

Dodge Rider: With hydraulic clutches you can stiffer clutch springs in the allowing for a stronger engaging with a buttery smooth handle. The clutch lever on bike is the easiest I’ve used and it’s perfectly and linear when operating the And, with a big, happy single cylinder, I they used pretty clutch springs to hold when the engine is running.

@dodgerider26 no problem haha ktm is a nice bike!

lauriejennifer: Man, that’s super compared to mine. and I just several hours detailing it I’ll spend several hours tomorrow.

I was finding mud and of rock in some really places. I bet that’s why my fork are shot. -/

Er ZhengXiong: @bloodhay know there was a place to put a start in; I’ll have to into that more. push starting it to no avail. I’m just not very at push starting a bike, I’m still relatively new to it, months or so.

I definitely want to get a backup starter for it though!

Dodge @UxGOTxRaPeD Its an awesome bike. Yes it more than other buts its really not as bad as you would You will get used to it after a few

Unlike other supermotos it has power to ride comfortably on the Plus its a wheelie monster and fun offroad!


Dodge Rider: I’ve heard rumors KTM even built some LC4 motors with a right-hand it’s just one of the quirks of such an awesome bike. I am starting to like the right chain though since I can see easier while the bike is on the stand. Makes maintenance

skullkiller123: So this video is you talking and not starting the bike. Yay

supermoto looks fine dirty, dont bother :) video response, shows my 625 smc on the begining.

MarsSentinel: i bought my ’05 for but it needs a few parts form a getoff. It will cost me a to get it up to new condition. Still — fun bike ever. Ever.

Trebyck: its a nice bike, it ride? people way it vibrates a and im thinking of getting one to ride to

Er ZhengXiong: I wish my DR-Z had a kick start. Had to sit around at a gas in the middle of nowhere for a few hours someone came by who could me a jump when my batter kaput.

Dodge Rider: The only thing it says is the logo, CEV. I tried the internet and I’m not able to a universal CEV brand switch these same features. You try looking up a parts diagram for a KTM 625 SMC, though I’ve not had much with that for other

caboose365: i want your

dafobra: Very nice! that the chain is on the other

Iamdustyyy: FIRST!

Iamdustyyy: haha you probably did. I was playing around.

420FlyByNight: like someone needs a new now :) Nice bike

p0kerp1aya: setup. so you have two engine switches? Must be a Euro Looks like lots of fun Enjoy

qwikyking: do you know the of the left hand control?

@xianshengzhengxiong all models have a to put the kick start back in. you can push start it to, or get some to push it for you ( i prefer using the option then ride off the sunset with a nice

Dodge Rider: You can have it for $6 billion dollars! 😉


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