KTM 50 SX PRO SENIOR How To Save Money And Do It Yourself!

8 Apr 2015 | Author: | Comments Off on KTM 50 SX PRO SENIOR How To Save Money And Do It Yourself!

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YamahaDude117: get ur lil kids off those Kmart Trash Machines there for real mean jus kidding lol there good keep em ridin

Kolbyk10: My 5 year old rides a 2010 KTM 50 sx! Those are some wicked bikes. Awesome video!

1powerbandman11: nice video on the 50 i have a kx 65 but there was no wheelie and no whip

imblunted nigguh: thats cool but its freaked up how your only recording one kid

greg norman: kaydot

chris spinelli: my bad i wasnt trying to cause any trouble i was just asking

xKallum: good riders fair play

rileyc01: I have a video of my pro sr at full speed. I am going to move up to a 65 soon. You guys are good. My first race is next weekend.

robby shaw: my friend has a ktm 50 just like these that he says will go 80mph(no aftermarket add ons) is he telling the truth?

Brett Chapa: good but when they move up bikes there gana destroy that track

lollymadill: how much are the ktm sx50

sory24712: get em a kawasaki or a suzuki

zoominzeke: sory24712 ktms are the best out there they come race ready i used to have a sx65 them little things rip! now i have a yz85. ktms are wayyy better by far. nice video but you only record one kid. and what wheelie? but anyway nice video dude

ManUnited10r: Are you following the 6 or the 8 year old?

snowbikedude94: kawasaki has power when its new after 50 km its weaker than you and suzuki is just crap ktm is the best

n0f4ly42: When I was 5 and started racing I had a Cobra 50, and the trick with those bikes is to head up to the top of the berm, brake and powerslide and gun it through, and jumping, you want to go FAST and tailwhip a little. Also to MicroTbashing, it is possible to get aftermarket shocks that can hold your weight and use them with a 50sx.

Stephen Dempsey: get the 8 year old a 65 sx but not the six year old

Michael Battaglia: Excellent, just posted a vid of my boy riding on his new track, he’s not as smooth as your boys yet but hopefully he’ll get better once i’ve built up the berms for him and sorted the annoying low rpm bog out on his rocket sled, keep up the good work fellas (o;

SulyvanStory: LOOK MY SON 4 YERS.

DaltonRay360: hey everybody pm me if your looking for a really great ktm 50 full race pro Senior with amazing details cuz i have a craigs list ad up already we paid 4400$ for it and im selling it for 3000 or a bit lower just pm me and we can talk xD

jeremy linn: I had one of these things when I was about 7, best dirtbike ever.

sory24712: ktm Kant Take Motorcross

DJHSKATE: are u bikeirious

aceman1351: bark at the moon!

chris spinelli: and there was a wheelie where?

Robert Frattasio: how do u make that a track like that post a vid on it

WATTSWANNABE: @mrinsane78 no chance 80 mph more like 45 maybe 50 with tall geraing. motocross is not measured in mph its measured in lap times .

bossmantyler: wow that kid will probably be a factory superstar some day

MicroTbashing: hi, i am thinking about getting one of these as a pit bike, how well do they ride with a bigger person. (140lbs)? and is there anything that you got to do alot of work on? could you tell me some good things and bad things about these bikes? thanks

WATTSWANNABE: csslsd, there is small wheelie a 2.12 by kodie, only small but still a wheelie which is good for a 6 year old on a 50, if you have nothing positive to say then shut the freak up asshole

sontysly sly: does it have gears and a clutch?

mistajace: @lookersd video or it didnt happen.


YAMAHA50CREW: nice racing guys and that was good wheelie for ur age keep up the racing p.s get a yamaha hahah just kidding

Anth T: those two kids have potential STICK WITH EM DAD!!

43shadows: lolz fiddys rock 🙂

TheBoothy1994: @Hardwarepat 85cc sw

WATTSWANNABE: These are mini race bikes and not suited to anyone over 75 pounds. the auto clutch is very sensitive and requiers regular maintenance to work well, as a pit bike i would get a crf 50 or something like that. if you must get a ktm as a pit bike get at least a 65, they will carry you but you are still asking for trouble

mistajace: @TheLunalanding hahah it has a clutch. it has no clutch lever it is a centrifugal clutch. as the revs get higher the clutch auto engages.

beastmoder1997: NO freakIN MUSIC YOU PRICK

rossiroy2: woow head i think the go 35kmp

WATTSWANNABE: @rileyc01 are you in australia? we have agreat ktm 65 for sale .

maxwell arndt: hey im not being a no lifed loser but my cousin would be able to smoke theese guys seriously he can do his (i think its about 1 km) in under a minute and he jumps way further than this and now hes even doin tricks and hes only 7/8 years old

Jordan Taub: awesome song

WATTSWANNABE: so have i there is always someone faster

Troy Dunn: My freind’s little brother is 10 and he has 2 ktm 65cc’s, hes crazy on them, my freind took his yamaha raptor 350 through a mud pit and got stuck alot, then his little brother took the ktm through it and didnt get stuck once XD

chillindylan85: nice

WATTSWANNABE: yeah thanks nelson. the smaller boy in this vid is now one of the quickest in the country on a 50. had some bad luck recently but has shown speed that rivals our current state champion and he`s still just 7, three times better than whats in this vid. stay tuned for more footage. Riding with the kids is the best !

Sam Henrickson: dagum theyre good 4 dere age

BCooksey94: Whip it, DUDE.

lucaiiiiiii: stumpf


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