Launch Test: 2011 KTM 250, 350 and 450 SX-F

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KTM 350 SX-F

Launch Test: 2011 KTM 350 and 450 SX-F rides and KTM’s 2011 model motocross models at the Aussie

MotoOnline editor Alex flies high with world champion Stefan the man behind KTM’s 2011 SX-F range.

Wheelbase: (+10mm)

Seat height:


Colour Orange

Test bike: KTM

The future is here, well what some are saying and when it’s the likes of Motocross Grand Prix Champion Stefan Everts it, you’d have to be a fool not to

KTM’s release of a 350cc bike for 2011 may just be the in that direction that the needs, with the arm-stretching currently on the market seemingly too much for the average weekend

In a bike that was unveiled at 2009 in Italy last KTM’s introduction of the 350 SX-F a new leaf in the motocross history – a leaf that Australia’s own Chad Reed has said may be to the two-…/four-… battle (and, the transition) that commenced a full decade ago.

On occasion it was the four-strokes that won the in taking over as the leaders of the world, however only will tell if 350s can the 450s – a scenario that only be complete if the Japanese joined KTM on the 350cc freight in an outright conversion of the open

For now though, it’s the Austrian that’s reaping the rewards of the first to release a 350, upgrading its 250 SX-F and 450 SX-F to the most complete four-… range on the market.

While such as Cairoli and American Mike Alessi have winning races overseas, not to JDR Motorex KTM rookie Tye Simmonds’ performance to date in the Pro Open MX our first taste of the 350 came last week at Appin’s launch in New South Wales.

KTM out Everts for the launch along a handful of 250, 350 and 450 SX-F for us to test and review, making for a couple of days on the recently race circuit at Macarthur.

our take on the models in a trio of impressions from across the before a full rundown of the details is provided at the bottom of the


have always said is better, however the form of MX1 World Champion Tony on KTM’s brand new 350 SX-F has to be that a 350 has more than ponies to get the job done at the highest of against the 450s in open competition.

Regular readers of MotoOnline have caught our first impression of the 350 last week hours after we climbed out of the raving that a new era is upon us.

of the middleweight weapon that we out in that first test our approval of the revised ergos a fact that we can attest to nothing stands out or bothers you – it all fits precisely.

We also that the bike features a feel that invites you to work up to speed, urging you to it quicker and quicker, a trait answered everything we threw at it the launch.

Compared to a 250 or 450, the 350 is what you’d imagine – right in the middle of the pair in way. It’s faster a 250, but more nimble in the department than a 450 as you’d

A little known fact is Cairoli had the opportunity to race the 450 or the 350 in this year’s world choosing the smaller capacity simply because he could energy better over the of a moto and that’s something we can all

Again, the engine is more a 250F with its high-rev and short …, although incredible how the fuel injection in giving it a smooth powerband off the before hitting hard and rapidly in the mid-range.

In places you’d find the 450 catching you out a and maybe even losing – sections such as mid-corner on surfaces and so on – the 350 is absolutely seamless in the way the is applied.

On the other end of the spectrum, this uphill step-up at directly out of a right-hand turn requires you to get the corner exactly to land perfectly on a 250, a 350 clears it with ease as you’re on a big-bore.

Make you rev that engine hard, as Tye explained in our recent ‘How to a 350’ coaching column, and benefit in many circumstances a variety of track conditions.

You can get with man handling the 350 as you would on its brother, while it definitely complain or lag in the engine department if you to cruise it around the track a real deal open contender.

Revving the engine just like a 250F is the way to make the most of it, and it really is a increase of power compared to the 250 that you’ll experience on the gas on the 350.

Those who like big-bore and are heavier will still see the of the 450, while young will of course enjoy the characteristics of the 250.

The thing is, for average rider such as who doesn’t get to practice or train to ride a 450 and is looking for more a 250 after spending many on one, the 350 has reinvigorated my outlook on altogether.

Handling wise, the set you over the front-end and really you to rail the turns, only lacking in the all-round manoeuvrability of the 250 – a that’s super impressive in for 2011 as you will read

Again, the 350 is more similar to a 250 a 450 when it comes to handling, you can ride it hard with possibilities of making a mistake, having the power to pull you out of a if it does happen.

An interesting is that all three share the chassis, meaning the wheelbase and height is the same on all three only differed by the engine and overall weight.

The fact KTM has introduced linkage in the same that they’ve launched the 350 has absolutely genius, giving you extra bit of confidence to hold the gas on rough sections and pushing into the turns full of bumps.

Tractability off the turns is impressive as the rear suspension acceleration bumps up without a something that’s a particular compared to the previous model

With Excel rims, handlebars and grips, the ever-popular brakes (except that still has a tendency to fade if an excessive user!), adjustable brake and clutch levers the ultra light Brembo clutch) and integrated graphics KTM has brought a very complete to the table in just its first of a 350cc.

The 2011 KTM 350 SX-F is the combination between good and a powerful engine.


The 450cc motocrosser in the KTM has to be staring down the barrel of a held by the 350, but it will be up to the to decide whether or not it’s to pull the trigger and knock the capacity open class off its perch.

It’s no secret KTM has been working hard to its open class contender the years, and we can safely say that the and all-new chassis that applied will turn a new for the 450 SX-F in 2011.

The only problem for the 450 is that the 350 has all the limelight, indirectly making the competitors for KTM buyers as to what may be for open class competition.

It all that long ago that had the current model 450 out at Appin for our Test in March, where we to the conclusion that while its was improved over previous getting on the gas out of bumpy turns and braking bumps still had for improvement.

Well, the linkage suspension system has absolutely those problems as it replaces the PDS system that KTM had stuck by for a long time.

In places you would have been to keep the 2010 450 SX-F control at speed, you’ll be to blitz through them on the model as though you were on a bike in comparison.

Despite you really can feel the extra kilograms that the 450 is packing to the 350.

Even though the PDS had good tractability on hard turns as you apply the throttle, the system completes the job even and offers that extra that we’re all looking for on the slick surfaces.

The balance the front and rear suspension is improved, a trait that you to push harder with control, enabling you to set up for the turns and the bike in the exact line aiming for.

I would liked to see EFI on the 450 though. Not because the isn’t smooth on throttle but for the simple fact that bikes seem to be that tamer off the bottom, making easier to ride.

But hey, if looking for something that’s to ride then maybe the 350 is for

Those who love big horsepower absolutely love the engine of the 450 – twist the throttle and hang on for the only this time be able to do it without as many as the handling package is that better than previous

Like the 350 and 250, the 450 has all the high components, and German Max Nagl has in World Motocross this that the Austrian-built 450 SX-F is up there with the best of the as he follows in the footsteps of 350-equipped

The 2011 model KTM 450 SX-F is improved with linkage suspension, however there’s no sign of EFI.


As the MX2 Motocross World Champion in the of Marvin Musquin and a multiple-time of many domestic titles the world, KTM’s 250 SX-F has the most successful four-… in the range since its release.

In circles, the PDS suspension has proven to be the competitive on the lighter bikes as the 250F and also the two-… SX however adding linkage has a great bike even for this year.

We commented in our of the 2010 models that the 250 is a very rigid ride tends to deflect off bumps if you hit on a certain angle, but the new 2011 with linkage makes the that much plusher and predictable on a variety of surfaces.

You can rail turns on the new 250 with its hitting the scales at under 100 which effectively puts you in and allows you to maneuver it as required.

Not is it good in the steering department on the turns, it has plenty of traction on the hard-pack turns, helping you to your rolling corner as you become 100 percent comfortable.

The and thin ergonomics package is a improvement over its predecessor, factor that puts the in ultimate control and helps you to advantage of the improved suspension

While the linkage and revised has massively improved the handling KTM has added fuel injection to the 250 which makes the powerful more user-friendly in summary.

KTM 350 SX-F

In where the carbureted 2010 would snap off the bottom, now feel a smooth power at the twist of the lightweight throttle, taking away some of the that was experienced previously.

As with EFI bikes, the Austrian is a much tamer beast on application off the bottom with no delay at all, only making the transition into the that we are used to from KTM as it the mid-range and blasts into the

One of the most surprising things the test for me was the six-speed gearbox, is geared that short as that corners where I’d be in second gear on Japanese are taken in third – and it has the power to it!

If I were to buy a 250 SX-F I’d probably a tooth or two off the rear sprocket to it more conventional, as it did take time to get used to leaving it in gear on the slower turns, but if I to second it would simply be too short on the exit.

Overall KTM has stepped up once with what was already an motocross bike, and Musquin is a might fine job of defending his this season on the all-new model.

If quality components all the brand names come on the 250 too), exceptional power and handling are what you’re for in a Lites bike, hit up one of the upcoming KTM Days and take the SX-F for a You’ll love it.

The addition of EFI on the KTM 250 SX-F makes it super off the bottom, while linkage the bike’s handling package.


The star of the KTM model is the revolutionary motocross innovation, the 350 a bold new concept developed the fingerprints of Stefan Everts all it – an innovation by a company that has 170 world titles to its credit 55 years in the sport motorcycles

As well as the huge development that the KTM technicians have to the entire model range, new motorcycles still include very special innovations. especially applies to the KTM 350 SX-F.

To you an idea of the KTM timeline in developing new bikes, Everts says first compared a SX-F with linkage in May 2007, the 350cc engine was finally in the middle of 2008.

As far as the ergonomics goes on the new range, this was from a clay mould, to perfection by Everts and the design for the end result that we have

The newly developed frame and components have seen KTM with a robot-welded chromoly for flex purposes instead of to alloy, with the four-… bikes featuring new 300 gram aluminium swingarms for their suspension that’s replaced the PDS system.

There’s also a designed sub-frame that’s and strong, while the cooling is integrated into the frame.

WP is again back and revised the range, with CNC machined clamps designed to flex and in cooperation with the 48mm upside-down front forks.

The rims are now silver instead of to resist wear and tear and 200 grams per wheel, there are coated spokes, Brembo and Renthal handlebars and grips are again to add to the quality list of

KTM claims a dry weight of 103.9kg for the 350 compared with the 250 SX-F’s and 450 SX-F’s 106.9kg.

Engine-wise, the 350 has an bore and 57.5mm … and is in capacity, featuring a rev ceiling of That rev ceiling is possible to titanium valves (intake 29.1mm) in combination with DLC finger followers.

The crankshaft turns an intermediate which drives the cam chain, as a balancer shaft at the same while holding the water The cam chain tensioner is also

A hydraulic clutch by Brembo is with a ne won-unit clutch combined with the primary of billet steel guaranteeing reliability according to KTM’s kit.

The 350 SX-F has two oil pumps, as the 250 SX-F,

The 350 SX-F features fuel injection as well as the as does the 250 SX-F. Meanwhile, the 450 linkage, but remains carburetted for year.

The 350 and 250 both have throttle bodies in the EFI system, an map select switch available in the Parts catalogue activating additional ignition maps. A setting tool is also for data logging and to change the

As for the 250 SX-F engine, revisions new camshafts with new valve to improve gas flow due to a new intake and a revised exhaust, improving

The generator now is bigger in capacity and in oil, remaining kick-started the 350 and 450 are both standard with start. Kits are available to all three bikes to either or electric start.

Finally, as the 450 surprisingly remains carburetted the Keihin FCR 41mm flat KTM stating that it makes the more suitable when it to participating in a range of disciplines desert racing and so on.

The clutch has been refined with a basket, with the five-speed that was introduced on the 2010 now featuring a slightly closer

Another notable change is a muffler that’s utilised the range, while you can’t the slick new bodywork that rejuvenates the orange contenders.

As you can 2011 marks a massive, year for KTM!

There’s no that the 350 SX-F headlines 2011 model sport range.


KTM 350 SX-F


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