Test KTM 85 SX 2013: In short, I rolled on the 85 SX…

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KTM 85 SX 17/14
KTM 85 SX 17/14

Test KTM 85 SX 2013: In short, I rolled on the 85 SX…

At KTM, when has there more, there still has! The major innovations did we pass right now between our hands, then towards which motor bike well will be able to turn us? And there, in has corner, it there the KTM 85 SX.

Small motor bikes which also evolve “for truth”… Go: in track for a complete releasing with the handlebar of small 2-time Austrian!

KTM 85 SX 2013: First test

One in vain thinks what one will want on KTM, but no one can deny only at oranges, one stinginess not on the means to make evolve the range any ground. Here is a new proof with, for 2013, one 85 SX deeply re-examined with the great happiness of the young pilots. Already advances some on the Japanese competitors which do not touch any more with their small-engine cars since – Phew at least that – the Austrian firm, it, a layer gives from there this year, and not of least!

The frame evolves radically with a new framework, re-examined suspensions, new brakes; a new short design… all is new! The engine also receives its amount of updates with the performance on line of sight. But also reliability a point on which fishing season manifestly the small Orange.

From its exit in 2004, the KTM 85 SX 2013 had evolved nicely according to the years, but one can regard this year 2013 as second the 85 2-times generation.

You will have understood it; the KTM 85 SX is posed in innovation except for whole at the sides of the 250 and 450 SX-F. Only here, the poor one is sulky by the journalists. Go, I sacrifice myself for the good cause and direct me towards the KTM 85 SX 2013 for a cure of fast youth!

Mini Ready to Race

How any KTM which is respected, the KTM 85 SX 2013 has solid arguments in terms of presentation! However, it will be noted that the equipment is not as racing as on the SX and SX-F of higher cubic capacity: no Brembo braking, not of Renthal handlebar, not of protect-tallies, not of rigid semi chain-guide, the t-pieces of fork are not cut in the mass… Hey yes: the other side of the coin when motor bikes increasingly more equipped are proposed to us, it is that one becomes demanding.

But by stepping a little more back, and especially by imagining any competitor at its sides, there is not photo: the KTM is well above batch. Chrome exhaust, education valve box V-Force, handlebar without bar, fluid clutch, double radiator of cooling… It abounds in details which one does not find on any Japanese woman.

It is the hour to launch out on the circuit, staff KTM and my fellow-members look me with the smile, and I must acknowledge that me even I enjoy by imagining my meter 77 perched on a so small motor bike! But good, when is necessary to go there… No the electric starter, but is not necessary to misuse either: I even think that by actuating the kick with the hand without forcing in addition to measurement that must crack!

In spite of my size, I find my niche rather well on the KTM 85 SX; the triangle saddles/cockpit/footrest is good even if the knees type a little in the handlebar from time to time. Is it necessary to specify that the motor bike is placed perfectly between the legs? What its smoothness is remarkable? And what the feeling of lightness is instantaneous?

Obviously the handiness is for me the best of all the motor bikes tested this day: the qualifier of toy takes all its direction! To turn in a handkerchief of pocket, to put an angle of madness in the ruts, to enter in turn with a surgical precision what it is good!

Of agreement, considering the situation, it is not a surprise; on the other hand the stability of the KTM 85 SX 2013 is a little more. Small Kate does not move in the rapid, swallows the holes without frowning and guidance not hair. Rather astonishing for a large gauge on a small motor bike.

It should be said that the suspensions function with wonder, the fork boxes the large shocks peacefully and the back tractor draws perfectly, the aft wheel remains stuck on the ground in the battered increase of the circuit. I equally the jumps of the circuit which are far from being ridiculous, only will cool me.

Not the longer, but that which goes up highest: “if you put yourself short, that will not do it!” I said myself in a flash of clearness. I will nevertheless find to repeat on the shock absorber, a little flexible with my taste that pursues easily in spite of a remarkable effectiveness. Launching this opinion with staff WP, one answers me with the smile that I am nevertheless a big boy for this small motor bike… They are not false.

Another good point in favor of the SX: the feeling of the orders is excellent, which is not too astonishing since they are the same ones formulated that on the 350 Free ride of which we praise already the merits.

Small but strapping man

One can think that the small Austrian subsidiary shell will have sorrow to take along the weight of a pilot having passed the age to roll on one 85 already since several years. And well not really! Good I admit to have more the gauge of a Marvin Musquin of a Ken De Dycker. Only the sonority of the small KTM agitates the neurons: this small bee sounds just and to go up in the turns.

And well one will give some to him then!

One nevertheless needs some turns of adaptation to find the good feeling with the reports. If the KTM 85 SX has a driving trunk more than honorable for its cubic capacity, one is far from being able to allow itself to roll a report above. But when one aims just, that immediately becomes very interesting: passed the low modes, the KTM goes up in the turns in an incredible way. Quite simply excel. It is not blown with high mode, and I even should return the hand in a rise not to turn over me.

One did not need such an amount of it, at the end of some turns: lead which bursts! Attacks maximum everywhere, great blows of clutch as of the entry of the turns and double in rise unhoped-for with this motor bike of the kind “if you cut not that must pass”: KTM SX 85 2013 accepts all without stumbling. Devil, it likes that the wretched woman!

While seeing arriving at far Joachim Sauer, the off-road project manager at KTM, I think that it undoubtedly will be necessary to become again reasonable. You think: instead of that, it is put on the edge of the track and encourages me. They are players at KTM, but also then I continue… The ordering of fluid clutch Formulated is very pleasant with use: that falls well by what one makes use of it not bad.

As for the lengthening-piece from this 85, it has what to give the counterpart to the 125. With final, the engine of this motor bike is quite simply a small bomb, even for an adult. Then I imagine that for young people, the KTM 85 SX 2013 must straightforwardly send severe!

Appraisal: Full size, this small!

After having returned the KTM 85 SX 2013 with banana to the ears – just like amused but also content Austrian staff that one is interested in this motor bike – difficult to find truly to repeat on the small KTM. This motor bike is a toy with the impressive performances. The engine holds rate, one needs right being on the positive ratio because if it is not the case, the subsidiary shell will not extract you from a soft support on simple blow of clutch in spite of its force.

The frame seems in top form and puts in confidence. The comfort and the effectiveness of the suspensions are excellent, but it is necessary all the same to take into account that it is bound for young people, with gauges a little thinner nevertheless. Proposed with 4,990 € (all the same!), the operation Orange Race intended for the bachelors FM or Foley also applies to the KTM 85 SX 2013, that is to say a price slightly decreased with 4,620 €. These tariffs apply to the 85 SX ‘“small wheels” (17”/14”) and “large wheels” (19”/16”) as to our motor bike of test).

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