2012 Honda XR 650L – Used 2012 XR 650 L at Motorcyclist Magazine

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Honda XR 650L
Honda XR 650L

2012 XR 650L

2012 Honda XR 650L

Ew 2012 Honda XR650L is a sleek and powerful dual sports bike that delivers a smooth and reliable ride in just about any setting. This multi-purpose bike is fully capable of handling the demands of the off-road routes as well as the paved roads with ease. The heart of this dual-sports machine is found in the 644cc, Air cooled, single-cylinder engine giving instant power when the throttle is pushed.

A five-speed transmission comes standard on the 2012 Honda XR. This legal street bike closely models the Honda XR600R but has a few distinct features.

The traditional Showa 43mm suspension has air-adjustable cartridge forks that contain 16-position compression damping to ensure an optimal riding experience. The rear suspension is a single shock Pro-Link Showa with 20-position rebound damping adjustability. Ew 2012 Honda XR650L offers a ride that is not easy to forget.

The Honda XR650L was first introduced in 1992 and over the years this model has become one of the most trusted and loved models on the market. Ji ber ku 1992 the bike has and has undergone several updates to ensure that the Honda XR650L is using the latest in cutting edge technology as well as to keep up to date with the changing styles over the years.

On road or off road, this lightweight and durable ride has been tested through time and has earned the respect it gets. From the excellent suspension, to the dual overhead 644cc cam engine, to the sleek and stylish design, this is one bike that you can depend on for all your riding needs.

New For 2012

Bold new graphics for the 2012 models. First year for a change in the graphics.

Honda XR 650L
Honda XR 650L

Electric starter that ensures the bike starts with a simple push of the button. Turn the key and push the button no matter how long the bike has been sitting or how cold it may be outside.

Air cooling system to cut down on maintenance chores as well as to keep te parts of the engine cooled at all times.

Fully adjustable 43mm front fork and rear single shock preload suspension designed to give a comfortable ride even on long distances.

Compact and titling instrument panel which allows for easing viewing in all riding conditions.

Lightweight design that is one of the lightest bikes in its class. The lightweight designs make handling curves a breeze.

The bore and stroke dimensions of 100.0mm x 82.0 mm allow for peak performance at all speeds. Allows the rider to speed up from a dead stop with ease and no worries of stalling.

Honda XR 650L
Honda XR 650L
Honda XR 650L
Honda XR 650L
Honda XR 650L
Honda XR 650L

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