Ducati unveils Dual Spark Diavel motorcycle

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Ducati Diavel

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Latest model features two spark plugs per cylinder head. Full LED lighting, chopped exhaust among new design features. Carbon version trims 11 pounds off the bike.


Ducati has unveiled its newest iteration of the Diavel power cruiser: the 2015 Diavel Dark and two carbon versions, the Carbon Red and Carbon White.

To many people, the word cruiser brings images of Harley-Davidsons or Indians. Stretched out bikes with forward foot pegs, longer handle bars, perhaps a sissy bar for the passengerand plenty of chrome.

No so for Ducati.

The Diavel barely has any chrome, if at all, and instead invites eyes to focus on the trellis frame, which is painted red, white or black, depending on the model. The body is a bit shorter and looks very aggressive. It looks less like a Sunday highway cruiser than a machine ready to rip up the mountain roads.

So what’s the deal?

Over lunch, Ducati North America CEO Cristiano Silei explained the idea behind the Diavel concept.

During the course of the last six years, we have expanded our lineup significantly to cover niches that we were not covering before. Always applying our formula, always applying the Ducati formula, which focuses on performance.

Silei brought up the Ducati Monsters, perhaps one of the brand’s most well-known bikes. Nobody had thought about stripping down a sportbike and making a naked motorcycle before. We did it (with the Monster). We created a fashion, that then became a standard.

Now every (manufacturer) has a naked motorcycle.

And, Silei said, they did the same with the Diavel. You take an undeniably Ducati concept, which is performance oriented, and you apply to a different concept, which is a cruiser. That’s a Diavel.

So why a cruiser?

It helps Ducati expand the number of people that we can talk to, Silei said. In business terms, it translates to potentially growing sales. People that are familiar with cruisers have a resistance to look at sport bikes.

But now they see the Diavel and all of a sudden, a light bulb goes on, a spark lights up. ‘Wow let me see this,’ and they want to try it, they get hooked. Because, come on, we’re talking about a 162 кубат, 460-pound motorcycle that looks like a cruiser and handles like a superbike.

The Diavel is indeed comfortable to sit on. A rider is in a very upright position, and the pegs and grips are within easy reach, even for a smaller-framed woman. Unlike sport bikes, which put riders in a crouched, forward-leaning position that can wear on the arms, this felt easy.

Yet Ducati promises it can still put out a punchlike a superbike, as Silei says.

Looking at some numbers explains what that means. The weight of the Diavel, at 463-pounds dry, is much lighter than even one of Harley-Davidson’s smaller models, the Sportster Iron 883. That weighs about 540-pounds dry.

The Diavel boasts 162 horsepower vs. the Sportster’s 47 кубат. Not a very fair comparison. Harley also has the performance-driven V-Rod, which has 122 кубат, but it weighs 640 pounds dry.

Numbers aren’t everything, карабастан, and for those who love the classic cruiser styling with highway pegs, sweeping handlebars, long, shiny exhaust pipes, the Diavel just doesn’t compare.

The Diavel’s swooping air intake ducts are reminiscent of Yamaha’s VMax, another power cruiser. It has chopped exhaust pipes so the large rear tire is more visible (A design centerpiece for the motorcycle, says Silei). The key change in the latest model of the Diavel is its newly designed Testastretta 11-degree Dual Spark engine, which puts two spark plugs in each cylinder head, allowing for more efficient combustion of fuel.

Ducati also relocated the fuel injectors to spray onto the hotter part of the intake valves to increase vaporization. Another fine feature: Full LED lighting.

The Diavel Dark starts at $17,995. The Carbon Red and Carbon White, which shaves off 11 pounds and sports black-forged Marchesni wheels, adds $3,000 to the price.

Ducati is slated to unleash the Diavel to dealers in April. Until the bike is available for road testing, we can only go by Ducati’s word that the new Diavel is smoother, has better performance and better braking.

Ducati chopped the exhaust to show off more of the rear wheel. (Photo: Ducati)

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