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Kymco Like 200i


2010 LIKE 50

Milage: 0 — Miles

Likes: Style, Cost

Dislikes: Bit Plasticky

”I brought a new 2010 50 demonstrator with 20 kms on the clock. I found it to be a great little The only problem I have is the needing adjusting.

Otherwise nil so far and it’s saving me a stack of I will be buying a Like 200 — my daughter gets the

2011 KYMCO LIKE 50 2T

1000 — 5000

Likes: Gas Milage

Dislikes: of Accessories

Review: ”I up the 50cc for my 10 mile commute to The bike has been great so even in the … heat of If I didn’t have a 2 year old to around, I’d never my car.

I do wish they more add ons for it though, speakers, etc. I do get a ton of questions about it and seem to love the Ivory


Milage: 0 — 1000

Likes: Fuel injection, Ride height, Switch

Dislikes: Ride can be a bit harsh

“ I replaced a Chinese with this scooter. pleased so far. No quality to date, fuel injection, starts right up (it is only occasionally).

Handling is good, the seat height provides relief for low back on longer

One complaint is that the ride is maybe a bit more than like. There is also no which has not been a problem to but will be when the battery out. I would definitely the Like 200i.”

2012 LIKE 200

Milage: 0 — Miles

Likes: Quick, Inexpensive

Dislikes: Locks

“ I do love my Like I’ve had it for less than 3 and have put almost 300 miles on it.

with quick pick up and going up hills/mountains. Great on roads and in-town. Took on a couple short times, no with speed but a little for wind produced by others.

I was impressed with how well it I didn’t plan on ever it outside of town but I love how it is, quick as lightning and lots of for doing errands. No problems over 100 miles today laptop and files strapped on running for 2 good size of groceries.

Only downside is of accessories and it bugs me that to or close compartments I have to use the I’m glad they but wish it was optional.

Great buy. very


Milage: 0 — 1000

Likes: Great power and Good looks and clean

Dislikes: Seat is too soft in and too hard in the passenger area.

“ I have had this 2.5 months and I love it.

I weigh 212 and this little scooter me around town with and it does well on the highway steady speeds of 55 to 63 mph. I several other scooters were all more expensive. I am getting from 70 to 80 miles per


Milage: 0 — 1000

Likes: Styling, Power,

Dislikes: Handlebar hits in tight turns. High

Review: “ I’ve had scooter about 4 months. for scenic cruising. Handles well on winding road and is in the turns. However, have it down doing slow because handlebar caught on my

I’m only 5’10 and not recommend this for anyone who plans on riding in town tight intersections. Would a lot if floorboard was just an inch or so Seems very high as it is and would also allow for knee clearance.

This has very bright headlight on windshield because of shape of top of Had to put piece of tape across top of for night riding. Do not see any functional why top of headlight is so high.

Looks is purely for cosmetic purposes. even with all this, a great scoot and I would it.”

2012 KYMCO 200i

Milage: 1000 5000 Miles

Likes: Spunky engine, Sporty

Dislikes: Hard seat

“ I bought this in May 2012 and I ride it nearly day. I have taken 100+ mile rides and the has run and handled well. Most of my are into the mountains of SW Colorado and I really enjoyed riding it.

The pulls strong even at elevation. I can’t wait to it over the mountains to Silverton, next summer.”

2012 LIKE 200i

Milage: 0 1000 Miles

Likes: build reputation, fuel discs on both ends, 2 warranty, dual rear payload

Dislikes: Watch in tight turns, seat has headlight glare in riders

Review: “ I recommend read the comments owners of the Like 200i. SIT on the to see if the knee/handlebar situation will be a …. Scoot back on seat to locate massive there.

Check dealer for the 600 mile service. (prices from $130 to $380) Get the price.

Talk to an owner about service dept.

Buy locally your local scoot can/will service other

If all of these pass your — I think you’ll this scooter.

If you’re gonna keep it a few hundred — go ahead and blast it the show-room up into the mountains on day If you want to keep it running for years, follow the break-in in the manual.

I’m 6’2, 270 and I ride my two-tone blue and Like 200i LX with my out for slow turns, and a big smile on my 65 yr old at all other times. (Don’t the 2 year warranty — and who why Kymco chooses these for their scooters — you can put Italian flag stickers ’em and feel European).”


1000 — 5000

Likes: Handling, speed, gas affordability

Dislikes: Name, feature, fuel capacity, spin-on type oil filter

“ The Like 200i is a made rugged scooter. It has a retro look that appeal to those wanting of a traditional scooter style. I have read the ergonomics can be an for some people, I at 5’9 and a 31 find it to be great fit.

The storage is adequate. but the addition of a top box gives you the extra storage to fill most of ones including the ability to hold a face helmet. Braking is good with both and rear disc brakes. is crisp and smooth.

After 32 fills I am averaging 81 mpg from city riding which has ranging from 25 mph to 45 mph. You get a lot of for $2,699. The only issue I with the scooter is the time/date The time representing 12:00 to is represented as 00:mm. Also the tends to jump ahead by one

To trick the system I enter the one day behind. The funny thing is the of April the unit worked as it displaying the correct time and Now that it is May, it’s to its old display quirks.”

2012 LIKE 200i

Milage: — 10,000 Miles

Style, Lots of power for Dependability

Dislikes: Ergonomics, glare

Review: ”Over miles in past 6 months. it down going into right turn when caught on knee. Felt making sharp turns knees sticking out so had seat for $200. Moved ridge 2 1/2 inches, lowered seat 1 inch and narrow front of for better straddling. Sitting away from handlebars arms, makes cornering precise and is less tiring.

Was a good investment.

Love the Starts every time after sitting for a week. 80 plus under 50mph and 70 at top indicated speed of 63 mph.

comfortably at top speed, but a little in cross winds because of of weight.

Is a perfect scoot for town and day cruises. Just fuel tank was a bit larger. to look for filling station 100 miles or so and can be a bother when with a group. But is a good for stretching a potty stops.”


Milage: 0 1000 Miles

Likes: Strong Brakes, Good Good Lighting, Starts Easy Handling

Dislikes: Low Top Warped Rear Brake No Local Dealer Support

” I picked up my Like 50 in December with 38 miles on it. I ridden it to 200 miles. I am a very motorcyclist but this is my first The Kymco starts, runs and well. The build quality is and the ride is good.

Some complained that their and knees do not have enough but at 5′ 11 this has not been a at all for me. As they say, see if you fit the scooter buying.

Scooter came a high spot in the rear drum and the local dealer that they would not the claim because Kymco not honor it. I ended up repairing it by sanding down the high The local dealer was generally with Kymco’s support and the line two weeks ago.

dealer online was a great replacing parts damaged in a

At 215 pounds, I do not expect much in the way of from a 50, but I was disappointed with a 28 mph top under ideal conditions. a de-regulated variator bushing on Ebay) brought the speed up to a reasonable 35 mph. Will do a few mods to bring the speed to 40

Got 70 mpg on my first tankful.Scooter is comfortable a 5′ 7 passenger on the back.

I recommend the Like 50 to anyone an affordable, nice looking styled scooter. If top speed is not a issue for you, this is a choice. Better than the low end scooters and a few hundred cheaper the Japanese competition.

Since folks decide they a little more top speed, low mileage used 50s can be found on Craigslist, Cycle Trader and Got mine for $1,300.

2013 LIKE 200i

Milage: 0 1000 Miles

Likes: Classic Style, Disk 12v Adaptor, Storage, Electric and Start

Dislikes: Size, Plastic

Review: “ Over the decade KYMCO has built for quality and performance. I had the chance week to take a 2013 200i out for a spin, and I have to it left me far from disappointed.

The thing I noticed when I up is how light the bike felt. I hit the start and powered it out of the parking The Like 200i features a 4t single cylinder, air cooled

The bike only had 5 miles on it; far being broken in but it had no problem all 230lb of me down the road. The are similar to my GTS so I felt comfortable

My one complaint is the size, I felt like my knees where in my I’m not sure what the difference between the 50,125,150, and Like equals up too, but I like I was on a fifty; until I back on the throttle. This really does cruise.

I returned to Motorcycle Accessories I picked the bike up from I to nose the bike over.

I was with the storage on this It had a nice sized glove box included a 12v adaptor. The under storage will easily fit a helmet or college books. The stock carrier box comes enough room for a full helmet or more books.

The of the Like is modern classic, and not too from the Vespa’s that for three times the cost. in mind though modern are metal, the body work on KYMCO is plastic, and it looks I love the speedometer panel. I was to find that the bike had an electric start and kick

It also features front and disc brakes. Add these for a price tag under $2700, and is a great introductory scooter or from the 50cc you’ve kicking around town.”


0 — 1000 Miles

Stylish, Quick, Smooth, handling, Responsive, Good

Dislikes: Some parts cheap

Review: “ We less than 500 miles on bike, but it is already proving to be fun to ride. We considered 2 other besides this one, but decided on the Like 200i of the styling and the price point.

One I have is that the rubber for the top case already came I re-glued it but it was kind of a failure. it was delivered with a broken and we are still waiting for the parts Kymco.

I only know we about 500 miles because of how times I’ve filled the

I would say that anyone for an economical, stylish and fun scooter for riding should consider the 200i. I wouldn’t take on the highway, as the reported max mph is 60.”


100 0 — 5000 Miles

MPG, EFI, Dual Brakes, Dual Rear Shocks, Ride Comfort,

Dislikes: Two Broken Locks

“ I bought my Like about four months Unfortunately I bought it in October and was able to ride it much the two months then it became too to ride or ice/snow were on the All the same I’m at about miles. I enjoy this every much. It is my third and has been the best so far.

riding carborated scooters for two years I am now a fuel injection It has made a large difference. It better fuel economy but also much more across the board. It starts every single time and require you to wait for an auto to adjust.

It is often cold and my carbed scooters would well over five to warm up and would often out seconds after starting I would also notice my carbed scooters’ power fluctuate wildly based on conditions. This doesn’t with the Like 200i.

I am 5’10 and near 220 lbs. scooter never has problems up to speed even with my friend riding on back. a mid sized scooter so it’s is definitely not the highway. That said I ride on the highway it a lot.

I am fine with a top of 60ish mph. This is the scooter I’ve owned has a speedometer that is accurate. read that people said that when speedo reads 63 they doing 60. That’s close for me.

I used GPS to test my speed while breaking in but never did on the My speedo was 100% accurate up to I didn’t go faster than speed while testing.

I never felt cramped in scooter it fits me like a and that is pretty sweet. I never hit my knee on the handle bar Maybe it’s my riding I have hit my knee on the luggage though. It broke right

I don’t blame the quality of of parts. I hit it hard. I got a brand new one of charge (thank you warranty) and been mindful since.

I experienced the head light back into my eyes like others, but it was only I was standing up and walking my scooter in my

As far as servicing this scooter I’ve been very There is information on the web if you take the to look for it and do your homework. I performed three oil changes on it and on oil change. They were easy. So easy that I believe that anyone can do it as as they are careful and take it

I plan on doing my own valve as well and have found I needed to know online. is a forum that is fairly It isn’t as nice as Modern but it’s helpful enough. people talk about for fuel injected motors are expensive and this is true but to be put into perspective.

The entire can be replaced for a few hundred dollars. It something I would consider compared to many alternatives.

I all the small things to. There are no All my other scooters rattled and it me insane. It feels sturdy and built. Two of my locks did break and I have no problem with it of the warranty.

This scooter so much like a Vespa my dealer made the guess this is why the name is Like. It like a Vespa. But it is better a Vespa for the simple fact they are thousands of dollars expensive. The ride is very for me. I’ve gone over tracks at 40 mph and came bouncing on the road laughed for several afterwards because it was so fun.

I I would like to make a that many of the cons other people list are a of personal preference and not so much a of the scooter. If it doesn’t fit you then for a scoot that does. I this scooter for many and the best for me was that it seems to be for people my size. I don’t that there are few choices for market parts.

This a fault of the scooter or Kymco but a failure of companies taking an Maybe they just find a way to improve it. who knows.

I am 99% with this scoot.

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Kymco Like 200i
Kymco Like 200i
Kymco Like 200i

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