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Kymco Xciting 500i

Scooting Around on a Kymco 500

As much as we’d like to about the pep in the step of the 2007 Xciting 500’s liquid-cooled flat single, Bayly out one of the bike’s unadvertised perks it’s a chick magnet.

dating, online dating, dating, blind dating or good old-fashioned go-up-and-ask-’em-out It’s a challenging world out for us single guys.

Being ugly and overly well in the nose department certainly help, and having positively no ensures that most nights are spent alone pizza and watching Monty movies. Let’s face it. Who can handle standing around bars in leisure wear, and trying to look manly and while revealing his sensitive at the same time?

And let’s not get into the dancing thing. like Richard Simmons on is not a pretty sight when truly tries cutting the And growing up in a country where most certainly doesn’t dancing, there is also the barrier to deal with, and the that most women can poverty from at least 50

So, I took fate into my own purchased a copy of Neil best-selling book, The Game, and to work on the subtle art of seduction. realizing that I am what calls an AFC (average frustrated with about as much as Mr. Rogers, it was obvious I needed serious help.

A few days early one morning around the of noon, the pay phone in the hall long enough to wake me, and on the end of the line was the answer to all of my problems.

ladies were lured from their lattes by the ‘journalist-in-need-of-pictures’ routine and demonstrated the seat’s ability to saddle without any problems.

How would you to try out the new Kymco Xciting 500 for a couple of a perky voice came through the pre morning-coffee fog. various parts of my anatomy won’t make it in to this version of the story, I mustered up my plumy, professional tone and why of course, how splendid, before back to my apartment for an early nap. These high-powered meetings in the morning can sure it out of a man.

Shape up at Starbucks the following sitting astride my striking ride, choking down a goat’s milk/vegetarian/decaffeinated/barium enema, in walks a group of potential taking a break from the of hair appointments and shopping. the Xciting up onto the main for more control, I quickly pop the by turning the ignition key with one twist and casually place my and gloves into the awaiting

Next, I unplug my cell from the onboard charger and to make an important call. my empty voice mail, I the seat and go back to my disgusting before strolling over to the with my opening line.

the new Xciting has enough storage for more than a helmet. with my disposable camera, I lay out the routine. Getting a favorable I give them a quick run on the features and benefits of my ride, and as I can see are already impressed by the charcoal beauty, it looks like it is to be an easy sell.

Giving an to the modern styling of the slick Bayly was able to find to play ‘pilot to co-pilot’ on the Kymco Xciting 500.

a 498.5 cc single cylinder engine that produces a 36 horsepower, the word exiting spring to mind when you on the throttle. Now pitch it into a when it is maxed out, a shade north of 80 mph, and the front tire will you all the excitement you need. Well, all the you don’t really need. If an adrenaline-induced ride you are after, get a

Actually, the 475-pound scooter is off the line at a pretty decent and it’s also not too shabby carrying a passenger.

Luring my away from their lattes, I soon had them all out the large, luxurious seat as laughed at my horribly cheesy Looking like an early Honda around the dashboard and fairing area, in a slick of way, the Kymco is certainly finished and everything works a charm. One complaint I have is you can’t let the bike idle the sidestand down, although is probably a good safety for an automatic.

But being winter in North Carolina, it is nice to let warm up while putting on the weather gear for rides, and the Kymco I had to sit there and wait. I fussy, fussy, but when is some serious gaming to be it doesn’t pay to waste time.

Starbucks, with a romantic for two planned, I roared off into the leaving my girls wondering if the dark stranger would Well, all right, it was early and they were all looking happy to be rid of the badly dressed but we did get a phone number. Score one to the Xciting.

Purring off into the the turn signals clicking an early-’70s Ford, I made my way to rest from a tough work and to plot my next

The main feature on the console of the 500 is an easy-to-read analogue gauge, but more Euro- than because the km/h readings are than the mph numbers.

Filling up is another chance to be cool the Kymco Xciting. Just the key to the right and the gas cap pops open. is located in the front inner and the bike holds a total of 3.4

Of course, I could have a notebook and a pen, noted the how many gallons to fill, and the average mpg, but I wanted new to have at least one surprise reading my review, so conveniently Taking an uneducated guess, I have to say it is getting over 60 as it seems to do a lot of trips around without visiting the gas station.

I did how fast I was going a couple of and the speedometer is nicely mounted in the of the dashboard with an easy to analogue gauge, if you work in per hour. There are regular per hour numbers, but they aren’t visible to my old eyes on the as the numbers are very small.

by my first success, the following brought more of the same. The Russian girl outside my coffee shop, the young lady from my apartment who came to join my friends and I on a and the raven-haired beauty I lured out of a shop to join my friends for My previously empty black was filling up fast, and the Kymco was certainly gaining the hearts of a lot of maidens.

We can’t promise you’ll catch the eye of someone as as this, but we can promise that the 500 is a good conversation starter.

people found it cool, and physically large with a inch wheelbase and a tall windshield, it didn’t suffer the somewhat wimpy appearance my new used to describe other they had seen. Also a comment from another that I didn’t look a DUI specialist struggling up the inside of at 29 mph, for once in my life, the Kymco, I was getting some

When it came to battling the the Xciting 500 holds its own out on the Interstate, nicely between 70-80 At this point the throttle is pinned and there ain’t more, but it sure is smooth: if the piston is scampering up and down 8000 times per minute at point.

Wind protection is but not as complete as I originally had in my mind, and on one cold day I was surprised how chilly my got unless I pushed my knees In the interest of maintaining a manly posture I took the cold, but to its my upper body had no complaints. on the Kymco Xciter is good, if not a old fashioned in the way it happens.

Unlike a both brakes are up at the handlebars, as is no clutch, and they both a good stout pull. Get to giving them a firm squeeze for them to do a respectable job of everything slowed for the next cell-phone-yakking, kid-swatting soccer

There is even a parking for extra security when prospective victims on the seat the Java Depot. To activate neat feature, just up on the handle below the speedometer in the and to release, just push the on the right-hand side of the handle and down. Front and rear are linked when you squeeze the hand lever, and the right works the front brakes in the manner.

Kymco Xciting 500i

Even riding the 498.5cc single-cylinder four-… of the Xciting 500 holds its own while the 475 lb scoot around town.

at the 15-inch front wheel, runs a 120/70-15 inch two small discs are used, and get their own basic two-piston In the rear, a wider 150/70-14 tire is employed, and a single-piston disc brake handles duties. Suspension is also basic with twin shocks in the rear and a telescopic up front.

Neither appears to have any

While out and about, there are two storage boxes for stuff wallets, phone numbers and food. These are very logistical supplies, as sometimes you to hit a lot of coffee shops before you a suitable target. The compartment in the is lockable with the ignition the one in front of the seat is not. is also an adjustable backrest for the and the seat is positively huge being very comfortable for rider and passenger.

The whole thing took me a while to get to, and it is weird to not use your feet slowing down at first.

a couple of months with Mr. I have got to say it was often the pick of the bikes for me if I was heading into It was a hit with my six-year-old son, who it equally well up front or and he even did some stints the throttle.

The gentle, predictable delivery made it very for him to modulate the throttle. Of course I had my hovering close, so we never ran any problems, but I was surprised how easy it was for him to

Slick, smart, fun and a great way to around town, commute, or have a simple easy the Kymco Xciting is available Kymco’s expanding dealer Nicely finished, with a lot of components, it is a very tidy, machine, and even after in my cold garage for a couple of at a time, it never protested It warms up fast with its choke and is quickly ready to once up to temperature.

The scooter was for shots like this to the Xciting 500’s parking engaged by pulling up on the handle in the just below the speedo.

All the regular features are in place. loud horn, very turnsignals, a powerful headlight for duties, and a big brake light, is a something of a comfort in town. its all enclosed shaft drive, is no messy chain to deal and when you get caught in the rain is way more protection than a

Clean up is super easy a simple wipe down of the panels getting you back in the in minutes.

So after a couple of with the Kymco Xciting, the is how did it improve my game? Well, the to that lies in the photos. an old, ugly, unloved scribbler’s perspective, the amount of generated among the fair from the totally unassuming was unreal.

I finally had a black worth leaving open in the shop, and actually found a to use my cell phone.

But, Straus in his book, when I to win my fair maiden’s heart, it on the scooter, it was with the good go-up-and-ask-her-out method. Did it work? that’s another story, or as the OMC How Bizarre goes, Wanna the rest? Hey!

Buy the rights.

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Kymco Xciting 500i
Kymco Xciting 500i
Kymco Xciting 500i

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