gilera nexus 250 ie Test

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Gilera Nexus 250

gilera nexus 250 ie Test

Attracted by its aesthetic devastating, some of you may have already touched the side of the Gilera Nexus without daring leap. A mistake, because this gentleman over the scooter has many qualities. Chassis to the body, it makes it a … max!

New to the French market, quod gilera nexus 250 ie is a potential hit. If this displacement scooters and sports of this type are few, and they sometimes neglect the practical aspects, quod gilera nexus 250 ie do not share this vein! 500 from the 2006 model of the same name, it resumes its architecture, its chassis and its aesthetics.

scilicet, it changes the operation of car ownership in favor of the excellent Quasar 250 … and lost 25 libras. Injection, aggressive look of sportivo GT, 250 ie he has enough to convince? Placed € 4 390, it already has quite a argument!

Type sport

It may not be natural to think of a 250 cc scooter for his daily commute or to make various trips. Yet, looking out the gilera nexus 250 ie, the desire to take the handlebars and the road is this! Sporty and very rewarding both in its appearance than its equipment, nothing apart from the 500 versionem.

It is even very similar to a motorcycle seat and once more in his behavior. No wonder that he can seduce and decomplexing number of motorcycle and scooters from all backgrounds. Remains at first glance, one is on a scooter, but not least.

The driving position is shown in “ relax “ but typed “ supersport “ with a very low handlebars which encourages support and handling while returning the body forward.

Feet flat on the floor divided by the center column, it installs without difficulty on the saddle dug in its central part. This household also comfort also typed sport. Fine enough in its front part, it reserves softness and wide in its posterior part. Thus installed, you can enjoy some of the very comfortable backrest, which will be used primarily as when searching speed or during long journeys, when the feet take up the “ on foot “ for that purpose, up the legs.

The Nexus guide to the handlebars and then mainly to body weight, taking advantage of the rigidity of the frame and comfortable wheel diameter ( 14 pollices ). Stiff without showing spartan, quod gilera nexus 250 combines the luxury of materials and instrumentation, with the even more pleasant to own a beautiful object, excellent finishing and undeniably sporty.

An engine without excess

denique, in contrast with the most appearances and qualities sporting touch to the engine. The Quasar is delivered here in a version of 22.44 ch. apud 8050 r / min, a power that can respond quickly to the handle. If the lag times (small) delay time, if the apparent ease with which it climbs in the towers and reaches its cruising speed is real, the Gilera Nexus left slightly hungry as one would expect more of him in such a frame.

Top celeritas, located around 145 km / h meter is certainly honorable, but long to achieve, and spent the 90/100 km / h, you realize quickly the real engine of Nexus ( you can not ask him much than its big brother 500 cm3, utique ), and the fact that he can practice the sport will be primarily … Urban.

This scooter is indeed particularly suitable for a lively and smooth movement, with spontaneous outbursts and braking top flight for a single disc. nota, autem, 500 genes are present and the driving position as the impression of sitting up quickly due to an imbalance in particular scooter incisive. Quod gilera nexus 250 deserves many superlatives, but the hyper hyper alertness and agility reveal a slight setback at reduced speed.

Past the 30 km / h, autem, is a treat. It carries a comfortable farm, but the absolute driver and passenger, but not completely protect them from the wind. Also said that says sport sensations, and the Nexus relies on his bubble certainly adjustable to three positions, but short and inclined to give! This results in excellent print speed, but also some ear fatigue over time.

Gilera Nexus 250

autem, the shape of the fairing as well as the aerodynamic protects hands and is particularly effective. Not to mention a few touches such as the gills of the central spine that distribute heat from the engine on the calves when they are open ( nice in winter! ).

Practice, without

The radius of the practical aspects, say it must be done at the ergonomics of the Nexus. Only the left door of the deck results in a usable glove box, because deep enough. To travel charge less, we must rely on the small compartment under the seat.

Autonomous and positioned in front of the boot itself, it can accommodate some personal effects ( gloves, rain pants, etc.. ). . The chest may in turn contain a full face helmet, as long as it is returned. To park the Nexus, everything is planned. Side stand and share the central task.

The only regret is that the plant reduces the inclination of the scooter turn scraping the asphalt … Too bad, especially when this happens, we are still far limits of the tires. Let’s go. What would be more interest to choose a 250 if we could share it with a passenger? In this regard, quod gilera nexus 250 is shown in full attention as well. If no packets carrying board comes spoil the line, beautiful and very useful handles passenger is accommodated on the sides of the back cover.

Combined with a thick but steep saddle and footrests ergonomic retractable really, we can say that the passenger is entitled to an excellent treatment. Especially since the amortization farm of origin can easily duo.

The sport for everyone

Luxurious and truly rewarding, the Gilera Nexus 250 and does not suffer from any particular defect. Its performance is a reflection of a mind at least as sporty as the design of her dress. Those who have been seduced by the look on his behavior are also mostly above reproach, provided that their long legs allow them to negotiate with a seat height too large. Apart from this detail, quod gilera nexus 250 ie is displayed as a real success.

Perfectly placed at tariff, it fully justifies the investment by a global service well above the lot. Those who signed for it’s GT “ furious “ will also enjoy his company every day, with some concessions on the practical aspects. Quod gilera nexus 250 ie seems designed to save the wallet as much as possible.

Gilera Nexus 250
Gilera Nexus 250
Gilera Nexus 250
Gilera Nexus 250

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