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Diabolo et moto Morinos Kanguro

Most people tend to plump for one of the well-known Morini Sport or Strada models. Sed opposita librae magnis invenies nitidum, tela in rufty tufty Kanguro. Ita fit, ut Philp Ken habere fecit utrumque?

Primum ego vidi apud Earls Court in Kanguro 1982, ac tanta fuit in via obstabat V geminum. Ego quoque in medical forsit 1984, Vivamus ut aliquot abstulit unam emerunt, Prot quae in priori officinam Kanguro.

Quotiens voluit modo ibant! Off-via est mihi multus of voluptatem, quamquam grauis, et a me shortie – 5'V. In tantum omnia de finibus suis 2003 quia solus non sum 15% Nunc pulmonis capacitatem.

Non possum dicere nihil erat, quod non est simile de. Ego autem quia enduros, trahentium Tiding, Weston, Litus genus, longum spatium iudiciis, et sic porro, quondam et 720 per milia passuum 20 in hora exitus Mcc.

In summa circa operuit me 16,000 milia passuum. Nihil realis problems, in tantum ut mea culpa eorum!

Ut patet si quis buying a Kanguro primi X exempla monstrabit,. X1 et x2 frames quod non sunt tubulata, et in puncto X findit frame a dextris et scabillum. X1 non est in eis auxilium prebente.

Quod nempe illa AC recta est lux headlamp, output celeritate ergo cuiusque engine. Est etiam ratio VI-volt luminatione, cum parva altilium PRAECELER!

igitur, habebat autem ex novo Kanguro, Ego vere valde impressa cum motricium. Et ego vidi photo of a Diabolo ad torcular, and wasn’t too impresseduntil I saw one close-up at the Earls Court Show in 1998. I positively DROOLED!

Moto Morini 350 Kanguro
Moto Morini 350 Kanguro

So I watched NLM unpack the first one they had from Harglo, and bought it straight away.

It’s a June 1990-registered Moto Morini Dart, so is now almost 16 years old. It’s got 54,000km on it and is still in very good condition. It’s had a few mods, all done by melike the right foot gearchange / left foot brake, a Honda NTV650 hydraulic adjuster on the rear Marzocchi monoshock, alloy tank, and handlebar raisers.

I also fitted it with a KN air filter, with suitable jet changes, and a Y-piece in the exhaust in place of the unobtainable expansion chamber, and a Micron exhaust can off a Ducati 750SS. The latter was done partly to reduce weight, partly to make it sound a proper V-twin! It’s also had extra spacers slotted in above the internal fork springs.

Without doubt, its best features are its looks, and performance. The Dart is not particularly fast (I’ve seen a max of 101.1mph on my digital cycle speedowhich is very accurate, by the way), but the handling is SUPERB! It’s also economical and has given 64mpg over its life (I have a record of all the fuel used from new).

It’s comfortable for a shortie, and it’s taken us on a couple of Continental tours two-up.

Moto Morini 350 Kanguro
Moto Morini 350 Kanguro

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