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Buying a Laverda

(Updated December 2008. Triple are climbing, due to rarity. There are bikes below �3,000, but getting rarer. Both of twins (old new)remain a often selling below for the later Zane twins. Get a 750.

It’s a lot of bike for but the parts situation is patchy.


‘Old’ Laverdas

There are a few that affect the price (of the Laverdas): — condition age — mileage — recent service history

The is by far the major contributor, since parts are fairly expensive in comparison to the cost of the bikes). A no bike is up to 50% more expensive, so heading towards �5k+ for Jotas. Eeek.

Mileage no matters — unless its low. The average bike be buying will have of thousands on it, but will probably been restored to the nines :-)

for some service history if the is cheap. Although the bikes are they do need regular (like oil changes every miles). If there’s no service make sure the current has some mechanical sympathy!

I be wary of buying a non-standard but sensible mods are:

fork braces — rear shocks. Koni, WP, — beefier swinging — Jota-ised Mirages, Jaramas i.e. bars, tanks, exhausts, etc are all interchangeable.

Dodgy mods are:

non-standard frames (Harris, and Motodd/Saxon/Allen excepted) — exhausts — lack of air (easily fixed) — tyres (easily fixed, but costs you 150 quid) — frame numbers that match (becoming more as the number of old Laverdas circulating

New Watercooled (Zane) Laverdas

The has long-since closed. Although by law has to keep a supply going for 10 parts are going to be rare, and the rarity of Zane bikes encourage manufacture of pattern All this affects the twins — good if you’re a

Mileage is almost never a with Zane twins, most are for recreation, not commuting.

The but most important point, a buyers point of view, is the bike MUST have a history and a modifications list. local importer would kept a record of the warranty made — however, if the has survived this long, its had the mods done!

The Prices

The on 750s and Montjuics need so if anyone can help, please me .

Jota: �4,000 —

�4,000 gets you an early in reasonable condition (poor don’t exist, unless very very lucky and a ‘barn’ one. I’m looking. ). It will run, but be spending several hundred to it pleasant (tune, wiring, etc)

�6,500 should get you something and you will feel obliged to only on summer days.

My at a sensible price is around for a clean early machine, �5,000 for a later one.

3C, Jarama: �3,000 —

Poor men’s Jotas! aren’t orange, and thus get the limelight. They are definitely the triple Laverdas. Mirages are bigger capacity (1116cc as to a Jotas 981cc), with compression.

3C and Jaramas are just low Jotas, and thus are the lowest triples. �3,000 should get you a Mirage or 3C, but it will be cosmetically

Some Mirages are being for above �4,000. You should a perfect bike for that.

early Mirages (77-79, ones, usually!) are actually than Jotas, since are bigger capacity AND high Prices are usually a little but you might be lucky. Just add bars. fab!

RGS: — �4,000

RGSs to vary quite a lot in price, some actually seem to done quite high

The tuned version, the RGS Corsa, has floating Brembos, tuned and usually black paintwork. go for around �4,000-�5,000.

SFC1000: — �5,500

(My favourite, with the water-cooled 750S) A Jota. Better spec even a Corsa (M1R 320mm Brembos, stiffened alloy swinging arm, and slightly lighter all round) but not as nice by some because of the quality/design of the fibreglass bodywork.

SFC1000s were made in two one batch in 1986, and one in 1988. The SFC1000s are red, and have three spoke Campagnolo The later SFC1000s have wheels, and come in red or black, some having clocks black faces, instead of the white-face Veglias.

The factory was out of parts.

Look out for worn discs — �500 to a pair of discs! They rattle, and move sideways a bit, but it’s when the is in the direction of wheel rotation the problems start. Its because the buttons, which do the floating, away.

Brembo won’t disc parts, only ones.

Bodywork gets a bit quick, since its plain rather than Bayflex and the seat unit is particularly to fit correctly.

750 (air-cooled): �2,500 �3,500

750s were for about 8 years, across at 4-5 variants, so prices do vary a Depends almost entirely on not mileage. The SF3 with cast commands the highest price, GTLs usually amongst the prices.

SFC 750: �10,000+ whatever you want to pay!)

very expensive indeed! Do not buy checking out that the bike is a genuine SFC. Read the contact the author. see the web site!

Montjuic prices: �3,000 �3,500

Don’t know much about Montjuics, but have a poor reliability through heavy tuning, out, etc, rather by their original design. a few used to be raced, so you might to check for drilled sump etc.

500 prices: �2,000 �3,000

Plain old 500 Alpino, or Clip-ons, a mini-fairing, some paint, and you’ll have a Montjuic. However, it won’t your ear drums, so you might an exhaust, too :-)

350 prices: �1,500 �2,000

Don’t bother. power, and not nearly as easy to to a 500 as you might hope! Sorry, 350 :-(

‘New’ Laverdas

650 Sport: — �2,000

Laverda 668 Diamante

Depends on condition, so �2,000 should get you an bike. The Formula B and C are �1,500 �2,500. The differences are floating and tuned engine, and a touch of fibre.

Make sure the has a full service history, and

Rumour has it that the early series) bikes are reasonably but that the later ones You would hope that if survived this long, all be sorted.

Excellent handling but the engines need a little oomph. Nice power-band at 6,000 revs though!

668 prices: �1,000 —

The Diamante 668 comes with a fairing, and will cost a less.

Ghost 650 prices: — �2,000

Definitely the if you can live without a clip-ons and a Excellent for the short riders.

650 Strike prices: �1,000 �2,000

A Ghost with beam frame and high-rise cans. Fairly rare, but the same price.

Ghost 650 prices: �1,250 —

A Ghost with tuned but normal tubular frame and carbon cans. Some made — a very person in Austria sent me a of his. However, its difficult to — maybe a few hundred more for rarity?

750S prices: �1,250 —

Having owned one for 6 years, I can these are very sweet-handling even with 6’5 gits sitting astride

There were a few factory (battery draining, throttle, on the first batch only?) but were all covered by the two year so you should no longer have there. Check with the and importers for proof that the has been done. Also some gremlins from the wiring.

Its not expensive to fix, plain annoying when it out.

Even though its a 750 it has more power than any old including SFC1000 and Corsas. bike.

Chip-ups and removal of exhaust can contribute a few extra horses, goes for the official factory and Termignonis.

The fully faired is an extra �250 new, so may an exta �100 secondhand.

750 (water-cooled): �1,250 —

The tubular frame appears to be the difference.

Formula 750 (water-cooled): — �3,000

Wonderful on the later bikes (blue/orange or polished frame, floating brakes matching adjustable lovely alloy clip-ons, and dinky rearsets. Everything is a of art, but engine not as good as I (compared to plain 750S). more power than the 750S, but quite peaky, negates some of the advantages.

a really neat bike, and my award of the best Laverda

750 Ghost (water-cooled) prices: — 2,000

Again, the 650 Ghost, its a bargain if only Laverda aren’t renowned for custom/Monstro type bikes.

Laverda 668 Diamante
Laverda 668 Diamante
Laverda 668 Diamante
Laverda 668 Diamante


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