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Laverda 650 Lynx

29/10/99 ELECTRICS – Thanks very much Jock (jock.addison@dial.pipex.com ) for another update on how things are going. keep them coming..

I finally took the SV apart this week to try and solve a problem it’s had for a few months where the neutral light is on all the time regardless of gear. I originally

took it to Carnells (the waste-of-space dealer I bought it from) but after having the bike for three days they failed to sort it.

Anyway, after taking the fairing off I found the problem – the connectors in the large block connector on the left had side had corroded so badly that they were shorting out. Once I had cleaned these and sealed them up it was fine but if you have an SVS that you ride in all weathers it is worth giving it a good going over with WD40 something similar. The other block connectors were also starting to go so I guess the fairing isn’t much use at keeping things dry. The unfaired version looks like it has them inside

the headlight so it should be OK. (now I know what I’ll be doing at the weekend. )

I also had a look at the front plug as the machine had started to run a bit rough after its last service (good old carnells – guess where this bike aint going again!) only to find the rubber plug that covers the gap between the cylinder head and the plug cap had not been seated properly and the ‘hole’ was full of mud. Cleaned that up and the bike is running as sweet as a nut.

The Dragon EVO tyres seem to be holding up quite well, I’ve done 1000 miles on them so far and the back is about 1/4 worn so it should be good for 3 – 3.5 K

miles (I got 3.8K out of the ME4s) and they are bloody brilliant! (as long as the pressures are spot on – 1 or 2 PSI makes a lot of difference to the feel).

I saw a message from Politis on your site where he thinks there are a lot of problems with the SV – I think the SV is a very reliable bike and it only seems to have a lot of problems as the owners have somewhere to air them. (Thanks Kev!). If you look at the number of messages about actual problems compared to the number of happy owners (remember these messages are from owners world-wide) then only a tiny proportion of owners have any troubles at all. I think that once Politis gets his machine he will stop worrying and start grinning!

Well said Jock. remember as well that most of us who get on the internet and find sites like this one are active in supplying feedback and making comments. Before it was so easy to obtain and exchange information you only found out about minor and major problems via word of mouth or in the biking press, now we can all have our say and it must therefore seem like problem after problem with the SV.

The bike does have a couple of ‘issues’, the main suspected problems being the cam chain noise and this issue of water in the fuel (for what ever reason). Other issues like the front fork ‘thud’, soft front end and quietness of the exhaust note are there by design and as long as they are known about you can make a judgement on whether you wish to buy the bike in the first place (or spend money subsequently upgrading parts). I, and many other owners, don’t regret buying the SV for one minute.

Oh, and lastly, just remember that the purchase price of the SV is not high anyway, you have to expect that some cost cutting was necessary in the design. The actual quality of bike, the styling, performance and handling are, for the cost of the bike, very good indeed. Sales of the SV over the next few years will reflect this.

That’s a good note on which to round off Octobers postings. This page will be archived when the first of Novembers postings are made available. (And I’m going to sort the hit counter out too. it gets to about 50-51,000 hits and then seems to go back to about 47,000 hits. weird? It’s done it a few times now.

Laverda 650 Lynx
Laverda 650 Lynx

I think the real figure should be about 62,000). I’ve also made a start on the FAQ section but it’s slow going..

After the two posts today regarding water in the fuel, if I wasn’t a firm believer in synchronicity, I am now. Only yesterday my dealer came to pick up my SV650SY as I was unable to drive it to the shop due to it refusing to rev above 4000rpm. The bike would idle ok, and both outlet pipes were warm so it was running on both cylinders, but it would make absolutely no power.

The dealer reckoned they hadn’t had problems of this nature with an SV before, but he asked if I’d used a petrol can or had lifted the tank. The latter suggests they are aware of possible pipe kinking as described in an earlier post here. He agreed with me that it was almost certainly a carburation problem, either water in the carbs or a blockage in one of the jets.

The bike first developed a problem after a ride in very heavy rain, and began to hesitate under hard acceleration (4-6krpm). The problem disappeared after a hard ride at higher than normal revs – I was hoping it would clear the jets – but came back soon after. And then after a weekend of sitting in the rain, the poor girl was incapable of normal running.

I could have drained the carbs and changed the plugs myself, but the bike’s under warranty and why not have it done for free? Unfortunately, I expect the bike will be at the dealers for a few days now while they find time to look at it 🙁

That’s bad news Paul but thanks for letting us know, it all paints a picture and begins to piece together this particluar issue. Please let us know what the dealer finds, in your case it would seem like kinked pipes were not to blame and maybe there is an issue with the fuel filler seal?

I have an SV with a twin aftermarket exhaust system that exits by the number plate. I’ve had my SV for 3 days now. The system is made by Kenz Sports. (images to follow in a few weeks. )

If you especially need more information on this Peter has offered to kindly try to contact the shop where he got the bike to find out more about the makers. let him know.

Laverda 650 Lynx

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