Buell Lightning CityX

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Buell Lightning CityX XB12SX

commutingwith attitude

Pictures from Buell. Click to enlarge.

The Buell Lightning CityX XB9SX is touted as a radical alternative to run of the mill commuters. Based on the 900 Lightninga bike that’s already as mad as a box of monkeysthe CityX (that’s City Cross in case you hadn’t twigged) has a few tweaks to make it even more of a laugh.

The Lightning CityX XB9SX is our new urban streetfighter, styled and engineered for rapid city riding, said Patrice Morin, Buell UK’s marketing manager. This is a bike for the rider who needs to dodge taxis, slip past traffic queues with ease and grab their favourite shortcut.

You may notice that the tank (which of course is actually the airbox) and flyscreen are both made of a translucent blue plastic. taip, you can see through them and look at the gubbins underneath. It’s a pretty unique style, it looks good and it certainly adds to the stand out from the crowd effect.

Plus it may well match your i-mac if you happen to be a creative type!

Styling is subtly adjusted from the normal Lightning. Normal and Lighting are not, aš turiu pasakyti, words I would normally link together. But anyway, this is even less normal. The whole bike is colour coded in a mean and moodybut somehow not clichedway, with black and blue abounding, while the clocks are illuminated in a gentle blue.


Of course town bikes get filthy, so the CityX has black wheels and lower panels to minimise the chore of cleaning. Tyres are rather chunkier than on the standard Lightning reflecting the need to absorb the potholes and ruts of urban roads instead of exploring ultimate lean angles. Though it should still go round corners pretty well.

Practicality gets the nod, too, with hand guardsideal for grotty winter weather as well as protecting fingers against van door mirrorsand a motocross style handlebar giving leverage and a higher riding position. There’s a soft rubber pad to protect delicate parts from the tank/airbox and to protect it against scuffing if you use a tankbag.

The engine hasn’t changed, so you still get the same 984cc vee twin giving a healthy 83bhp and loads of torque. Belt drive, mass centralised under-engine exhaust, oil in frame and fuel in swingarm all remain, as does the GP steering geometry. So it’ll be fantastic in town.

It also gets the Buell ZTF front brake, meaning that stopping will not be a problem. Understatement.

Hero Blue Translucent bodywork

Headlight grille

Handlebar deflectors

Buell X airbox guard

Super Motard-inspired crossbar handlebars

Buell Lightning CityX XB12SX

Villain black wheels, handlebar, registration plate bracket

Pirelli Scorpion Sync tyres

Buell ZTL braking system

Buell Thunderstorm 984cc fuel-injected air/oil/fan-cooled V-twin engine

galia: 83hp/84PS/ 62kW @6600rpm (EU standard EC95/1)

Sukimo momentas: 63.14ft.lb / 85.6Nm @5600rpm (EU standard EC95/1)

Smooth drive belt system

Not only that, but at an expected retail price of just £5995 it’s an absolute bargain and running head to head with some pretty anodyne competition.

The Buell CityX launches this month and we’re gagging to try one. Watch this space.

Buell Lightning CityX XB12SX
Buell Lightning CityX XB12SX
Buell Lightning CityX XB12SX
Buell Lightning CityX XB12SX
Buell Lightning CityX XB12SX

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