Кучылталтше 2009 Aprilia SportCity – Комментарий, Prices and Specs at Motorcyclist Magazine

15 Mar 2015 | Автор: | Sıra Комментарий вуйсавырныш Кучылталтше 2009 Aprilia SportCity – Комментарий, Prices and Specs at Motorcyclist Magazine
Aprilia Sportcity 50

2009 Aprilia SportCity

2009 Aprilia SportCity 50


Априлия, the Italian motorcycle and scooter maker, started out making small-displacement machines and, though it has branched out since then, continues to produce its share of well-regarded scooters. Owned by Piaggio, which also owns Vespa, Aprilia introduced its SportCity 250 to the U.S. market in 2007. Вуйсавырныш 2009, the company expanded the line of step-through scooters, adding the SportCity 50 and SportCity 125.

The SportCity 50 has a 49.9cc, air-cooled, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine; вуйсавырныш 125 model uses a 124.9cc, single-cylinder, four-stroke, air-cooled engine. Both are carbureted. The SportCity 250 runs on a 244cc, жидкостный дене йӱкшыктымаш, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine with fuel injection. All three models have an SOHC valve configuration, as well as the continuously variable transmission that is standard for scooters.

Telescopic forks provide the front suspension; a twin-sided swing arm and an adjustable spring preload shock make up the rear suspension in all models. The SportCity 50 да 125 have a single disc brake in front and a drum brake in back. The larger and heavier 250 has dual disc brakes, with twin-piston floating calipers in the front and an 8.7-inch disc in the rear.

All three versions have plastic bodywork sheathing steel frames, and upper and lower fairing is standard, as are front and rear fenders. A two-piece seat, for driver and passenger, is 30.5 inches high for the 50 да 125 scooters; the 250’s seat is 32 inches high. For all models, the driver uses the floorboard; the passenger has foot pegs that fold back tidily into the frame when not in use.

Aprilia Sportcity 50

The instrument panel offers a generous array of information: a clock, fuel gauge, speedometer, odometer, trip computer, and temperature warning light are standard. Вуйсавырныш 250 even has a tachometer. All models have lockable under-seat storage, but only the SportCity 250 offers the option of an additional top box (available in three different sizes), plus a backrest. The dash also has a lockable compartment for papers and sunglasses, and the 250 has a power outlet so you can charge your phone.

A rider can also add either a tall or a short windshield to the 250.

Вуйсавырныш 2009, the SportCity 50 да 125 came in gray or black; вуйсавырныш 250 was available in gray or blue. Вуйсавырныш 250 is powerful enough to go from zero to 50 mph in a respectable seven seconds, with a top speed of 79 mph—meaning that it’s safe to operate on freeways for short jaunts; though, like any scooter, it’s better suited to city commuting. The other two models are strictly for lower-speed use.

New For 2009

Aprilia added two new models to its SportCity line: вуйсавырныш 50 and the 125

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