RSRacecraft To Race EBR 1190RS In 2013 AMA Pro Superbike Championship

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Buell 1190RS

RSRacecraft To Race EBR 1190RS In 2013 AMA Pro Superbike Championship

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Erik Buell Racing’s Erik Buell (left) and RSRacecraft’s Ronnie Saner (right).

RSRacecraft Announces Team Will Race EBR 1190RS Motorcycles in 2013 AMA SuperBike

Banks, ORJanuary 17, 2013 – After several very successful seasons in AMA Pro Racing Daytona SportBike competition, with multiple podiums, pole positions and wins, RSRacecraft is delighted to announce that in addition to fielding a West Coast SuperSport entry, they will be moving up to the AMA Pro Racing American SuperBike class for 2013.

RSRacecraft has made arrangements with Erik Buell Racing to purchase last year’s EBR 1190RS AMA Pro Racing superbikes. As part of the arrangement, RSRacecraft will be providing engine development services to EBR and cooperating to develop an improved electronics package to include traction control capabilities. All in parallel with the EBR development team.

RSRacecraft owner Ronnie Saner said: I am looking forward to this new venture and feel like the AMA Pro SuperBike class structure will better allow us to use more of our strong performance background. It is a pleasure to get to work with Erik again, and the fact that the Erik Buell family treated us so well in 2009 made it an easy decision to come back into the fold. I am enthusiastic about things on the horizon.

EBR founder Erik Buell stated: We look forward to seeing the RSRacecraft team on our unique American superbikes in 2013. Ronnie and his crew are complete professionals and are one of the leading private teams in AMA. We look forward to their energy and innovation helping the EBR 1190RS put the ‘Americanin the AMA Pro Racing American Superbike class.

Buell 1190RS

About RSRacecraft:

A premiere racing development contractor in the U.S. is also now an AMA Pro Racing team owner fielding bikes in both AMA Pro Racing SuperSport and American SuperBike competition. Using the same skill set and determination that has helped them define several boutique brand motorcycles into consistent race winners, RSRacecraft is looking forward to another season of success.

About EBR:

EBR is America’s sportbike manufacturer producing world class superbikes in East Troy, WI. EBR also provides advanced engineering design and development services to premier companies globally. In 2012, EBR fielded two EBR 1190RS entries in the AMA Superbike class, with riders finishing 5th and 8th in the championship, and EBR finishing 3rd in the manufacturer’s championship.

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Buell 1190RS
Buell 1190RS
Buell 1190RS
Buell 1190RS
Buell 1190RS
Buell 1190RS

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