2007 Moto Guzzi Breva 1100 Motortrend

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Moto Guzzi 1100 i Sport

2007 Moto Guzzi 1100

2007 Moto Breva 1100

2007 Guzzi Breva 1100

V 1100. The universal Moto

When Carlo Guzzi Moto Guzzi back in he was brimming with simple but ideas. The motorcycle was waiting for to drag it out of the pioneering age and transform it a functional and universal means of Guzzi therefore set about practical machines to match the of the masses.

Though often and innovative, his technology aimed at comfort, easy riding, and duration.

After more eighty years, Carlo design principles are still and represent the true inspiration the Breva V 1100. But though our are the same, motorcycling has changed over the decades. Motorcyclists evolved; today they are and attentive, and have acquired a understanding of technology.

It was with riders in mind that Guzzi designed the new Breva V a revolutionary machine made to the standards.

The Breva V 1100 has all the for success on today’s fiercely market, and is Italy’s best answer to growing demand in the segment, now Europe’s most area of the motorcycle market. The excels as an unexaggerated tourer and a all-rounder: it provides plenty of for passion, but also has a passion for

Comfortable, easy to ride, equipped, and technically advanced, the V 1100 is perfect for intensive use. It is made with in mind, Guzzi fans who never ride anything ex-Guzzi riders returning to the and everybody seeking to discover the of Moto Guzzi’s unique style

Moto Guzzi. How style becomes life

You don’t have to copy a to follow in its footsteps. But you do need to its spirit, and build on the elements its success. The Breva V 1100 began by defining exactly a Moto Guzzi is made of.

The solutions that produce Guzzi soul were pieced together.

The motorcycles at Moto Guzzi’s historical at Mandello del Lario have been unique combinations of and tradition. Their design has a classic, and their robustness and legendary. Universal motorcycles in sense, they have icons of Italian style and of Italy’s creative heritage.

The design philosophy has become a and the joys of early motorcycling expanded to encompass new pleasures. has turned into wellbeing. simple means of transport, Guzzi motorcycles have means of companionship and shared means of joining the modern of meetings, clubs, and true

This is the passionate new lifestyle for the Breva V 1100 is designed, and all motorcyclists will jump at the it offers of enjoying riding and the Moto Guzzi way. The V 1100 has all the power of Europe’s motorcycle manufacturing group, the intelligence of a thorough, rational and, of course, the spirit and of Moto.

Features and Benefits:

A legend

Once upon a time was a bike that conquered That bike was a Moto In various versions, the legendary V7 was the of an amazing international success

It was the machine that changed our conception of the motorcycle. There be no better starting point for the big of the twenty first century.

The V 1100 shares many similarities with the V7, starting the protruding cylinders of the 90° V-Twin, Guzzi’s recognised signature. The thump of this mighty is the sound track that every ride, and total and mighty pulling power low revs are guaranteed too. Now fuel injection has made classic engine more and more responsive than and a whole range of technical have transformed it into a unit.

Progress inevitably away from even the starting points. That is why the V 1100 has such intensely lines, the work of Marabese Studio. And that is why it features so innovative technical solutions, Moto Guzzi’s patented shaft drive.

These two alone give an idea of how much real progress has made.

Traditional and innovative were all extensively tested to an excellent level of reliability and Before being unleashed on the the new 90° V-Twin was run for hundreds of hours on the bench, and completed 60,000 km of throttle rolling road the equivalent of 200,000 km of riding real road conditions.

But the significant and convincing tests those conducted on the road. In its habitat, the Breva V 1100 its true mettle, inspires confidence, and delivers unique, sensations that make up the great character and provide the for true motorcycling passion.

You to ride the Breva to understand the of its name. Breva is the southerly that blows over Como, bringing the good with it. This lucky has already brought success to the little sister, the Breva V which the motorcycling public has with an enthusiasm beyond all

Between prose and poetry.

no need for poetry”, Carlo used to tell his staff they came up with an that put form before Yet poetry flowed spontaneously the contrast between solids and and from the simple beauty of machines.

The beauty of Moto motorcycles was and still is technical in full view and never away. The famous external of early Guzzis was a feature attracted attention and praise for its eye-catching position. The Breva V new cylinder heads and shaft are its direct heirs, mechanical with ‘attitude’ that enhance the appearance of the bike.

Rodolfo Frascoli of Marabese Studio, the man behind the Breva V drew inspiration from the V7 Moto Guzzi’s most … tourer. Designed for the market in the late 1960s, the V7 was by a 757 cc version of the 90° V-Twin and carried designed specifically for U.S. Its smooth yet rugged lines are by the Breva V 1100, which this classic of motorcycle in a modern key, but with the inimitably stylish results.

In with Moto Guzzi the Breva V 1100’s design was extremely simple: to make a … tourer. But though and decisive, the bike’s visual is far from boring or banal. Its highlight its pleasant dynamics and but unexaggerated nature.

The Breva is original, but with clear inspiration.

In keeping with Guzzi’s convictions, the Breva no room to technical frills, that look good but complicate motorcycling without real benefits. On the Breva V technical innovation is practical, and realistic, just like the design concept.

A walk the Breva V 1100.

The transverse 90° engine and its shaft drive chosen not as limitations on the freedom of but as the very heart of the design

A great deal of design was put into the area around the The seat is well shaped and comfortable; the generous fuel permits great autonomy and excellent riding ergonomics. The impression is of agility and dynamism, by side panels that forward towards the front creating an aggressive looking end and giving the impression that the is in perpetual motion, longing for

Yet not even these panels are for beauty alone; they serve the purpose of ensuring cylinder cooling and maximising ram air

The instrumentation is complete and accurate to the smallest detail; the special headlight gives superb the front mudguard is integrated in the legs; and to demonstrate Guzzi’s to maximum functionality, a central spoiler designed in the wind improves air flow over the

Logically, our walk around the V 1100 ends at its streamlined, looking tail. Moto concern for practicality in daily use clearly from the provision for panniers, the care for passenger and the luminosity of the powerful twin lights with the circular LED typical of Italian sports

Tradition and innovation go together in the schemes too. The Breva V is available in Corsa red, the of Guzzi’s racing victories, Guzzi black and sophisticated del Lario grey.

The pleasure of a ride.

An unexaggerated sports a tourer by heritage and a … by the Breva V 1100 satisfies the of all riders, offering unbeatable on every trip. The sitting is natural and relaxed, thanks in to a new engine position, higher and forward than before. positioned handlebars, seat and plus an anatomically shaped and a clean, no-frills design do the

Even the passenger can relax on a wide seat with a rear grab handle for a grip.

This tremendous transforms into instant the moment the Breva V 1100 to move. Perfect equilibrium and weight distribution enable the to flick with incredible along winding roads and urban traffic, and an advanced system smoothes out the roughest surfaces. The rear monoshock adjustments for spring preload and so that you can set up your suspension to load for maximum efficiency.

On journeys, you can appreciate the excellent of the optional windshield, make use of the autonomy afforded by the 23 litre and use the generous capacity provided by the panniers and spacious under-seat compartment to carry all your effects. The special pannier integrate perfectly into the design, maintaining the Breva’s lines when the luggage is not

Rider and machine are in constant, communication, with the futuristic panel as visual focal Information is displayed on the active LCD display, and the rider can dialog the on-board computer using grip controls without to take his hands off the handlebars. Moto Guzzi, change is for the better.

Fun on all roads.

The Breva V is a bike for all occasions, agile and around town, highly on country roads and rock on fast straights. The Breva’s is the result of painstaking development and of the frame and suspensions.

The high steel frame is incredibly as is the single sided aluminium that incorporates the reactive drive. The result is precise, handling, with instant to rider input, and a satisfyingly ride with real performance on tap.

The Breva V robust 45 mm fork with preload adjustment maintains with total precision, and the suspension eliminates all wobble out of and keeps the bike glued to the at all times.

The single sided rising rate linkages and with adjustable preload and adapt perfectly to all riding and road surfaces, and reactive drive eliminates the variations in end action typical of conventional

The Breva V 1100’s braking deserves special mention, its two powerful 320 mm floating discs and 4 piston calipers at the front and 282 mm disc with two parallel floating caliper at the rear.

The V 1100 has more than stopping power for total in city traffic, unforeseen when touring, and last sports braking.

Out of history, on to the

We could, of course write a about Moto Guzzi’s V-Twin. In fact, others have. Many pages in the of motorcycling are dedicated to this and super-reliable engine, rightly for its easily recognised, thumping note, and for its easy-going docile with mighty torque at low But Moto Guzzi has no intention of on its laurels. The Breva V 1100’s has been completely renewed; the shape is the same as before.

A whole range of innovations been introduced to enhance and to improve those essential of all great Guzzis, control and

Rider and motorcycle can establish an rapport as a result. For example, the fuel injection system a stepper motor to ensure idling and easy starting in all conditions. On the road, the system smooth and controllable power with minimised fuel and exhaust emissions.

The new V-Twin with Euro 3 and CARB

Twin spark ignition and located directly in the intake also improve combustion and performance. Maximum power is 63 kW (86 HP) at rpm and maximum torque is 85 Nm at 6,800 impressive figures for any bike in class.

A high cruising elasticity and stability of performance in all and at all altitudes are the strong points of an that delivers pleasure and at all times rather than performance for mere moments.

new engine design.

If you know at all about Moto Guzzi you cannot fail to see the first innovation. The alternator has moved its classical position in front of the to a new location between the cylinders. As a the engine is more compact and 4 cm

This reduction in size in improved weight distribution and balance. The new alternator also out an impressive 540 W of power, so that you can use a of accessories at the same time affecting battery recharging. To efficiency and energy saving, the only generates power needed, thus eliminating use of engine power.

All-new components.

The revolution in engine starts right from the which is totally new. the con-rods are improved, and 10% lighter before. The ratio between length and piston … is higher, to reduce the inertia of mass and keep vibrations

The pistons are lighter and shorter before, and the new, lighter rings are more efficient. The skirt has a new profile, and the gudgeon pin is now by two oil jets. The old Klingerite cylinder gaskets have been by more efficient metal for better thermal transfer and constant stud action.

In the new engine is lighter, better and vibrates less, for a more ride and better performance.

performance from the word go.

A motor air valve (a solution from the automobile industry) the need for a cold starting and makes starting off uphill or a full load much as well as stabilising idling and helping to reduce emissions.

Pico injectors, installed in the manifolds as near as possible to the improve combustion and engine

Twin spark ignition, now on many big bikes, ensures even combustion and smoother while also reducing Not only is the ride more as a result, but the emission levels by Euro 3 standards are achieved ease.

Numerous improvements been made to the valves The seats are now sintered to ensure a tappet gap and the latest generation steel exhaust valves are for improved temperature resistance, wear and extended life.


The crankcase, oil strainer and have all been redesigned to lubrication efficiency. The new configuration regular oil delivery under all especially during fierce and acceleration. Maintenance is easier because the oil filter is now external and accessible.

If it doesn’t exist, we it.

Though prudent and rational, Guzzi had a real feeling for Inside Moto Guzzi’s Mandello del Lario factory, set up a curious rig to test even the extreme motorcycling solutions. The Tester” as he affectionately called it, him to try out even absurd ideas.

As Guzzi often put it, “I know it work, but let’s try it in any case”.

If Guzzi had loved apparently challenges, some of the technical that made his marque one of the famous in the world would have never come “Reactive shaft drive” is the of these challenges, and your ride on a Breva V 1100 tell you that it has been won down.

The patented CA.R.C. Reattivo Compatto – Compact Drive Shaft) system the drive shaft inside the alloy swingarm. The drive and the drive shaft are free to inside the swing arm, and the has a double cardan joint built in torsional dampers for and precision. This solution a number of benefits: firstly the lifting effect so typical of shaft drive systems is secondly, the new system allows a piece swingarm to be used, overall rigidity; finally, the reaction rod is no longer a load structure, safety margins are too.

Once again Guzzi technology offers the tangible benefits of constant, power, with none of the normally associated with drives when the throttle is and closed, yet with all the traditional of cleanliness and maintenance-free, silent

Moto Guzzi’s determination to both comfort and performance has led to a redesigned gearbox too. The gear primary drive is now on the clutch shaft and there is one driven shaft. The new box also an indexed gear selector a sliding action desmodromic

The result is a reduction in weight of 2 kg compared to the old 6 speed box. The new is also extremely silently, neutral effortlessly, delivers changes and compares favourably the best international competition.

The new Moto Guzzi range. trip is a journey.

The journey is important than the destination. The excursion on tortuous roads, the cruise across the continent in even the simplest commuting home and office all have a denominator – the pleasure of riding motorcycle, soothed by the throb of the 90° in the seat of the maximum expression of and Italian creativity. The new range this idea and applies it to all the of motorcycling today.

The custom has always expressed the purest and direct essence of freedom and is represented by the Nevada 750 Classic and Classic, two motorcycles immune to the of time.

The … segment is fierce, with the Breva agile and robust as a genuine Guzzi, its big sister the Breva attractive and fun to ride.

Completing the is the extraordinary Griso 1100, a of originality and passion to be enjoyed to the last drop.

Every trip on the back of a Moto will not just be a pleasure, but more “cleaner”, with the engines fitted on the entire

All Moto Guzzi motorcycles a 2 year factory warranty and Roadside Assistance. With our warranty and roadside service you can with the peace of mind that help and service is a phone call away. see your local dealer for details.









2007 Guzzi Breva 1100 USA:


Type 90° four-…

Cooling system Air

Displacement 1,064 cc

Bore and 3.6” x 3.15” (92 mm x 80 mm)

Compression 9,8. 1

Timing system Two valves operated by light push-rods and rockers;

exhaust maximum lift: 106° of overlap inlet valve lift: 104° A.T.D.C. of

Fuel system Weber-Marelli fuel injection with motor control

Starting Electric

Ingition Inductive digitally controlled, electronic spark ignition

Moto Guzzi 1100 i Sport
Moto Guzzi 1100 i Sport
Moto Guzzi 1100 i Sport


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