2007 Moto Guzzi California Vintage

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Moto Guzzi California Jackal

2007 Moto Guzzi Vintage

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OK so I really wasn’t in Italy, but I was on an motorcycle which is close,

When Moto Guzzi and told me that they had a that 2WF could have for a period of 4 weeks, I said yes hesitation. As it played out, the was in Atlanta and it was going to be easier for to pick-up the bike and ride it it would be for me. Luckily (for Dean was coming down to the area to teach a MSF class, so I to swap bikes with him for afternoon.

Dean is going to up the actual bike review the loan period is over, but I I’d give my impressions on the bike

Now I am an admitted speed freak, so bike, while actually pretty, was not on my radar screen of What I was really interested in was the and the whole “Guzzi” experience. never ridden one before I was of the almost mystical qualities upon the brand by it’s (very loyal) following.

My impression of the bike revealed the that, without a doubt, bike was Italian. I mean who puts a steering dampener on a Or Brembo brakes with rotors? Or a little mini peg to your heel upon using the rear brake since it sits too high to use with your heel on the floorboard?

How about a choke on a fuel bike? These are all things you see when looking at the bike tell you that this is not sterile motorcycle. For some and I’m not sure why exactly, Italian have souls. You don’t so as ride the bike as join it in a partnership (not always either). All the great Italian inspire passion; Ducati, Alfa Romeo, Moto etc.

They are rarely the engineered nor are they always the reliable, but they certainly heads and most importantly, one drive/ride, they make us all their previous foibles.

I first sat on the bike I noticed how it felt which is interesting as my first response upon it was “that’s a big bike”. There is a feeling of weight but it is very balanced and easy to handle. parking it where my FJR usually I was able to see that it was indeed a bike than the Feejer, so my impression was correct; it is a tidy

Now, you don’t sit IN this like you do with, say, a Softail, you sit ON it more along the of a Road King. Why am I using as a comparison? Easy, they are the that I am most familiar and they’re the bikes I default to when comparing cruisers.

However, this bike is like a Harley. No up and down no tingly vibration in the grips, no tattooed, behemoths grunting the bike is cool (can you say You also don’t get the low-end or the “dealership on every street kind of support either. is a cruiser for the person that standing apart from the instead of blending in.

This is for the person that doesn’t getting their grubby fingers well, grubby, working on their own bike and not bolting on the latest chrome

Now I’m not knocking Harleys at all, I like Harleys, it’s the Harley rider that I funny. Which reminds me; One of the things that I experienced my time with the bike is some Harley riders confused as they tried to out; A) should they and B) what in God’s name I was Watching their faces was

Back to the task at hand Where does one go when one has about Moto Guzzis? Why to local Guzziphile (I just that name up, I think).

I the bike over to a gentleman who has taken his Moto Guzzi to Jennings……….and rode it on the track! If knows about Moto strong points and weak it’s him. I learned a bit about how easy it is to do your own adjustments and other interesting about the bike as well. like; There are 2 access that you can use to turn the crank it is time to adjust your

One is on the front (side?) of the motor round chrome piece) you can unbolt or you can pop the little rubber out that resides by the heel for the rear brake pedal. easy and convenient. An oil change a little more effort as the oil is located in the oil pan under the motor. I was that you will want to use lubricant on some of the oil pan’s

Apparently they sit so close to the that the constant heating and will basically weld in place if you don’t lubricate

One of the things that kept me was that I couldn’t figure out why the brake was so powerful. And why did the front end diving when using the rear brake pedal? I to the conclusion (erroneously) that the had linked brakes. However, inspection uncovered that the had INTEGRATED brakes! In my entire 16 of riding I had never run across brakes.

I heard about but I’ve never seen any now. Basically, the bike so fast using just the brake because the pedal not activated the rear brake but the front caliper as well. was verified after tracing the line that ran off that caliper. Huh! Go figure.

Now I’m not a fan of linked brakes or (as it turns integrated brakes. I like my to be separate so that when I am tight u-turns I can drag the brake without drama the front end.

Now some of you are “well if you’d have the specs and information about the you would have known and you’d be right. But! I and I’ll tell you why; 1) I’m a and when is the last time a guy has read the “instructions”. 2) If I would’ve the info then I wouldn’t had the moments of discovery that me feel like I just a mystery and solved it.

I’m guessing Detectives feel the same way they solve a crime. It is a of accomplishment that you just get from “reading the owner’s

The one thing I was most interested in was the one thing that I fell in with; the engine. It talks to I’m used to having power at my whenever I want it and I tend to cheated when riding a that doesn’t offer

Not so on this bike with engine. The only way to describe it those who own one will understand) is even though it’s not the powerful motor out there it has Down low it’s all laid and relaxed; perfect for puttering in the city.

Get it above 4000rpm though and she me, it’s a female) starts to up; stretching and letting you get a view of in store for you. Above and things happen much than you expect them When I first started the bike I was in 45mph zone that there was a lot of buffeting off the shield. Then I looked at the and realized that I wasn’t 45mph I was going 85mph.

as I got used to the bike it still doing sneaky things that to me. Everything is so smooth and the (sound) is so sweet that you yourself to the ride and stop attention to minor details speed limits.

All was not roses in little love affair Apparently, and I came to this later, the bike did not like to, what it considered, a low class I’m talking about a rest Too many Cokes had me stopping at a area to see a man about a horse (or that saying goes).

I came back out, I was with the sound of, well, Turn key, push button, and……click, click, Hmmm…..really? No warning, no nothing.

Luckily, there was a friendly Trooper that came and jump started the bike for me. it around (including some two up my wife) and never had the issue Battery terminals were and it never even did a slow routine the rest of the evening or the morning.

Go figure.

Even the mysterious semi-stranding that I I can’t wait until I get the to test some of Moto sportier offerings. See, I you, after riding Guzzi, I am completely willing to the bad and embrace the good; I just be stopping at any more rest just in case.

BTW: 2WF for the distinct lack of pictures in article. Pictures were but due to a techinical malfunction they rendered unusable. Rest that for the main review of bike, Dean will plenty of pictures in his article.


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