Comparative latestbikes Kawasaki W 800 SE vs Moto Guzzi V7 Stone: Unconstrained…

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Moto Guzzi W 103
Moto Guzzi W 103

Comparative latestbikes Kawasaki W 800 SE vs Moto Guzzi V7 Stone: Unconstrained Vintage but

The news Moto Guzzi V7 Stone enriches the offer by the classical roadsters in 2012. We chose to oppose to him Kawasaki W 800 in its variation SE. Two motor bikes which assert to their historical influences to trot the nose with the wind without worrying butt the performances, goal by privileging the pleasure of rolling… with the style.

Here our comparative neo-retro of the Vintage Week on latestbikesinfo!

Kawasaki W 800 SE vs Moto Guzzi V7 Stone: The comparative one

Forget the ultimate performances and the last technological gadgets with the mode: with this comparative, latestbikesinfo returns to essential values. Kawasaki W 800 is homage to famous Kawasaki W of the Sixties, heritage of the Meguro mark and mother, to some extent, of all the large cubes Coffee. W800, which took over W 650 in 2011, is declined this year in an edition SE (Special W800 Edition) super classiest with its small head of fork and its raised black painting of nets gold.

The news Moto Guzzi V7 Stone, it, constitutes the ticket of entry in the universe Moto Guzzi, the access to a mythical mark for less than 8,000 €. Even for this tariff however completely comparable with that of the Japanese woman, it will be necessary to accept certain concessions on the Italian in terms of completion and equipment, of which plain color black checkmate and rims with sticks less flattering than the brilliant dress and the rims with rays of Kawasaki. But as we already noted during our first test, the line entry Moto Guzzi V7 re-examined and corrected in 2012 does not remain less honorable about it. For much, it will undoubtedly be the first step in the range of Mandela Del Largo, even their first new motor bike.

Kawasaki W 800 SE: Successful imitation

Let us begin with Kawasaki W 800 SE, for Special Edition, and its specific color. Flexible control units “like at the time”, handles, aft wheels of 18 inches/before 19 inches, tires Dunlop K81 replica: one would believe oneself in it. But one finds details plus tendency, like the line of exhaust painted rust-proof way. The fans – and they are some – of Kawasaki W 650 deplore as for them the disappearance of the kick on Kawasaki W800.

But, incontestably, the retro side functions better on this Kawasaki with the neat completion.

Moto Guzzi took another party, with hides-clubs with the modern lines or the black color checkmate “with the mode” which gives a young aspect and bad servant boy with his line entry. For less than 8,000 €, you overlap the Eagle of Mandela, but certain details of completion betray a policy of limitation of the costs (few chromium’s, much of plastic) and can make smile, as the strap of momentary maintenance. Necessary to approval duet, it is bent on the saddle, and consequently impossible to use, even if – are honest – nobody studs himself any more with this antiquated accessory!

The two motor bikes offer a very relaxed position, rather similar, with however the legs more folded up on Moto Guzzi. One sat rather behind, contrary to modern roadsters on which one has the feeling to charge much more the front one. Moto Guzzi V7 Stone is a little higher than Kawasaki W800 (805 mm against 790 mm) but the shape of the saddle of Moto Guzzi more makes it possible to tighten the legs to touch the ground.

Morality, that is worth and since one measures more than 1.65 m, these two motor bikes are rather easy access.

From the start, the saddle of Kawasaki W800 shows a quite higher comfort and it is not finished. With starting, the vertical twin is branned in the very least felted sonority, quasi electric. Moto Guzzi V7, it, starts while pitching appreciably from left to right under the effect of the torque reaction, while the exhausts let escape more typified sonority, which makes it possible to confuse V-twin with 90° pointing towards the sky with no other engine. A good point for the feelings

Moto Guzzi V7 Stone: The Eagle democratizes itself

But it will also be necessary to show – in a very reasonable measurement – abnegation auguidon of Moto Guzzi V7: more physical to actuate and nonadjustable levers in spacing (damage for the small hands), saddles firm, dry suspensions on the small shocks, selector long speed “chases”: to survey the boulevards with the daily newspaper, Kawasaki W800 is differently more obvious. Especially thanks to its engine of an extraordinary flexibility, to make fade linear of the four on line! The vertical twin of W 800 SE is so flexible sometimes that one comes from there to doubt the engaged report.

It does not matter, in second as in third; W800 will set out again with 1500 tr/min without the least knocking. On wet roadway, to stroll downtown, or for the beginners, it is unstoppable. In comparison, V7 Stone is controlled more with the ear or the perceived feelings, because the twin of Mandela kept character and imposes a minimum mode of 2000 tr/min approximately on the reports usually used downtown.

But, at least, it is expressed well more when the reports are drawn, fuller and vibrating that its Japanese counterpart. And for much, it will be more undeniable.

And to cut is the road with its two beautiful retro neo, it possible? Perfectly and it is even advised! OK, the motorway, it is not their trick, even if they discharge some without difficulty, their engines turning in the neighborhoods of the 4,500 tr/min to 130 km/h of cruising. But one bores oneself hairy in spite of vibrations which come to break monotony. Moreover, the absence of protection invites to cruiser at a still lower speed: about approximately 110 km/h for 4000 tr/min.

For those which want to really cut the road in V7, the version Special with its windshield of series will be indicated.

Sportsmanship with Italian

Side performances, there still, all are question of driving mode. Ultra linear, Kawasaki W 800 SE however offers always effective recoveries. Moto Guzzi V7 Stone shows itself less regular: it begins again to 90 km/h – even less – in 5th but is made outdistance then by the Kawasaki thereafter which benefits from its engine filled better with low mode, in spite of appearances.

Moto Guzzi W 103

On the other hand, as of the mid–modes, Stone benefits finally from more marked lengthening-piece and a peak of couple which boosted taken again and accelerations. Thirty kilometers later, the cervical ones sufficiently worked: direction small secondary roads, course differently more appropriate to these motor bikes.

Here, Moto Guzzi V7 Stone reveals a part very quickly cycles more sporting and rigid that of Kawasaki W 800 SE. The information feedback of the nose gear is richer on V7, which plunges with more swiftness as starter of curve. Hardly shorter (16 mm of footing), Moto Guzzi also rests on of Pirelli Sport Demon offering a catch of angle more progressive and informative as for the grip that Dunlop Road master, with the profile less round, of Kawasaki W800.

On good coating, V7 Stone offers the best directional stability and gives desire for raising the rhythm.

The more so as it’s more raucous sonority appears once again during accelerations, simply more virile than those of Kawasaki. Behind, often, W 800 SE was obviously not designed to be played it Continental Circus. Pumping more on its suspensions, it shows also more parade during the changes of course whereas a rest-foot can come to scrape the ground of time to other. Definitively, this Kawasaki enjoys itself at rolled up rhythm.

And in duet, it is still better: Kawasaki W800 confirms once again its aptitude for strolls quiet, especially on embossed coating where it is shown more comfortable.

Assessment: Japanese woman looked after against Italian vigorous

Sometimes, one can hesitate between two motor bikes because they resemble each other much. Or because they propose the same programs of use with close data sheets. With motor bikes like Kawasaki W800 SE or Moto Guzzi V7 Stone, passion often carries it on the reason. Kawasaki W 800 SE is a very beautiful motor bike, with the impeccable completion and the neat details. Approval with the daily newspaper will be part, almost pushing to make of it a utility disguised in vintage.

And if it proves as reliable as W 650, there is hardly concern to be done. Remain a tariff of 8,799 € (8 499 € in standard version) higher than that of the “myth” Moto Guzzi.

Sold 7,799 € in this version Stone, the evo 2012 of Moto Guzzi V7 all the same is well placed, especially that it progresses into cubes many points and will not require to retighten or lubricate a chain thanks to its final transmission by tree and Cardin joint. This price, you will overlap an atypical motor bike in its operation, with a character more marked and an environment of piloting except for. Remain that it will be necessary to close the eyes on certain details of completion, but if the heart speaks…

Kawasaki W 800 SE

Moto Guzzi V7 Stone

Moto Guzzi W 103
Moto Guzzi W 103
Moto Guzzi W 103
Moto Guzzi W 103
Moto Guzzi W 103

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