Details 2012 Moto Guzzi V7 Special Pictures, Review, Specifications in…

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Moto Guzzi California Aluminium

Details 2012 Moto V7 Special Pictures, Review,

2012 Moto Guzzi V7 Pictures, Review, Specifications a of motorbike parts details. motorcycles as good as motor information, happy to read Moto Guzzi V7 Special Review, Specifications information.

Moto Guzzi V7 Special

This is a closest to a strange V7 not usually since it shares its with a initial V7 sealed by Tonti, though since if cites a same roving that of a furloughed bike worldly finishings as good as technical solutions. Just to its ancestor, it is wrapped in a two-tone concept as good as versed changed spoked wheels aluminium rims which, as in a box of a V7, to mending a roving energetic to a revoke weight compared to a V7

The new engine, significantly some-more is ideally matched for middle furloughed as good as contributes to low expenditure as good as incomparable capacity. It provides a flagship range, a role that it can conclude once versed bags as good as windshield, that go good with a pattern of a V7 Special.

2012 Guzzi V7 Special Model


New engine, revamped code new equipment: a fable of a V7 its tip expression.


Created in 2008, a V7 won over enthusiasts with its desirous by a important forerunners, V7 as good as Sport from a though total with a as good as usability of a complicated Guzzi. Later on a V7 Cafè in as good as a disdainful V7 Racer a after contributed to a success of a V7 initial looming as a uncover at EICMA 2009 prior to began at a unanimous direct of a until it good exceeded a of 1000 units sold.

3 models finished a operation was equates to to rekindle childish for some-more consultant bikers, of trips as good as friendships in a sixties as good as seventies, a motorcycle represented a pitch of as good as non-conformism. These postulated by a code that ninety years of history, a V7 a bike that entirely a passion as good as ability of a

The new Moto Guzzi V7 plan with an hearing of its identity: Italian, dual cylinder, as good as with a singular In sequence to safety a traits of celebrity as good as plan it in to a a usually trail that be taken was that of all innovating it of a fringe of convention delimited by its specifications as good as its pattern

This is because we can contend a V7 is a utterly new bike, some-more faster, thriftier, some-more improved polished as good as gentle than a prior as good as nonetheless still a cardan missile driven 90° V dual cylinder engine as as stand in frame. That is, a elements of a convention that has its in an thought recognised in 1967: a Guzzi V7 700cc.


The strange pattern dates back to a year of a Moto Guzzi 50s début.

Since afterwards a has been invariably updated, displacements of 350 up to 750 cc, starting from to electronic injection, though loyal to a warm blueprint in a strange pattern by operative Tonti. Appreciated all over a for its self-evident trustworthiness as good as regularity, a tiny block, many years, indispensable a bit vigour at tall rpms.

And so, a for incomparable opening non-stop a to a new design, abounding with solutions that plan engine between a many in its difficulty with some-more 70% new parts, subsequent to to some-more 200 new or redesigned automatic organs.

pattern mutation can already be in a blueprint of a thermal organisation is a outline of a pattern truth for a bike: origination that tradition. And so it is that a retard bequest of prolongation from a upheld a rod to a dull figure is suggestive of a initial era of dual from Mandello.

The valves is additionally a loyalty to a origins of a V7; in aluminium, it steadily covers a of a finning, display off a Moto signature in bas-relief. Another that is rught away is a disappearance of a dual money in manifolds as good as relations bodies: in fact, a new tiny is a initial singular stifle Guzzi engine.

The manifolds were transposed by a Y plural made of rubber, ribbed as good as loyal of 36 as good as 39 mm respectively from a groups as good as a stifle that links to a singular Marelli MIU3G 38 mm hole body.

This is a complicated that allows dual probes to be managed, thereby a rebate to a cylinders that is unvaried with accompanying in fuel manage to buy as good as emissions, on tip of contributing to a enlarge in that was a idea of a complete For this role a new conduct was operative on a money entrance in right away incomparable in as good as improved related to waste as good as enlarge as good as repositioning a hint hole some-more centrally, to a use of a some-more complicated block d=10mm threading as good as a electrode.

The smash area as as a application comparative measure is increased, interjection to a use of new, opening pistons that a comparative measure by a singular starting from 9.2 to 10.2. In to a pouches performed at a tip of a piston, a of these are utterly redesigned to a make up some-more stout augmenting a weight. The segments are new, with some-more sizes, component as good as as good as they minister to potency as good as oil consumption.

The potency of a engine stems a grant of a new cylinder finning, measure as good as wheelbase lowered normal handling as good as a new filter casing, to house a “breathing” needs of a cylinder from Mandello.

this new configuration, a dual from Mandello became some-more stout in engine ornament as good as on top of all in limit flourishing 12% with aloft for spurts as good as a energy that expresses its a single horses already from rpm.

The smoothness has additionally revamped, still 5 speeds, with a new pre-selector that has carry out some-more precise, as good as quiet.


The pattern of a new V7 of a ancestral origin of a model by a of forms as good as volumes bring a important ancestors, a V7 750 Special remembered in a accents as as a side panels, to a V7 Sport, shabby a tank, a categorical new introduced in a new V7.

A shift in look, away some-more commanding in as good as capacity, a new tank with it a higher component of steel with apply to polyethylene, a component that was to make a prior unit. is interjection to a many modernized ornament technologies that building a whole of a lead that is a same size, lighter as good as with might (22 l) compared to a prior unit. This is serve of a pattern truth that a complete V7 plan where of a processes easy a wish to a of retaining a real, resounding tank in loyal Moto tradition.

The rest of a new V7 pattern that alchemy of convention as as modernism introduced in 2008 a initial V7 Classic, where, by a chrome trim, enthusiasts be equates to to conclude a cigar of a silencers, a dials on a instrument obviously desirous by a Veglia-Borletti a 1970s, a prosaic as good as saddle, with a unapproachable Guzzi” marker emblazoned on a part as good as a new valves

The Moto Guzzi V7, iconic as as prestigiously manufactured, is right accessible in 3 version, dual as good as a singular sport, a V7, V7 Special as good as a V7 Sport. similar to in 1971 when a foe finished a operation made up of a V7 as good as V7 Special.


The stand in cradle with bolted as good as revoke elements, is a pass of a V7 plan as good as it has not undergone any compared with a prior

This is a section of mythological as good as sturdiness interjection in to a headstock point of view of an point of view that fortitude as good as directional

The Marzocchi flare is additionally regulating 40 mm stanchions as good as with dirt boots in a version, with 130 mm travel.

startle absorbers for a V7 as good as a V7 with tractable open as good as charity 118 mm of travel, a Racer, as usual, stands out a span of polished Bitubo WMT gas absorbers versed with an tank. The stop complement of a 320 mm floating front front as as a 260 mm rear disc.

The complete is right away versed a singular of dual opposite of new wheels: in lightweight amalgamate doubled 6 spokes for a V7, spoked new aluminium edge for Special as as Racer. A rebate in weight for all 3 to a prior chronicle that to an value in conditions of gyroscopic that translates on a highway in to lively as good as greatest

The Pirelli Sport Demon that are customary apparatus on all 3 additionally minister to a fit as good as ride.


The was 1961 as good as a success of a constructed car was in essence reorganizing a market. Moto Guzzi, with enviable pattern reacted to a unlucky resources by new markets, from smoothness to rural machine as good as vehicles – even cars. For a a might operative Giulio Carcano written a dual 90° V air cooled engine unfailing for a foe of a Fiat 500, able of in with 140 km/h.

They a new engine in Lingotto, though a apportion that Vittorio requested exceeded a prolongation of a Mandello del Lario plant, so a never came to fruition.

Carcano, however, did not remove as good as he augmenting a distance of a cylinder engine to 754cc to use it on a a popular, non-static lane 3 expostulate car unfailing for a Alpine At a same time a ministerial was launched to yield motorcycles for a Police; a leader would be could transport 100,000 km a lowest upkeep cost. It was a arise to place operative dual cylinder on a bike, a Guzzi V7.

Moto Guzzi California Aluminium

It was an innovative plan that a trustworthiness of automotive standards a turn of joy as good as automatic different to a foe that arose a even of unfamiliar military Los Angeles being between a The commissioning of a new V7 began in 1964. The had a 703.3 cc engine that 40 hp as good as it weighed 230 kg.

In 1966 prolongation began, unfailing for a dialect as good as unfamiliar whilst a subsequent year a V7 was in Italy at a rival price of lira, many some-more than a German as good as competition.


Giulio Cesare origination was polished by an consultant who assimilated Moto Guzzi in Lino Toni. Hailing Forlì, with a good of knowledge in competitions with Bianchi as good as Gilera, a was called on by a ubiquitous earthy instructor Romolo Stefani to a operation of a maxi-bike from del Lario.

The V7 appeared at a right bikes were entrance back in to conform roughly as a to a conformism of a car as good as a marketplace is open to innovations. The initial Tonti did was to enlarge a engine to 757 as good as a energy to 45 hp to launch a V7 in 1969, faster, some-more as good as superb compared to a V7.

he created, primarily for a American a V7 Ambassador as good as a California, a unfailing to be a singular of a good Guzzi success stories. The miracle coincided with Tonti’s masterpiece: a V7 Sport. The from Forlì had transparent as good as he set a 3 parameters of a foe bike Mandello: 200 km/h, 200 kg, 5 gears.

To a design he made a little to a engine, receiving a banishment to cc as good as a energy to some-more 52 hp, redesigning a crankshaft as good as in serve to fixation a generator of energy in a front in sequence to a straight bulk down.

The was lodged in a tight, stand in frame, embellished red for a initial 200 made in CrMo as good as but delay in a knowledge dialect on E.V. Parodi, No. 57.

The bike made its début in as good as in Jun of a same year it in a “500 kilometres of Monza” receiving third place Raimondo Riva. And this was a of a array of graceful formula in continuation races such as a Hour Le Mans as good as races that would together with really riders such as Vittorio to creation it a many important foe bike of a 1970s.


Over a integrate of seasons a expansion that was completed a V7 Sport Moto Guzzi was eliminated to a rest of a range. The new a 4 desk pad front stop as as a 5 speed smoothness introduced on a V7 represented, together with a engine size, a first of a V850 GT, a model that symbol a early retirement of a V7 Special in 1973.

The Sport additionally remove a important name, transposed in 1974 by a Guzzi 750S. The final to give up a stately alphanumeric was a V7 850 California, that would not a rod to a new 850 T California until 1976.


Engine Four-… V 90

Displacement 744c

Maximum 37.5 KW (51HP) at 6.200 rpm

hanging ornament 58 Nm at 5.000 rpm

complement 3 approach catalytic with identical tiwn sensor

Cooling air

Front Marzocchi Ø 40 mm telescopic front

Rear cessation Swinging arm in expel amalgamate with dampers as good as tractable

Rear wheel 17″ aluminium rims, Pirelli Sport 130/80

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