Guzzi Nevada 750 Classic manual, review

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Moto Guzzi Nevada Classic 750 IE
Moto Guzzi Nevada Classic 750 IE


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0.1.1. –

INTRODUCTION This manual provides the information required for normal servicing. This publication is intended for use by Moto Guzzi dealerships and their qualified mechanics; many concepts have been omitted inasmuch as their inclusion would be superfluous for such an audience. Since complete mechanical explanations have not been included in this manual, the reader must be familiar with basic notions of mechanics, as well as with basic repair procedures.

Without such familiarity, repairs and checks could be ineffective and even hazardous. Since the repair and vehicle check instructions are not exhaustive, special care must be taken to avoid damage and injury. To ensure maximum customer satisfaction with the vehicle, Moto Guzzi spa continuously improves its products and their documentation. The main technical modifications and changes in repair procedures are communicated to all Moto Guzzi dealerships and agencies worldwide.

Such modifications will be entered in subsequent editions of the manual. In case of doubt regarding specific repairs or checks, contact the Moto Guzzi SERVICE DEPARTMENT; we will be pleased to provide all necessary information and assistance as well as keeping you updated on changes and modifications to the vehicle.

Moto Guzzi s.p.a. reserves the right to make changes to its products at any time, barring any such changes as may alter the essential features of a product as specified in the relevant manual. All rights of storage using electronic means, reproduction and total or partial adaptation, whatever the means adopted, are reserved in all countries. The mention of third parties products is only made for information purposes, and constitutes no engagement.

Moto Guzzi spa is not liable in any way for the performance or use of its products. For more details see (REFERENCE MANUALS) First edition: May 2004 Designed and printed by: DECA s.r.l. via Risorgimento, 23/1 – 48022 Lugo (RA) – Italy Tel. +39 – Fax +39 – E-mail: On behalf of: Moto Guzzi s.p.a. via E.V. Parodi, 57- 23826 Mandello del Lario (Lecco) – Italy Tel. +39 (0)341 – 709111 Fax +39 (0)341 – 709220


PARTS CATALOGUES guzzi part# (description) GU07500 OWNERS MANUALS guzzi part# (description) CYCLE PARTS TECHNICAL MANUAL guzzi part# (description) ENGINE TECHNICAL MANUAL guzzi part# (description)

0.1.3. #

C F AC A Ah API HV AV/DC bar DC. cc CO CPU DIN DOHC ECU rpm HC ISC ISO Kg Kgm km kph k kPa KS kW ABBREVIATIONS/SYMBOLS/CONVENTIONS = number = less than = greater than = less than or equal to = more than or equal to = approximately = infinity = degrees Celsius (centigrade) = degrees Fahrenheit = plus or minus = alternating current = Ampere = Ampere per hour = American Petroleum Institute = high voltage = Anti-Vibration Double Countershaft = pressure measurement (1 bar =100 kPa) = Direct Current = cubic centimetres = carbon monoxide = Central Processing Unit = German industrial standards (Deutsche Industrie Norm) = Double Overhead Camshaft = Electronic Control Unit = revolutions per minute = unburnt hydrocarbons = Idle Speed Control = International Standardization Organization = kilograms = kilogram metre (1 kgm =10 Nm) = kilometres = kilometres per hour = kilo Ohm = kiloPascal (1 kPa =0.01 bar) = clutch side (from the German Kupplungseite) = kiloWatt = litres = racetrack lap = Light Emitting Diode = left side = metres per second = maximum = millibar (1 mbar =0.1 kPa) = miles = minimum = miles per hour = flywheel side (from the German Magnetoseite) = megaOhm = Not Available = Motor Octane Number = Research Octane Number = Newton metre (1 Nm =0.1 kgm) = ohm = pick-up = Bottom Dead Centre = Top Dead Centre = Pneumatic Power Clutch = right side = Society of Automotive Engineers = diagnostic check = crown-head Allen screw



ELECTRICAL CONNECTORS To disconnect the electrical connector, follow the procedures below. Failure to comply with these procedures may lead to irreparable damages to the connector and the wiring as well. If present, press the special safety hooks. WARNING Do not pull cables to disconnect the two connectors. Grasp the two connectors and disconnect them by pulling them in the two opposite directions.

In case of dirt, rust, moisture, etc. thoroughly clean the inside of the connectors with compressed air. Make sure that the cables are correctly fitted inside the connectors terminals.

NOTE The two connectors have just one correct positioning. Make sure to position them in the right direction. Then fit the two connectors. Make sure they are correctly coupled (a click will be heard).

Moto Guzzi Nevada Classic 750 IE

TIGHTENING TORQUE SETTINGS DANGER Always remember that the tightening torque settings of all wheel, brake, wheel shaft and other suspension parts play a fundamental role to ensure vehicle safety. Make sure that these values are always within the specified limits. Check fastening parts tightening torque settings at regular intervals. Upon reassembly, always use a torque wrench.

Failure to comply with these recommendations could lead to the loosening and detachment of one of these parts with a consequent locking of the wheel or other serious troubles affecting the vehicle maneuverability, and thus the risk of falls and serious injuries or death.

1.3.1. FUEL

DANGER The fuel used to operate engines is highly flammable and becomes explosive under particular conditions. Refuelling and engine service should take place in a well-ventilated area with the engine stopped. Do not smoke when refuelling or in the proximity of sources of fuel vapours.

Avoid contact with bare flames, sources of sparks or any other source which may ignite the fuel or lead to explosion. Take care not to spill fuel out of the filler, or it may ignite when in contact with hot engine parts. In the event of accidental fuel spillage, make sure the affected area is fully dry before starting the engine. Fuel expands from heat and when left under direct sunlight.

Never fill the fuel tank up to the rim. Tighten the filler cap securely after each refuelling. Avoid contact with skin. Do not inhale vapours. Do not swallow fuel.

Do not transfer fuel between different containers using a hose. DO NOT RELEASE FUEL INTO THE ENVIRONMENT. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN. Use only premium grade unleaded petrol, min. O.N.

95 (N.O.R.M.) and 85 (N.O.M.M.). LUBRICANTS DANGER A good lubrication ensures the vehicle safety. Failure to keep the lubricants at the recommended level or the use of a non-suitable new and clean type of lubricant can lead to the engine or gearbox seizure, thus leading to serious accidents, personal injury or even death.

Gear oil may cause serious damage to the skin if handled daily and for long periods. Wash your hands carefully after use. Do not dispose of oil into the environment. Take it to the filling station where you usually buy it or to an oil salvage center. WARNING When filling the vehicle with this oil, take care not to spill it out since it could damage the vehicle paintwork.

In case of contact with oil, the tyres surface will become very slippery, thus becoming a serious danger for your safety. In case of leaks, do not use the vehicle. Check and trace the cause of leaks and proceed to repair. ENGINE OIL DANGER Prolonged or repeated contact with engine oil may cause severe skin damage. Wash your hands thoroughly after handling engine oil.

Do not release into the environment. Dispose of engine oil through the nearest waste oil reclamation firm or through the supplier. Wear latex gloves during servicing FRONT FORK FLUID DANGER Front suspension response can be modified to a certain extent by changing damping settings and/or selecting a particular grade of oil.

Standard oil grade is SAE 20 W. Different oil grades can be selected to obtain a particular suspension response. (Choose SAE 5W for a softer suspension, 20W for a stiffer suspension). The two grades can also be mixed in varying solutions to obtain the desired response.

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