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Moto Guzzi Breva 1100

Summary of Contents

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2: Safety Warnings, Technical Warnings — Precautions General Advice

#xA9; Moto Guzzi S.p.A. WARNINGS TECHNICAL INFORMATION del Lario (LECCO) T h e s y m b o l s a n d w a r n i n g s u s e d The operations by this.

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Page 4: Of Contents



Page 6: Basic Rules

Certain prescribed alcohol, Most road ac are caused by BASIC SAFETY drugs and psychotropic substances inexperienced riders. To drive the you must satisfy certain your riding, thereby the NEVER lend your to a beginner legal requirements licence, minimum risk of an

Page 7

Strictly observe all signs and Avoid obstacles could damage the national and road regulations. vehicle or you lose control of the WARNING Avoid any sudden or risky Always hold the handlebars both that may endanger and other people’s Avoid in the slipstream of vehicles h a n d s a n d k e e p b o t h f e e t o n t h e safety example: wheelies, speeding.


If in doubt, have the vehicle at a Moto Guzzi Authorised and ask t h e m t o c a r e f u l l y c h e c k t h e f r a m e.

Page 9: Clothing

ONLY Never change the position, or Making any modifications to the vehicle colour of: number plate, indicators, and/or removing the components Always wear and your helmet lights and can adversely affect vehicle correctly before moving

Page 10: Accessories, Load

Guzzi recommends that you use angle in a bend. genuine Guzzi accessories. Avoid accessories that may hamper.


Avoid fixing bulky, and/or dangerous Do not carry any unless firmly Do not exceed the load capacity objects to the mudguards and secured to the vehicle. of luggage rack. forks this could slow the vehicle’s Do not carry any bags protrude too The overloaded vehicle become response in turns and inevitably.

Page 12: Position Of Key — Key

POSITION OF KEY COMPONENTS 1) 8) Battery 15) Rear shock 2) Instrument panel 9) Passenger/rider 16) Left rider footpeg 3) rear-view mirror 10) Passenger handle 17) Gear shift 4) Fuel tank filler 11) Tool kit compartment 18) Centre 5) Fuel tank 12) Rear wheel (.

Page 13

1) Tail 8) Air filter 15) Cardan shaft 2) compartment 9) Right rear-view 16) Right passenger footpeg 10) brake fluid reservoir 3) fuse carrier 17) Single-sided arm 11) Front phonic wheel ( 4) compartment 12) Engine oil filter 5) side body panel 13) brake lever.

Page 14: Of Instruments/controls, Instruments And Indicators

OF INSTRUMENTS/CONTROLS INSTRUMENTS AND INDICATORS OF INSTRUMENTS/CONTROLS — KEY LOCATION OF — KEY 1) Clutch lever 1) turn indicator warning ( 2) Ignition switch / steering ( 2) Amber ABS light ( ) (Anti-lock System) 3) Instruments and indicators 3) Red light 4) Front brake

Page 15: Instruments And Indicators

Should the light come on engine normal operation, the ABS is disabled, because ABS) means that there is a in the ABS system. Should this be the contact a Moto Guzzi Dealer as soon as possible.


Description Function Displays in 12 or 24 hour format. Format is via display, see page 17 (MULTIFUNCTION LCD DISPLAY). Displays ambient the value is shown in the top left of the display.

When temperature is to 3#xB0;.

Page 17: Multifunction Lcd Display

is below the Turn the key to , the display show #x221A; TRIP value) the starting page Moto Guzzi #x221A; CONSUMPTION; #x221A; Displayed (zone F) (TRIP wording for 2 #x221A; INSTANT FUEL

Page 18

Should the heated be fitted LAP TIMER TIMING ) and the display will show a To on the TIMING: When the vehicle is on a the lap special icon, instead of the TRIP, timer allows the to measure the lap confirm selection on by pressing and the TRIP indication is in the area time and store that can be later.

Page 19

To go to LAP TIMER: DELETE TIMES the SET (2) push-button for This function the acquired lap several seconds. NOTE To delete data: 40 is the number of sessions that can be further data press the SET (2) for can be stored only if the previous set is seconds.

Page 20

To set the Gear indicator threshold: TIME This function allows you to set the Briefly press the SET (2) push-button to threshold value by 100 rpm at a To enter the SETTINGS function: time. As as the value reaches the Confirm on TIME SETTINGS maximum it is decreased by the by pressing the SET (2) push-button

Page 21

SET (2) push-button for several To the 12H/24H function: to Moto service centres. seconds. selection on 12H/24H by T h e d i s p l a y s h o w s t w o u n i t s o f.

Page 22

VOLTAGE SERVICE ALARM This function shows voltage and When the vehicle is due for If a serious failure is detected does not allow the user to (after the first 1000km 625 mi and then that might the vehicle or the every 10000km mi) the display will rider’s the display will show an

Page 23

#x221A; Low priority: KM W/FUEL RESERVE Direction Control unit When the reserve light is steadily on, the display indicates the km covered in If there are many alarms the same condition. The value is in area C, priority level, the icons are where the ODOMETER is.

Page 24: Main Independent Controls On Left Handlebar

INDEPENDENT CONTROLS 3) LIGHT SWITCH: Set it to #x2248; #x2206; to the high beam; set it to #x2248; to operate the low beam. 4) LCD CONFIGURATION Select the LCD displayed configuration, see 17 (MULTIFUNCTION LCD DISPLAY). 5) HIGH FLASHER BUTTON ( Allows for the use of the lights in case of danger or

Page 25: Controls On Right

CONTROLS ON RIGHT HANDLEBAR The electric components only when the ignition switch is in the #x2206; position. 7) ENGINE SWITCH ( 8) STARTER BUTTON ( the starter button is pressed, the motor will crank the

Page 26: Controls On The Instrument

Take the switch back to #x2248; and start 2) ABS DISABLING CONTROLS ON THE INSTRUMENT the engine. for vehicles equipped with With engine running, the ABS be re- NOTE The electric components Disable the system as follows: when speed gets 5 km/h.

Page 27: Ignition Steering Lock

Position Key removal The steering It is possible is to remove the key. n o t p o s s i b l e t o Steering s t a r t t h e e n g i n e switch on the lights.

Page 28: Lights

OPERATION To turn the lights on: Lock the steering but do not the key (1), see page 27 (STEERING Turn the key (1) to #x2248; #x2206; position. Check that front and rear parking are on.

Remove the key (1).

Page 29: Equipment, Unlocking/locking The Seat, Kit Compartments

AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT To the seat (2): UNLOCKING/LOCKING THE GLOVE/TOOL KIT COMPARTMENTS Slide the front end into place and the vehicle on the stand, see page the rear end. 55 (PUTTING THE ON THE g a i n a c c e s s t o t h e g l o v e Push down on the rear end the lock STAND).

Page 30: Luggage Anchor

The tool kit includes: #x221A; 3, 4, 5, 6 mm Allen spanners (1); 8 — 10 mm double fork (2); #x221A; 13 — 14 mm fork spanner (3); 19 mm fork spanner (4); 8 — 10 mm socket spanner #x221A;.

Page 31

ACCESSORIES The accessories are available: 1) windshield 2) handgrips 3) side panniers 4) top #x221A; electronic antitheft use and maintenance Breva.

Page 32: Components, Fuel

MAIN FUEL Use only premium unleaded petrol WARNING 95 RON and 85 MON octane rating The fuel in intern minimum. a l c o m b u s t i o n e n g i n e s i s h i g h l y To refuel, as follows: flammable and can become Raise the flap (1).

33: Brake Fluid —

BRAKE FLUID — WARNING WARNING NOTE vehicle is equipped with that the brake discs not In the event of accidental contact, front and rear disc operated by b e c o m e c o n t a m i n a t e d w i t h o i l o r affected area

Page 34: Disc Brakes

brake fluid changed two pads wear down. the brake fluid changed 20000 years by a Moto Authorised The front brake is located on the km (12500 mi) or every two by a Dealer.

Page 35: Front

Top up reservoir (2) with recommended UP brake fluid, see page 93 Carefully read page 33 FLUID — CHART), reaching correct level recommendations). is in-between the marks and #x2248;MAX#x2206;. CAUTION Brake may spill out. Do not operate the front brake lever if the (1) Do not exceed the MAX.

Page 36: Brake, Topping Up

CAUTION sure the fluid in the reservoir is with the reservoir rim (horizontal) to spilling fluid when up. Do not add any additives or other products to the If you use a funnel or other tools, sure that they are clean.

Page 37: Abs (only For Equipped With Abs )

Should a occur, the light comes on indicating the fault. The ABS is automatically In this case it is advisable to a Moto Guzzi Authorised

Running with ABS not active (1) flashes, the system was disabled on (not by accident).

Page 38: Fluid — Recommendations

P l e a s e c o n t a c t a M o t o G u z z i clutch fluid changed two Authorised Dealer in case you any years by a Moto Guzzi doubts on the operation of the system

Page 39: Clutch

Before check the fluid level in the (1) figure). reservoir, see page 39 have it Make sure the fluid level exceeds every two years by a Moto the MIN mark. Authorised Dealer. minimum level.

Page 40

LONG ENOUGH to top up level. As a reference to obtain #x2248;MAX#x2206; a Guzzi Authorised Dealer, as the top up until fluid completely system may need bleeding. sight glass (5), the clutch reservoir Place a under the clutch reservoir

Page 41: Tyres

TYRES a tyre changed when or punctured, if the puncture in the tread is vehicle is equipped with larger than 5 mm. tyres. the wheels balanced after tyre NOTE Halve intervals if repair. you are riding in or dusty conditions, on rough surfaces or when the vehicle

Page 42: Engine Oil

If so, have replaced. In case of leakage or the engine oil pressure in the circuit is TREAD DEPTH (3): a Moto Guzzi Authorised Dealer. If so, check engine oil see page 62 front and rear 2 mm (.

Page 43: Adjusting The Front Lever And The Clutch Lever, Silencer, Exhaust Muffler/exhaust

This device provides for the of If the exhaust system becomes the CO (carbon monoxide) and of the HC immediately your Moto Guzzi hydrocarbons) contained in the Authorised exhaust gases, changing into carbon dioxide and respectively.

Page 44: Instructions For Getting On And Off The Vehicle

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE ON AND OFF THE CAUTION VEHICLE Do not apply the of your weight or Follow the below closely in of the passenger#x2019;s onto the side order to injury to persons, damage to

Page 45

tail section or at the rear and avoid WARNING imbalance. Make sure the is firm and level GETTING ON THE and free from obstacles. the handlebar correctly and get With the shoe heel, extend the on the vehicle without resting stand completely.

Page 46: Checks

CHART). during normal operation, it Do not hesitate to your Moto Guzzi m e a n s t h a t t h e c o n t r o l u n i t h a s Dealer if you need clarifications a failure.

Page 47: Pre-ride Chart

83, 84 rear brake switches and electrical devices fluid Check. If level topping up, contact a Moto Authorised Dealer. Phonic (only for vehicles equipped Ensure that the phonic are perfectly clean 37 (ABS)

48: Starting

#x221A; the parking come on; #x221A; all warning on the instrument panel come on; the LCD will show Moto wording for 2 seconds; Do not start the in an enclosed #x221A; the speed and fuel gauge STARTING or poorly ventilated area.


In most cases, the the control will manage the starting will keep running, procedure on its own. giving performance. Immediately contact a Guzzi Authorised #x221A; The low comes on. Dealer. use and maintenance

Page 50: Moving Off And Riding

as soon as possible, see page 32 OFF AND RIDING (FUEL). WARNING If you are with a passenger, give WARNING your passenger instructions to This is a high-performance We avoid problems when

If you are riding solo, make the recommend that you become passenger footpegs are folded up moving off, make the stand.

Page 51

(CHECKING AND UP ENGINE OIL LEVEL), should it be immediately stop the engine and top up. To the system inspected, contact Moto Guzzi Authorised Change to a lower gear WARNING CAUTION When downhill or when braking.


In most cases, the engine keep running, although less performance. Immediately a Moto Guzzi Authorised use and maintenance Breva.

Page 53:

Watch out for obstacles or sudden the first 1000 km (625 have a ensuring proper and durability. Moto Guzzi dealer carry out changes in the surface. Twisty, hilly are ideal for an effective the Post checks specified in running-in of suspension and brakes.

Page 54: Parking

PARKING It is very to select an adequate to place to your vehicle — local regulations and the indications below. WARNING Park the on firm and level ground to it from falling. Do not lean the against a wall, or lay it on the ground.

55: Putting The Vehicle On The Stand

THE VEHICLE ON THE Push on the side with your right STAND STAND foot and it completely (3). Lean the to the side until the WARNING STAND stand is resting on the To put the vehicle on the side stand It is forbidden to position the vehicle on the handlebar fully to the left.

Page 56

NOTE Load weight onto the centre Do not rest the side stand to (6) (Pos. B) and move your ground. Keep the vehicle of gravity to the back of the vehicle down the side stand (5) your (Pos.C).

Page 57: To Prevent Theft, Maintenance

hazard. When a disc is used, remember to Ask your Guzzi Authorised Dealer to it before moving off. to K e e p f u e l a n d o t h e r f l a m m a b l e.

Page 58: Scheduled Maintenance

SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE CHART TO BE CARRIED OUT BY THE Authorised Dealer Guzzi (CAN ALSO BE OUT BY THE OWNER). Component End of running-in 10000 km Every 20000 km km (625 mi)] (6250 mi) or 12

Page 59

OPERATIONS TO BE CARRIED OUT BY THE Guzzi Authorised Dealer. End of running-in Every 10000 km 20000 km [1000 km (625 (6250 mi) or 12 months (12500 mi) or 24 Gearbox fluid Idle (CO)

Page 60

Component End of Every 10000 km Every km [1000 km (625 mi)] mi) or 12 months (12500 mi) or 24 months transmission fluid Fuel every 4 years: Brake every 4 years: Clutch (*) Inner spark plugs Generator belt.

Page 61: Data, Joints With Clamps

, engine numbers in the provided in left side to the oil level plug/dipstick. available on from Moto Guzzi manual. Authorised Dealers.

62: Checking And Topping Up Engine Oil

Clean the oil dipstick (1) and refit, do not Take it out again and check oil Correct level is achieved the oil is just below the MAX level

CAUTION Never exceed the MAX or let oil level drop below the

Page 63: Changing Engine Oil And Oil

CAUTION Changing engine oil and oil filter can prove difficult; operations are best left to mechanics. If necessary, contact Moto Guzzi Authorised If you wish to perform these yourself, follow these Carefully read page 42 OIL)

Page 64: Front Rear Wheel

If necessary, a Moto Guzzi If necessary, a Moto Guzzi Authorised Authorised Dealer. WARNING

Page 65: Front Brake

DISASSEMBLY REASSEMBLY CAUTION Make sure that the is stable. Proceed with in order not to damage the brake Rotate the wheel manually bringing the space between two spokes Position the brake (2) to the disc before the brake

Page 66: Checking The Cardan Oil Level, Checking Gearbox Level, Rear-view Mirrors

CHECKING GEARBOX FLUID To check, top up and change gearbox THE CARDAN SHAFT REAR-VIEW oil, contact a Moto Authorised OIL LEVEL Dealer. WARNING Halve maintenance if you are riding in rainy or dusty Do not ride with rear-view or on rough road surfaces.

67: Inspecting The Front And Rear

STAND). (MAINTENANCE). Loosen the (1). NOTE Have the fork oil changed by a Moto Authorised Dealer, who will ensure prompt, accurate

On reassembly, before tightening nut (1), ensure that the support rod is.

Page 68: Front Rear Suspension

(such as for passenger or with Have the oil seals changed by a required. Moto Guzzi Authorised after the Standard rear absorber setting is Maximum setting: first 30000 km mi) and then made to suit riding conditions at low (such as for passenger and luggage).

Page 69

ABSORBERS SETTINGS Rear absorber Fork Load Preload Rebound Preload from completely Click completely Turns from discharged (soft) preloaded preloaded completely closed) 8 (std) 14 (std) 8.5 (std) load 8.5 (std) maximum 8.5 (std) std = standard factory use and maintenance Breva.

Page 70: The Brake Pads For Wear

To have them replaced, your The rate at which pads will wear Guzzi Authorised Dealer. on vehicle usage, riding and road surface condition. use and Breva.

Page 71: Adjusting The Throttle Spark Plugs

(MAINTENANCE). the throttle control cables by Refit the protection (1). a Guzzi Authorised Dealer the NOTE Halve maintenance if first 1000 km (625 mi) and every you are riding in rainy or conditions, CAUTION 10000 km mi).

Page 72

Removal: and cleaning: CAUTION Remove the plug cap (3). CAUTION if only one outer spark (1) Remove any trace of dirt the spark needs replacing, change both. Do not clean the plugs with a wire base.

Page 73: Checking The

CAUTION Never attempt to electrode gap. Electrode gap be 0.6 — 0.7 mm. If not so, change the spark Make sure that the (10) is in good condition.

Position the washer (10) and in the spark plug by hand in not to damage the thread.

Page 74

The stand (1) is equipped with a STAND SIDE STAND switch (4) that inhibits or Place the vehicle on the side see Place the vehicle on the centre stops the engine whenever a is page 55 (PUTTING THE VEHICLE ON see 55 (PUTTING THE VEHICLE engaged the side stand (1) is down.

75: Battery, Long Inactivity Of The Checking And Cleaning The Terminals

30- A fuses, otherwise the multifunction If the keeps running, contact a will keep drawing and Moto Guzzi Authorised the battery will deteriorate. NOTE Removing the 30A fuses

Page 76: Removing The Battery

sure that the cable and If necessary: REMOVING THE BATTERY the terminals are: Remove the see (REMOVING #x221A; in good (and not corroded or THE BATTERY), in page. CAUTION covered deposits); Clean off cable and terminals R e m o v i n g t h e b a t t e r y r e s e t s t h e #x221A;.

Page 77: Battery Fluid Level, The Battery

CHARGING THE BATTERY read page 75 (BATTERY). the battery, see page 76 (REMOVING THE Be sure to have a suitable charger on hand.

Set the battery for the type of charge as indicated in the Connect the battery to the charger.

78: Installing The Battery, Checking The

CHECKING THE SWITCHES Connect the (+) cable by INSTALLING THE BATTERY the terminal screw (2). C a r e f u l l y r e a d p a g e read page 75 (BATTERY). the negative (-) cable by (MAINTENANCE).

79: Changing The Fuses

In this it is advisable to contact a CHANGING THE mud. The pin must move and Moto Guzzi Authorised C a r e f u l l y r e a d p a g e return automatically to its initial

Page 80

NOTE Check as ARRANGEMENT OF AUXILIARY FUSES you use one of the spare fuses, remember to add a new fuse Set the ignition switch to to a) Stop, horn, HAZARD light, light into the seat. an accidental short

Page 81: Beam Setting

SETTING LAYOUT OF THE ABS FUSES OF MAIN FUSES g) ABS (40A) i) battery to voltage regulator NOTE Beam inspection may h) ABS (25A) j) From battery to key and C and D vary from country to Observe the (30A).

Page 82:

BULBS BEAM HORIZONTAL BEAM VERTICAL ADJUSTMENT the vehicle on the stand, see page the vehicle upright. C a r e f u l l y r e a d p a g e 55 (PUTTING THE ON THE Adjust headlight beam, screw (2).

Page 83: The Headlight Bulbs

CHANGING THE HIGH BEAM BULB BULBS Do not pull on the wires to the Before changing a bulb, the Carefully read page 82 bulb connector. ignition to position #x201C; #x201D; and The houses: wait a few minutes, so the bulb Disconnect the connector

Page 84: Changing The Front And Turn Indicator Bulbs

THE FRONT AND REAR LOW BEAM PARKING LIGHT BULB INDICATOR BULBS Do not pull on the to extract the Do not pull on the wires to the Carefully read page 82 bulb connector. bulb Place the vehicle on the stand, see Grasp the bulb connector (5) and to Remove the rubber element

Page 85: Changing The Tail Bulb, Replacing The Number Bulb

BULB Press the (3) slightly and rotate it Since operation is quite complex, anticlockwise. it performed by a Moto Authorised Extract the bulb (3) its seat. Dealer. CAUTION the bulb into the bulb so that the two pins slide the slots in the holder.

Page 86: Draining The Fuel Tank

DRAINING THE FUEL TANK the vehicle on the centre stand on and level ground. Carefully page 32 (FUEL). Stop the and wait until it has cooled

WARNING Prepare a container enough to hold the fuel in the and place it on Fire hazard.

87: Cleaning

CLEANING Clean the frequently if it is used in To remove and mud from painted WARNING areas or conditions, such as: use a low-pressure water jet on After the has been washed, dirty remove mud and dirt with a Polluted areas (town and braking efficiency could be car body sponge soaked abundant.

Page 88: Long Of Inactivity

1) Empty the front and CAUTION compartments; Do not aim high-pressure jets 2) Make sure the are or steam jets at the following properly closed. wheel controls on the right and left of the handlebar, bearings, CAUTION master cylinders, instruments with mild soap and with.

Page 89

Proceed as AFTER STORAGE Remove the see page 76 NOTE Remove the bags from the (REMOVING THE and page exhaust silencers. 7 5 ( L O N G I N A C T I V I T Y O F T H E the covers and clean the BATTERY).

90: Technical Data

TECHNICAL Max. Length 2195 mm Max. Width 870 mm Max. 1125 mm Seat height 800 mm 1495 mm Minimum ground 185 mm 248 kg Weight in running order Breva V 850 IE — Breva V IE ENGINE Type 90#xB0;.


DRIVE RATIOS Ratio Final Final ratio 17/38 with universal 23/36 20/34 12/44 23/31 1100 26/29 29/25 FUEL FEED sequential, timed, multipoint Marelli electronic injection SYSTEM alpha-n system stepper motor; 2 45mm bodies with Weber injectors, closed loop sensor Throttle #xC6;.


SPARK PLUGS Inner life) NGK PMR8B 1100 NGK BPR6ES 1100 Spark electrode gap 0.6 #x2013; 0.7 mm Battery 12 V 18 Amp/h ELECTRICAL SYSTEM fuses 30 A ABS fuses 40 A #x2013; 25 A fuses 3 A #x221A;.

Page 93: Chart

LUBRICANT CHART 10W 60 4T (Recommended) Engine oil: As an to recommended oils, top brand meeting or exceeding CCMC G-4 SG specifications can be used. (Recommended) oil: ROTRA MP 80 W 90. (Recommended) oil: ROTRA MP/S 85 W 90 5W or FORK 20W.

Page 94

ASK FOR GENUINE SPARE PARTS use and maintenance Breva.

Page 95: Dealers And Service Centres


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