Moto Guzzi Centauro Owners Impressions

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Moto Guzzi Centauro

Impressions of the Centauro

Impressions of the by James Palma:

Centaur in mythology is half man or woman and horse.The Centauro lives up to the it has lots of power and lots of a steel horse or man-woman-horse.The this bike had at the showroom mechanical electrical this off people because of Moto not doing their testing on own chip caused idling and mid problems along with problems .I contacted Adam at he got me a Techlusion to adjust the fuel air to fuel ratio at different also got me Avon sport so I could corner with the of them,he has a Centauro and gave me good ideas. Contacted Creedon and put his C-5 chip(9000rpm) he also to my knowledge. I then had my mechanic Cheney at to machine a all housing for the temperature probe,and use settings on valve etc.He the battery wiring from # 6 to # 4 and also put heavier wiring to the plugs and so many other I would be her all day talking thanks .Gordon and Richie at I should put Stucchi crossover and Mistrals mufflers carbon oval these are great for they stay cool.Then Corbin to customized a seat put me 1back and 1 lower this way I can get in a postion or tournig position.We a Centauro web site we all share ideas problems we a picture gallery,forum,articles,membership page and a link page Mike watches over us and keeps us all in as Luap McKeever at that have a Centauro them the Beast.With all this my Centauro is a very Reliable Power through all the RPM range in all and conditions.Handling Performance and Controling in are excellent and the Quality and Craftsmanship be beat.This V-10 Sport she(The Beast) will you and take control of you and until you the hell out of her she will then calm down.The V-10 Centauro is the most innovative in the latest generation of Moto motorcycles.It is destined to become a in the history of Moto Guzzi.The heir to the legendary V-700 ect .After 35+ years and hundreds of of miles, it is a Honor for me to have that is The Bike Of The Month. to all of you.TAKE CARE BE SAFE. / Jim MGNOC # L-663, AMA # 538847 # 0153047.

Update from Jim (09-28-03) The Spark Plugs were with IRIDIUM NGK DR9EIX and the MAGNACORE-ING for a V-10. After the of the air box and the Evaporative Emissions System you are with the two lines that went to the air box to vent. The first one to is the Oil Breather which now runs and is capped with a oil KN Breather or straight down to the atmosphere.

The line is from the Barometric that hose is also is run to the atmosphere. The line or hose from the fuel tank to the Emission System is vented to The spigot that was on each of the air manifold (that went to the Emissions System) is removed and the is sealed with a 6x1mm Screw or Capped.

The Evaporative System catching fuel under the gas tank is vented to .After running the bike the Plugs are removed and they are a coffee and cream color. All was done by my favorite Technician Cheney and all the great people at Danbury. CT USA.

Now the bike is for the Dyno. so I called John my two favorite Dyno Technicians. Builds Racing and Drag and will Modify or Fix anything to a at .Mike is a Graduate from Union College in NY. They make a great The Dyno test was the same as no noticeable changes and the Techlusion were not touched.

One must remember that Air Pressure, Humidity and the Technician are all factors on your Dyno These tests can be Fudged. But in this provides no advances to the

Graph #6 has an Emissions Test for Monoxide and Hydrocarbons. You can see the red line and how the airbox is compared to the blue and lines .But if you take all the things like Spark and Ignition Wiring, Wiring to #6 to #4 ,Temp Probe Brass and so on it will all add up to a big increase in HP and Performance.

If for reason in your area the Requirements are more Stringent, you plenty of room to lean the Techlusion.I am not a … heart person (but I must say it for me) most of the people on C.O.G. use Commander if some one would me some Graphs and they good I will gladly get one and try it out and write another article it. I hope this update and the articles has helped someone and if you have any Graphs, Data or ( I am learning ever day) forward them to me so I can keep the up to date on the greatest bike in the of Motorcycling. TAKE CARE BE JAMES R PALMA


It all started with a phone to my friend Phil Cheney Tech at Cliff’s Danbury BMW at Danbury, CT. He said that Solutions moved in door and was on the Danbury BMW web site

I call John Tavolacci the of the Dyno Solutions LLC he has the new 250i the latest version of the 250 series is the ( i ) and he that Todd Eagan of fame was in town for a few days to John (John also has a deal of knowledge of MOTO BIKES) getting started his new venture a NEW 250i DYNOJET he had with him a Power Commander 111 for a (Todd has been at the forefront and has outstanding work on the PC111 for in General and for Moto Guzzi as one being the Centauro, he has a few made form time to time for motorcycles. I have been in with him to buy one for testing for almost 6 at forum; he was free his vast knowledge about the and Motorcycles in General).

The next day I had a friend follow me to Danbury, CT a 2 hour ride Albany, NY. I meet John a Guy (He is a Certified Technician on the DYNOJET and has the Tuning Link software for the DYNOJET. This allows for Precise Fuel Mapping can not be Achieved by Manually Mapping a and he introduces me to Todd Eagan a Gentleman and also a Certified on the DYNOJET.

Dynojet’s newest for your Moto Guzzi is the Commander 111-usb (PC111usb John got me from Todd) which steps up the features. processor, more programming (every 250 rpm vs. 500 rpm), a “cylinder function which allows Tuning Center to “Tuning (correct) each cylinder and an expansion port that may a future timing module.

also made it easier for you to subtle adjustments yourself.

Now is a Great time to see the differences the PC 111 which enriches and Leans vs. the which just Enriches. to see what a 250i DYNOJET can do and the between the two since I was limited to 150 the year before, the Europeans to use the 150 DYNOJET all the Dyno Graph I from people from all Europe are done on a 150 DYNOJET, so I the Centauro so they could put on a New Tire Avon Sport my dear friend ADAM at Have to thank the great from Cliff’s Danbury BMW Phil, Francis, Evan, and Vinny, so the Techs put the rear on and balanced it (Rear last me to 2,000 miles the Front to 4,000 miles) and an Oil change been using Agip 20w-50 4T Full Synthetic and a Oil change, then next to Dyno Solutions and Todd adjusted TPS, Bodies and etc. With done the bike was Tweak up and for the 250i DYNOJET Performance Program:

The 250i DYNOJET run with C-5 and POWER COMMANDER111 20% STEADY PULL GRAPH # 9

The 250i last run with C-5 Chip and the COMMANDER111 GRAPH # 10

Therefore making the decision to add a PC111 and get a Map you should do the following to Max Out your if you can’t afford to do this add you can but remember that as you add things in the you will have to repeat the Run to remap the add on for the PC111 Map:

sure your bike is in ( tuned as best as possible )

all anticipated changes (after EPROM C-5, Air Filtration, Euro Specification Valve USA imports) settings, Brass of Plastic use on the USA Imports Temperature Housing, IRIDIUM NGK DR9EIX and the wiring MAGNACORE-ING for a V-10. Wiring from # 6 to # 4 Wire, have been incorporated the bike was tuned

Make that the bike is past break-in point so that it can be to it’s limits

Make you are running the same Octane Gas you to use during the tune-up and the mapping as you always use

Make sure you it all done in your predominant season (same theory as your snow blower in winter as you never use it in summer)

Having this specific map you are still relying on the ECU and resident to make corrections in accordance altitude, barometric reading and The PC111 will continue to or add a given percentage of fuel in with the map that was created.

is where an after market like the C-5 comes into the for a Centauro. The original map was a combination of miscalculations (some have that Moto Guzzi had better maps in hand, but selected the less than map that they then with the Centauro). The C-5 labored by Will Creedon, made an out effort to correct errors in the map as as other compensation algorithms.

the PC111 is so easily reprogrammed, it is to have individual maps for each potential condition, and the map you need on a given change in the variables. However, it makes sense to have a good EPROM, like a C-5, and a custom map made on the PC111. the good compensation algorithm the ECU meter out the fuel in accordance environmental changes and the PC111 add or subtract the appropriate amount of for the dynamics of your motorcycle breathing and burning particulars).

other people’s maps is as and predictable as using another It is an approximation of what might on your bike. It could be a approximation, or a bad approximation.

It was a perfect for one bike, with one EPROM, one setup at given point in

I believe that a DYNOJET is a the adjustments with a Laptop for a you don’t get all the sensing that is by the 150 DYNOJET or a 250i DYNOJET set up.

The back to Albany, NY from CT (126 miles) via rt84 WEST and the NEW YORK STATE heading NORTH the BEAST was so more Responsive and Smooth. The was so much more improved the other set up I had, right on the (and I thought it could get any better then). My GAS light come on at 100 miles, now it comes on at 126 and GAS BURNED was 2.9 Gals.

I was going 74 MPH 50% limit for no TICKETS of the and other 50% 80 to 115 MPH hit 120 MPH once saying to good thing I had a new rear and the NEW YORK TROPPERS were The 250i DYNOJET was something to I was VERY IMPRESSED. My NEW PC111usb has a level of Technology than

Every time I UPGRADE my it gets better and better but the put it out of this WORLD. I believe Dyno is an ABSOLUTLE MUST for any Tune up for not only FI but for CARB too. I think the DYNO is the HERO of this WHOLE

I HAVE to GIVE Special to KEN APPLEGATE aka MOTTS. TODD JOHN TAVOLACCI, JOHN CURTIS HARPER Will CREEDON, and ADAM at that started me down road of Research on the GREATEST IN THE WORLD the BEAST the CENTAURO. I this series 1, 2 3 part helps some one out there if you any questions please Email.

Or email me about your Thanks. TAKE CARE BE BE HAPPY…./ James R Palma # L-663, AMA # 538847, AOPA # TCA 75-8077. Email me for more or go to this address


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