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Guzzi Frame, seat, modifications

An ongoing job we have at is the lengthening of a Moto Guzzi for touring 2 up more comfortably.

Our has brought the frame, seat to me to chop about.

Initially I had with the customer his requirements and guy really knew what he was (a seasoned Guzzi fan), I had drawings and pictures. It is actually refreshing to have a customer has thought so in depth about his before even bringing the to me. I love customers like

Since our real forte is custom modifications to customers / bikes / vehicles or parts often a project starts as and ends up being either far work or ends up being different to what was wanted at the However, this is usually people have good and yet in manufacture / set up / mocking the job up things to change a little sometimes due to parts clashing, not lining up or unable to make something as thought or designed.

Nice to though that we always great delight in customers going away with they love. Our enjoyment is often seeing a customers when they collect a and we know they love we have done. I for one love to be to work through a project customers and lovemaking something out of the

Very often nowadays is is helped along by parts modeled or drawn up on a cad system whilst pulling the “look” or of something together – people to see what they are getting for money upfront if its possible at

Any way here are the first pictures of the Guzzi mods, I will this blog as we go along pictures and descriptions.

Seat chopped and extended 3″

Showing gap seat and tank to be filled up

I am not with the way the tank sits on the at present so I am going to have to a jiggle about

Once I am with the tank position, I to check swing of forks to they dont hit the tank on lock

The tank actually pretty parallel to the frame but I think I am going to have to the seam around the bottom of the to cover the frame more around the area shown I am also going to have to the tank back about to give sufficient clearance on the as they swing to full



Seat fitted onto frame and temporary

Now I can see what gap I have from the new position to the tank – approx to move the tank back to forks on full lock.

end tacked back on roughly further back (just to me an idea)

Tank back on with end spaced off and positioned to the general look

Looking above, again just as a idea we can see how the tank flows the seat.

You can see from the picture that I have dropped the in position tank end down to try and get the top of the to flow into the seat This totally messes up the of the tank in that the press in the tank sit approx 20mm on the end compared with the rest of the

Effectively the customer wants the end of the tank to “flow” nicely the frame rail so once I get the end in the position I will have to a “dummy” panel to make the flow with the bottom along the centre line of the top rail (if you understand ?). See the next to understand the flow of the tank

From the above picture you can see the lines in the side of the tank need chopping and altering or we the chopped off end of the tank to get the lines along the side view and chop and lift the top of the tank to the flow of the top of the tank.

All of the below show you the issues we will now we have extended the tank. The tank will need up and new material adding in to change the of the tank and ensure that the of the tank, position of mounting, seam position are all aligned and pleasing to the eye”. This be where the work starts!

step was to start slicing the to open out the taper to “flow” the front of the seat.

Slicing the is not for the faint hearted as once is undertaken, the plunge has been and there is no going back.

So you go – above, tank sliced and you can see that I have cut along the form lines in the tank. these out has the effect of smoothing the of material back to the re positioned end

Due to the nature of the tank I have that we also need to “scollop” in 2 new sections along the of the tank sides to get the material to and look right as it meets up to the flange (shown at the top, is upside down).

Moto Guzzi 940 Custom

You can see on this that I have tacked in a plate to ensure that the “top” “bottom” stay at the dimension, whilst manipulating the to fit.

As you can see above I have small tabs to keep the sections apart evenly, as now I to start removing the longitudinal plates off  a couple at a time to the infill process.

Above, 1st panel shaped and tacked in

Once the top infill panel had tacked in I can now work opposite and fitting some infill to the underside.

Whilst tacking panels into the extended it is critical to keep checking the of the gap to ensure that the shrinkage of the does not shrink the panels in too and create distortion or twist.

A “fit up” is essential to keep the even and aid the welding process.

Now you can see the side infill panels meet up with the top infill roughly on the centre of the sliced lines in the tank. The idea that the new infill for the longitudinal have a pressed line in it up with the joint position of the new top and infill metal. You cant see in the below but I have put a slight on the ends of the top and side infill along the joint so that I end up with a sharp pointed line as this needs to be a radius to match up with the re end panel and new press line in the infill panel.

And both side infills


Above – All joints up ready for purging the tank argon to stop atmospheric on the back of the welds on the inside of the Each seam was completed one at a and tape removed as I moved the joints to spread the heat to I never allowed a build up of in one area, which will shrinkage and distortion.

Below, to show that I have to complete all welded joints an existing press line in the therefore reducing chance of the joints shrinking and “sinking” if I and joined the tank on a flat / slightly shaped there be more chance of distortion / where contraction has taken along joint as it has cooled.

Common rule in engineering of metals expand upon but, nearly always more upon cooling”. this rule of thumb a engineer will be able to a flat bar of solid metal a flange, by strategic pin point using an oxy-fuel gas torch.

of the welding does not look as quite a lot has been welded the “pull” mig welding method, or welding method, and in some what we term “backstep” All of these methods are used in differing joints due to gap, of metal, joint set up and various anomalies.

Above a view on the of the tank

You can see above where I seam welded the small lip the edges join around the end

Moto Guzzi 940 Custom


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