Moto Guzzi Griso Review

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Moto Guzzi 1000 Daytona Injection

Moto Guzzi Griso

Parked against the faded, backdrop of the 12th Century, Cathedral, the blood red Moto Griso basked in the radiant from the gently setting Fast walking Monks, dressed old men with olive and a young Italian Goddess in a skirt and stockings eating ice all extras for the Griso’s starring in the Italian drama playing out in the

As the sun slid deeper behind the buildings, the square filled golden light, laughter, and the sound of small scooters. in the distance a church bell the faithful to prayer. Kicked under a tree with a of cold water, I watched interest as lines of people up to admire and discuss the bike was taking round Sicily.

As a move that was started the Piaggio takeover, the Moto Griso is blessed with a that seems uniquely while also being modern. A Techno Cruiser, the 90-degree cylinders still out from beneath the sculptured gas in the way they have for nearly years. Framed out with styled covers that are for so much of the Griso’s look, the has an aggressive posture in repose.

muscular stance continues, as the low swoops upward to a narrowing perch atop a sleek tailpiece. This particular of modern art sports a similar grille to the covers over the boxes, and ties the Griso’s together perfectly.

There are defiantly some of Yamaha’s street fighter, the with the big single exhaust and the 50mm steel tubular rails that holds the are reminiscent of the Triumph Speed series. With a single swing arm, inverted sourced from Aprilia’s wide up right bars, and a 180-series rear tire, the contains elements of all these warriors, while maintaining its own identity as a lean, mean machine.

Unfortunately for me, the basically V 11 power plant failed to the knock out punch I was expecting the time I dropped the hammer. such Italian machismo the Griso’s every pore, I was for a little more than the 88 horsepower that is delivered at rpm. The maximum torque is a 65.6 foot-pounds at 6400 and this is a tad stronger than the 1100, thanks to longer runners, a larger air box, and a restrictive exhaust.

The gearing is lower, with a primary of 26/36 compared to the Breva’s giving it brisker acceleration. It doesn’t snarl.

The power is seamless from the moment the spins up passed idle with each cylinder’s throttle body receiving amounts of benzina and Sicilian air to the Weber-Marelli electronic injection. along the elevated autostrada, the a pastel blue smudge on the horizon, it was time to close the department and sit back to enjoy the Fifty miles later, over to admire another I was hooked, and any lack of power about as I became at one with the

Firing the big 1064cc twin to after a quick photo I realized you could never the intake noise, and the way the bike side to side, with any make of motorcycle. After all years, the experience is still unique, and still pure Guzzi.

Tracing its bloodline to the battlefields of WW1, when Guzzi and Giorgio Ripamonti made their decision to a motorcycle company, the big Griso proudly wears the famous on the xx gallon gas tank. Used 1921, it is to honor the memory of the two fellow aviator, Giovanni who was going to be the young companies rider and racer.

Taking the horsepower to the fat rear tire is a new shifting six-speed gearbox. I raved about it before, compared to Guzzi’s from the days, and it allows smooth less up-shifts, with no or banging to be found. With the legged V-twin engine a relatively heavy flywheel, attention needs to be paid to proper coordination between right hand and left to achieve perfection.

But when you do, each gear just adds to the overall riding pleasure the Griso

The press literature is claiming a reduction in weight for the new gearbox, with a new aluminum swing arm a few pounds, the Griso is said to tip the at 473 pounds. The shaft system is Compact Reactive Drive (CARC). Basically, it is Moto version of BMW’s Paralever, a proprietary, full-floating crown-and-pinion that eliminates shaft under hard acceleration and

It also is offset enough to the wide 180 series tire.

duties in the rear are taken of by a single gas charged shock with a progressive linkage. quality is firm, without harsh, and with the majority of my being on smooth roads I went looking for the adjusters. At the end of the Griso, the Touno sourced 43 mm-inverted fork is also adjustable, and provides a complimentary

The forks are set at a conservative 26-degree angle, and, with the wheelbase, combine to give the rock solid handling at This does come at the of some low speed maneuverability, but the low seat height and wide it is not a serious problem. Twisting and around the tight, historic of Sicily on slippery cobblestones was this was most noticeable, but we do much of this type of Stateside so it is not a big concern.

Another area of minor arrives with discussion of the The four piston Brembo look a little long in the and lack some bite stopping the Griso in a hurry. the four days I rode, the did bed in a touch, which brought improvement, but a softer compound be an immediate addition if I were the bike home. The discs are floating 320mm items, and provide enough surface for pads to do a good job.

The brake is by Brembo also, and a smaller 282mm disc. has great feel before the locks up, and is a big help for fast Its sensitivity was also a huge when navigating the tight of ancient streets as we explored the Sicilian cities.

Some of the descents were plain and with the front brake a decent amount of lever for light braking, and with no of unintentionally locking the rear I have any mishaps. Testing the on the open roads in Sicily gave numerous opportunities to the system at speed, as the way the locals could generously be described as

Putting in a couple of long in the saddle, I found the seating suitably comfortable, and the saddle without being too hard. The pegs are sporty, and, they keep our feet up and somewhat, they don_t put a amount of stress on your The aforementioned wide bars easily to hand, and keep spine nice and straight.

With out a fairing things get at prolonged high speed, but a full-face helmet it is not uncomfortable. is all Aprilia sourced, and efficient, the speedometer/tachometer display housed in a compact chrome unit. A analogue needle and numbers you informed of engine speed, road speed is displayed on a readout.

The attractive chrome are solid, and give a good of the insanity that is usually behind on the Italian roads.

A of much conversation, or should I say a lot of arm and nodding thanks to the language was the protruding oil cooler that low and to the right of the engine. While I am not too if it would take a hit during a tip over on the right, it sure as cool and only adds to unique personality.

Away the towns and cities, the Sicilian twisted and wound their way the base of Mount Etna, and at I just had to twist the throttle to go straighten them out. into sport mode solid, predictable, if not lightening steering and direction changes, I frequently be found waiting for my riders with a huge emitting the trusty white During these times the was in its element, as I used the big flywheel to up the side of mountains, with the footed handling and solid making the descents safe and

Coming to America priced at the Moto Guzzi Griso is set to yet another unique way to enjoy Italian experience on two wheels. hip and stylish in a fashion only the seem to know how to achieve, the is going to turn heads and a lot of conversation. Now, if we could figure a way of slipping an MGS 01 motor in or have Uncle Eraldo at Fast by Ferracci breath life into the existing we could add some serious to this fascinating beauty.

Moto Guzzi 1000 Daytona Injection
Moto Guzzi 1000 Daytona Injection
Moto Guzzi 1000 Daytona Injection
Moto Guzzi 1000 Daytona Injection


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