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Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport

Summary of Contents

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2: Safety Warnings, Technical Warnings — Precautions General Advice

On behalf of: Guzzi S.p.A. via E. V. Parodi, 57 Mandello del Lario (LECCO) Italy Tel. +39 — 70 91 11 Fax +39 — 0341 70 92 20 use and Norge 1200.

Page 3

4: Table Of Contents


Page 6: Basic Rules

— do not ride number plate, etc.). if you are ill, upset, tired or Begin to familiarise yourself the vehicle by riding in low traffic and/or private ground. use and Norge 1200.

Page 7


If in doubt, have the vehicle at a Moto Guzzi Authorised and ask t h e m t o c a r e f u l l y c h e c k t h e f r a m e.

Page 10: Accessories, Load

Guzzi recommends that you use angle in a bend. genuine Guzzi accessories. Avoid accessories that may hamper.


Do not secure bulky bags to the Do not carry pets or children on the sides, as they could hit or obstacles glove compartment or on the rack. when riding, in loss of control. use and maintenance 1200.

Page 12: Position Of Key — Key

5) Fuel tank 12) phonic wheel 19) Side 6) Left side body 13) Left passenger footpeg 20) oil dipstick 7) ABS fuse carrier 14) lock 21) Fairing lug (if fitted) use and Norge 1200.

Page 13

18) side panel (if fitted) 5) side body panel 12) brake lever 19) Side (if fitted) 6) Rear brake reservoir 13) Right rider 7) Air filter 14) Cardan shaft use and Norge 1200.

Page 14: Of Instruments/controls

11) Turn indicator (6) 4) Front brake lever 12) switch 5) Throttle grip 13) disabling switch 6) Hazard ( ) 7) Engine run/kill switch ( — ) 8) Dimmer switch ( use and Norge 1200.

Page 15: And Indicators

4) Green neutral ( indicator) 5) Amber stand light ( 9) Speedometer 6) Blue beam warning light ( 10) Rev 7) Amber low fuel warning ( 11) Fuel level indicator use and Norge 1200.

Page 16: And Indicators Table

Besides the coming on, after 2 Km, the multifunction LCD shows the distance covered the fuel reserve started used. When the light on, refuel as soon as possible, see 34 (FUEL). Continued use and maintenance 1200.

Page 17

Heated switch (if fitted) With running, press for several to activate handgrips heating. briefly to adjust heating. again for several seconds to heating off.

See page 28 ON THE DASH PANEL). use and maintenance 1200.

Page 18: Multifunction Lcd

(1) to position UP Turn the key to , the display show or DOWN. the starting with Moto Guzzi To all the trip values for the selected for 2 seconds. TRIP The display carry out a starting check.


#x221A; VIEW TIMES DELETE TIMES; Options can be in a sequence by briefly pressing the (1). To exit this confirm the EXIT option by the selector (1) for several seconds. use and Norge 1200.

Page 20

To scroll the pages: press the selector (1). To go to LAP TIMER: Press the selector (1) for seconds. use and maintenance Norge

Page 21

(1). #x221A; LED threshold value currently #x221A; CHANGE THE CODE can be selected in a sequence by briefly the selector (1). use and maintenance 1200.

Page 22

Allows the to change his personal To store the set and go back to (1). code. the procedure the user is SETTINGS prompted to enter the old code. the selector (1) for several seconds. use and Norge 1200.

Page 23

ENGLISH #x221A; FRANCAIS DEUTSCH #x221A; ESPAGNOL The can be selected by briefly pressing (1). To store the set unit and go to LANGUAGE function: press the (1) for several seconds. use and maintenance 1200.

Page 24

— u p. t h e High priority: ODOMETER can be this way as Oil pressure, Errors control unit, well. from instrument panel. use and Norge 1200.

Page 25: Of Accessories (if Any)

LOCATION OF — KEY 1) lower fairing lug 2) Tom Tom navigation system 3) heated 4) side body panel 5) side body panel 6) socket 7) side panniers kit 8) top use and maintenance Norge 1200.

26: Accessories (if Any)

Please see the user’s manual 5) REAR BODY PANEL for instructions on the use of the Tom To the rear side body Tom navigation system. see page 47 THE REAR LEFT SIDE PANEL). use and maintenance Norge

Page 27: Main Independent

53 (STARTING) for the starting turning procedure. Push in to cancel the after Set it to position to stop the turning. WARNING Do not set the switch to riding. use and maintenance Norge

Page 28: Controls On The Dash

After about three the light on the instrument panel start blinking. Immediately push-button (1). Now the ABS light on the will carry on blinking meaning that the ABS is completely use and maintenance Norge 1200.

29: Ignition Switch, Steering

G u z z i A u t h o r i s e d D e a l e r f o r t h i s NOTE If necessary, turn on the procedure. lights, see page 30 LIGHTS). Remove the key. use and Norge 1200.

Page 30: Lights

If this is not possible, the lights are useful whenever it is to park in a dark or poorly lit and in any case to make the vehicle visible. use and maintenance Norge

Page 31: Auxiliary Equipment, The Seat, Glove/tool Kit Compartments

T o g a i n a c c e s s t o t h e t o o l k i t (2), make sure you have not left (2) is properly compartment: the key in the glove/tool kit compartments. the cover (3). Remove the bag (4) its seat. use and maintenance Norge

Page 32: Luggage Anchor

(10). Maximum allowed 5 kg. WARNING Carry small only and make sure it is securely. use and maintenance Norge

Page 33: Windscreen Adjustment

adjust the windscreen position as #x221A; support the windscreen working on either side, the two knobs (1). #x221A; set windscreen position. #x221A; the windscreen and, working on side, tighten the two knobs use and maintenance Norge 1200.

Page 34: Main Components,

Close the flap (1). using a hose. Refuel. D O N O T R E L E A S E F U E L I N T H E KEEP AWAY FROM use and maintenance Norge 1200.

35: Brake Fluid —

Authorised Dealer in case you any not to spill it on plastic or painted doubts on the operation of the braking or will damage. system and in you are not able to carry out the normal use and maintenance Norge 1200.

36: Disc Brakes

Have fluid changed every two wear down. Have the fluid changed every years by a Moto Guzzi The front brake reservoir is on the km (12500 mi) or every two years by a

Page 37: Front Brake

Do not add any or other If the pads and/or the do not need products to the fluid. top up fluid level. If you use a funnel or tools, make sure they are perfectly clean. use and Norge 1200.

Page 38: Brake, Topping Up

Avoid exposure of brake fluid to Brake fluid is hygroscopic and absorb moisture from the Keep the brake fluid open JUST LONG to top up level.

Unscrew and remove the (2). use and maintenance Norge

Page 39

I f t h e l i g h t s s t a y s o n p e r m a n e n t. a can feel a vibration in the lever. malfunction was detected and ABS is In this case it is advisable to a Moto Guzzi Authorised use and maintenance Norge 1200.


(2), see page 28 (CONTROLS ON THE PANEL). WARNING With the ABS brake pad quality is important; do not use friction materials or braking would be impaired and the vehicle not be safe. use and maintenance Norge

Page 41: Clutch Fluid Recommendations

42 (CLUTCH), have it handling clutch fluid, care hardness in the clutch are warning changed every two by a Moto Guzzi not to spill it plastic or paint- signs of with the hydraulic Authorised

Page 42: Clutch

Every km (6250 mi) have the clutch by a Moto Guzzi Authorised CHECK CAUTION Place the on the stand, see page Danger: fluid could leak

Page 43: Tyres

Conversely, will put more NOTE As a to obtain #x2248;MAX#x2206; a Moto Authorised Dealer, as the stress on the (1) and the tyre level, top up until completely covers system may bleeding.

Page 44

For more on how used. to check the tyres for contact your Dealer. inspect the tyres for wear and them changed if worn. use and Norge 1200.

Page 45: Oil, The Clutch Lever, The Front Brake Lever And

OIL should it be incorrect, and page 68 ENGINE OIL immediately stop the and contact a Moto Guzzi dealer. AND OIL FILTER). NOTE Use quality oil, see page 99 CHART). use and maintenance Norge

Page 46: Catalytic Silencer, Muffler/exhaust Silencer

This provides for the oxidation of the CO (carbon and of the HC (unburned hydrocarbons) contained in the gases, changing them carbon dioxide and steam, use and maintenance Norge 1200.

Page 47: Outer Structures, The Rear Left Side Panel, Removing The Right Body Panel

Working on the side, loosen and Loosen and the screw (4) and remove the screw to screw (7). collect bushing. Remove the lug. the rear left side panel. use and maintenance Norge

Page 48: Removing The Left Body Panel, Lifting The Panel

(14). Loosen and the screw (11) and collect bushing, two rubber CAUTION and washer. Proceed carefully to damaging Remove the left body panel. the top retainer use and maintenance Norge 1200.

49: Instructions For Use, Getting On And Off The

Always get on and off the vehicle from the may fall or overturn. passenger is or dismounting. left side and the side stand down. use and Norge 1200.

Page 50

OFF THE VEHICLE Make sure the vehicle is stable. the rear of the can represent an Select appropriate obstacle while getting on and parking, see page 59 (PARKING). vehicle, page (STOPPING). use and Norge 1200.

Page 51: Checks

CHART). during normal operation, it Do not hesitate to your Moto Guzzi m e a n s t h a t t h e c o n t r o l u n i t h a s Dealer if you need clarifications a failure.

Page 52: Pre-ride Chart

89, 90 rear brake switches and electrical devices fluid Check. If level topping up, contact a Moto Authorised Dealer. Phonic Ensure that the phonic are perfectly clean 39 (ABS) use and Norge 1200.

Page 53:

#x221A; the parking lights on; #x221A; all warning lights on the panel come on; #x221A; the LCD show Moto Guzzi for 2 seconds; Do not start the engine in an #x221A; the speed indicator and gauge STARTING space or ventilated area.

Page 54

In cases, the the control unit manage the starting engine keep running, although on its own. giving less Immediately contact a Moto Authorised #x221A; The low beam on. Dealer. use and maintenance Norge

Page 55: Moving Off And Riding

If the low warning light (1) on the instrument comes on when riding, it that there are 4 litres of left in the tank. use and maintenance 1200.

Page 56

In this immediately stop the engine and a Moto Guzzi Authorised Change to a lower gear When riding downhill or braking, use engine braking to braking effect.

Page 57

In cases, the engine will running, although giving performance. Immediately contact a Guzzi Authorised Dealer. use and Norge 1200.

Page 58:

Watch out for obstacles or sudden the first 1000 km (625 have a ensuring proper and durability. Moto Guzzi dealer carry out changes in the surface. Twisty, hilly are ideal for an effective the Post checks specified in running-in of suspension and brakes.

Page 59: Parking

Do not apply the load of weight or (4). of the passenger#x2019;s onto the side If you need to only briefly, keep at least one brake applied. Make sure that the is stable. use and maintenance Norge

Page 60: Putting The Vehicle On The

59 (PARKING). For your safety, the stand down Grasp the grip (1) and place your is indicated to avoid vehicle hand on the rear upper of the tipping over. vehicle use and maintenance Norge 1200.

Page 61

Proceed with The positioning of the vehicle on the centre may be difficult, since the vehicle is heavy. Release the handgrip (1) and (4) only when the vehicle is on the stand. use and maintenance Norge

Page 62: Suggestions To Prevent Maintenance

Ask your Moto Authorised Dealer to When use an additional antitheft components.

63: Scheduled Maintenance Chart

MAINTENANCE CHART OPERATIONS TO BE OUT BY THE Authorised Dealer Moto (CAN ALSO BE CARRIED OUT BY THE Component End of running-in Every km Every 20000 km [1000 km mi)] (6250 mi) or 12 months.


OPERATIONS TO BE CARRIED OUT BY THE Moto Authorised Dealer. Component End of Every 10000 km Every km [1000 km (625 mi)] mi) or 12 months (12500 mi) or 24 months fluid Idle mixture

Page 65

Halve maintenance if you are riding in rainy or dusty on rough road surfaces or the vehicle is used for racing. (*) = If is used for racing, check 5000 km (3125 mi). use and Norge 1200.

Page 66: Data, Joints With Clamps

, engine numbers in the provided in left side to the oil level plug/dipstick. available on from Moto Guzzi manual. Authorised Dealers.

67: Checking And Topping Up Engine Oil

CAUTION level drop the MIN mark, as this The engine oil must be checked may lead to engine damage. with a engine and with the oil level (1) not tightened. use and maintenance Norge

Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport

Page 68: Changing Engine Oil And Oil

Do not add any additives or other best to experienced mechanics. products to the If necessary, contact your Guzzi If you use a funnel or other make Authorised Dealer. that they are perfectly

Page 69: Front Wheel

Disassembling and reassembling the front may prove difficult; these are best left to experienced If necessary, contact a Moto Authorised Dealer. WARNING with damaged rims may be oil filter (3) and remove it.

Page 70: Wheel, Front Brake

If necessary, contact a Moto Have someone keep the steady in a position as for riding, so Authorised Dealer. the steering is

Page 71: Checking The Cardan Oil Level, Checking Gearbox Level

On assembly, replace calliper retaining screws (1) new ones of To check, top up and change CHECKING THE CARDAN SHAFT the type. oil, contact a Guzzi Authorised OIL LEVEL Screw and tighten the two calliper Halve maintenance intervals if screws (1).

Page 72: Mirrors

Slide up and remove the rear- keep the reflecting clean, and view mirror ensure proper visibility. the procedure to remove the other if necessary. use and maintenance Norge

Page 73: Inspecting The Front And Suspensions, Front Suspension

Moto Guzzi Authorised NOTE Have the front oil changed by a Moto Guzzi Dealer, who will ensure accurate service.

NOTE maintenance intervals if you are riding in or dusty conditions, on rough surfaces or when the vehicle is in competitions.

Page 74: Rear

1 0 0 0 0 k m ( 6 2 5 0 m i ) a n d a d j u s t a s required. Standard rear absorber setting is made to most riding conditions at low and speed, for carrying the rider luggage. use and maintenance Norge

Page 75

Click from Click from completely from completely discharged preloaded (screw preloaded closed) standard 8 (std) 14 8.5 (std) medium load 8.5 maximum load 8.5 (std) std = factory calibration use and maintenance 1200.

Page 76: Checking The Pads For Wear

(2). To them replaced, contact The rate at which brake will wear Moto Authorised Dealer. depends on usage, riding style and surface condition. use and maintenance 1200.

Page 77: Adjusting The Control, Spark Plugs

the throttle control cables by a Moto Guzzi Authorised after the first 1000 km mi) and then every 10000 km mi). If not so.

Page 78

Always a spark plug which has a insulator, corroded electrodes, deposits or when the tip (8) of the central (5) is rounded from wear. use and Norge 1200.

Page 79: The Stand

The stand should smoothly. vibration. The springs (3) the stand in the NOTE Repeat the procedure for desired position or retracted). the spark plug of the cylinder. use and maintenance Norge

Page 80

The stand should smoothly: smear Push the gear shift lever (7) to the with grease, if necessary, see the first gear. page 99 CHART). Lower the side (1) to operate the safety switch use and maintenance Norge 1200.

81: Battery, Long Inactivity Of The Checking And Cleaning The Terminals

vehicle is fitted with a If you are the battery installed to maintenance-free which seldom the vehicle, the cables from the needs but may need charging terminals. time to time. use and maintenance 1200.

Page 82: Removing The

Carefully read page 81 Make sure that the switch is in position #x2248; Remove the rider seat, see 31 (UNLOCKING/LOCKING THE SEAT).

Loosen the two (1) and move aside the cover use and maintenance Norge 1200.

83: Checking Battery Fluid Charging The Battery

Allow minutes before refitting the Place the battery on a flat in a cool and dry place. use and maintenance 1200.

Page 84: Installing The Checking The Switches

(+) first and the negative info and lap times. To these cable (-). f u n c t i o n s. s e e p a g e LCD DISPLAY). use and maintenance Norge

Page 85: Changing The Fuses

could damage the electric or cause a short circuit, the risk of fire. NOTE If a blows repeatedly, there be a short circuit or an overload in the system. use and maintenance Norge

Page 86

ABS (10A). (MULTIFUNCTION LCD cause of the failure if possible. There are three spare (3, Replace the blown fuse a new one 15, 20 A). with equal current use and maintenance Norge 1200.

87: Beam Setting

Switch on the low sit astride the vehicle and make that the light spot on the is just below the horizontal of the headlight (about nine/tenths of height). use and maintenance Norge

Page 88: Bulbs

Check correct horizontal setting s u b s t a n c e s a w a y f r o m e l e c t r i c and the dash panel. components. use and Norge 1200.

Page 89: Changing The Headlight

(6). Connect connectors (5) and the DO NOT PULL ON THE WIRES. rubber (4). NOTE Before a bulb, check Install the panel. the fuses, see page 85 THE FUSES). use and maintenance Norge

Page 90: Changing The Front And Turn Indicator Bulbs

and remove the screw (9). rating. Reinstall the lamp (7) in its seat. CAUTION While the lens, proceed carefully in not to break the locating peg.

the lens (10). use and maintenance 1200.

Page 91: Changing The Light Bulb, Replacing The Plate Bulb

BULB the bulb slightly and rotate it this operation is quite have anticlockwise. it performed by a Guzzi Authorised Extract the from its seat. Dealer. Insert the bulb into the holder, so that the two pins into the slots in the holder.

92: Transport, Draining The Fuel

During transport, the vehicle be firmly secured in an upright to avoid fuel, oil and coolant If stranded, do not have the vehicle — contact a roadside firm instead. use and maintenance 1200.

Page 93: Cleaning

and fairings. Avoid parking the under trees. Before the vehicle Resins, fruits or falling from the trees may chemical substances that may the paintwork. use and maintenance Norge

Page 94: Long Periods Of

40#xB0;C to clean the plastic to damage. components of the vehicle. Do not necessary repairs or you may forget when you take the vehicle out of a general check up is also use and maintenance Norge 1200.


NOTE Place the vehicle on Test ride the vehicle at speed supports to keep wheels off the in an area away traffic. ground. Cover the avoiding plastic or waterproof use and maintenance Norge 1200.

96: Technical Data

3600 cc fluid 500 cc Transmission fluid 380 cc fluid 400 #xD8; 2.5 cu cm (per Seats Max vehicle load 230 kg + passenger + luggage) use and maintenance 1200.

Page 97

5.5 x 17#x2206; METZELER Roadtec Z6 — Pilot Road — D220 ST TYRES Sportmax Size: 120/70 — ZR Inflating pressure: 2.5 atm (250 Inflating pressure with 2.5 atm (250 kPa) use and maintenance 1200.

Page 98

12 V #x2013; 10 W Stop/rear parking lights panel lighting Number light 12 V #x2013; 5 W Turn WARNING LIGHTS Alarm Side stand down beam Fuel reserve Gear shift indicator use and Norge 1200.

Page 99: Chart

BRAKE 5.1 DOT 4 (the system is also compatible DOT 5). As an alternative to the recommended product, top brake fluid meeting or SAE J1703, NHTSA 116 DOT 4, ISO 4925 for synthetic brake fluid can be use and maintenance Norge 1200.

Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport
Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport
Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport
Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport
Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport


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