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Moto Guzzi V 1000 I-Convert

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November 29, 1983

for a motorcycle

Primary Examiner: Jr.; Joseph F.

Assistant Rice; Kenneth R.

Attorney, or Firm: Craig Burns


1. A kickstand device for a motorcycle a kickstand and means for articulating kickstand to a frame of the motorcycle so the kickstand is swivelable against the of at least one spring from a travel position through a center point of the springs a swung-out parking position the free end of the kickstand, in the parking being displaceable upward to the motorcycle against the force of the over a limited angle characterized in that the kickstand is in with the ground in the lower position of the angle range the motorcycle is in a vertical position.

2. A device according to claim 1, said kickstand is formed at an end with a fork having two legs which are articulated to a part mounted to the frame of the said means for articulation a hinge pin which is inserted in a bore in the fork, and wherein the legs of said fork are at a distance from the corresponding surfaces of the receiving part.

3. A device according to claim 2, the hinge pin supports a spherical mounted with zero in its axial direction between the two of the fork, said spherical being received by a spherical surface of the receiving part.

4. A device according to claim 3, the receiving part projects the two legs of the fork and in the parking of the kickstand abuts the two fork under the load imposed on the by the motorcycle.

5. A kickstand device to claim 2, 3, or 4, wherein said include two springs associated the kickstand which are disposed on the of the kickstand which faces the center plane of the motorcycle, the fork leg facing the springs is at an acute angle on the inside of its free end segment beginning at the of the receiving bore for the hinge and wherein the free end segment of the part is beveled at the same beginning at the center of the spherical surface on its abutting surface faces away from the fork leg. Description

The invention relates to a kickstand for a motorcycle device is disclosed. The includes a kickstand to the frame a kickstand and means for articulating the of the motorcycle so that the kickstand is against the action of at least one from a swung-in travel through a … center of the springs into a swung-out position with the free end of the in the parking position, being upward relative to the motorcycle the force of the springs under the of the load imposed by the motorcycle.

The V I-CONVERT motorcycle built by GUZZI is equipped with a device of this type. In motorcycle, the end segment of the kickstand at the is designed as a bent bearing received by a rubber sleeve. The sleeve is surrounded by a mounting attached to the motorcycle frame.

the kickstand abuts the ground in the position, the lengthwise center of the motorcycle is swiveled slightly under the influence of its weight, the scope of the elasticity of the rubber In this position, the kickstand is immobilized by two locking pins outward from the motorcycle the locking pins cooperating a projection extending radially the bearing pin of the kickstand.

When the is raised to the travel position, on the hand, the free end segment of the is displaced toward the motorcycle by the force of the extension spring as as the resilient effect of the rubber pretensioned in the parking position, eliminating the immobilization of the kickstand, free end is above the ground at time. Finally, the kickstand be swung into the travel by muscular force.

In order to the rider from forgetting to do since riding with the extended could result in a situation, the motorcycle is equipped a device which prevents the from starting with the swung out. However, device is relatively complex in and is therefore expensive to manufacture.

The kickstand device disclosed in AS 24 53 870 is provided at its free end segment an auxiliary element of a different which extends beyond the end of the kickstand in the travel position but is out laterally in the parking position the influence of the weight of the motorcycle. the rider forgets to swing in the when starting the motorcycle, device is intended to cause the element to rub along the ground and to in the kickstand as a result of the frictional which occurs.

However, the of the different auxiliary elements a relatively high construction thus making this expensive to produce. Furthermore, the element made of a rubber can become brittle and thus after being used for a time, as a result of the aging of the However, the rubber block at tends to develop residual when the kickstand is left in the position for a long time, or can away after extensive thereby having a deleterious on its function.

Hence, the goal of the is to provide a kickstand device of the type with minimum and parts cost, such the kickstand swings in automatically the motorcycle starts if the rider to swing in the kickstand himself.

The of the invention is achieved by virtue of the that the kickstand is in contact the ground in the lower extreme of the range of angles when the is standing vertical. The design of the of angles for the kickstand according to the relative to the motorcycle frame the kickstand always to be pulled the motorcycle frame by spring so that when the motorcycle the frictional contact with the causes the kickstand to rub along the for a relatively short distance, swinging into the area of the … center position of the whence the kickstand is swung into the travel position by the of the pretensioned extension springs. The device according to the invention is simple and consequently economical the manufacturing standpoint, in addition to operationally safe.

The design of the invention provides for the kickstand in the form of a fork in its end at the articulation, and articulating it to a receiving by means of a hinge pin mounted in a bore in the fork, the receiving being fastened to the motorcycle and wherein the legs of the fork play relative to the corresponding surfaces of the receiving part. design makes the articulation of the kickstand spatially compressed and in design.

According to a disclosed embodiment of the invention, the hinge pin a spherical ring which is with zero play in the direction of said hinge between the two legs of the fork, the ring in turn being by an appropriately spherical bearing of the receiving part. This of the articulation means that the is mounted permanently and largely

As an additional feature of the disclosed of the invention, the receiving part between the legs of the fork and in the position of the kickstand abuts the two legs under the load on the kickstand by the motorcycle. In this the springs include two springs with the kickstand, which are on the side of the kickstand which the lengthwise center plane of the The fork leg facing the springs is at an acute angle on the inside of its free end segment, beginning at the of the hinge pin receiving bore, and the end segment of the receiving part is at the same angle, beginning at the of the spherical bearing surface on its surface, which faces from the beveled fork

In another form of the invention, the can be articulated in the receiving part by of a compensating roller bearing, of a spherical ring, mounted on the pin. As a further variation of the the kickstand can be mounted on the hinge pin radial plate.

The drawing shows one embodiment of the

FIG. 1 is a partial view of a standing vertical, with a in the parking position;

FIG. 2 the motorcycle tilted to the side, in a in which it is supported on the kickstand;

3 is a view of the kickstand in the direction of X in FIG. 2.

Referring now to the drawings, it is that a receiving part 2 is to frame 1 of a motorcycle, shown in FIGS. 1 to 3, so that it projects in a diagonal plane. A kickstand 3 is to receiving part 2, the end segment of the at the articulation being in the form of a 4. The two legs 4′, 4 of fork 4 are with a receiving bore 5 runs at right angles to the of kickstand 3, in which bore a pin 6 is firmly fitted. Pin 6 rotatably a spherical ring 7, the ring fitted with zero in the axial direction of hinge pin 6 fork legs 4′, 4. ring 7 in turn is received by surface 8 provided in receiving 2, the surface being made to conform to the spherical surface of ring 7.

Fork leg 4′, faces springs 10, is beveled at an of at the inside face of its end segment, beginning at the center of bore 5 of hinge pin 6. In addition, the end segment of receiving part 2, at the center of spherical bearing 8, is likewise beveled at an angle of on its abutting surface to 2 facing from beveled fork leg As is evident from FIG.

3, a pin 9, to whose free end a retaining 13 is swivelably mounted, is provided on part 2 above the articulation of 3 and projects outward at right therefrom (looking in the direction of F), displaced by a distance a relative to the of receiving bore 5 toward the edge of receiving part 2. The 13 is equipped with two eyes to which two parallel springs 10, as extension springs, are fastened, the having their opposite attached with pretension to two pins 11 fastened to the shaft of 3 and projecting therefrom at right The provision of two parallel-acting springs 10 temporarily ensures the swivelability of 3 if one of the two springs 10 should break.

Kickstand 3 is swiveled from the position A indicated by the dot-dashed to the parking position B by muscular for which purpose pin 12 is provided. The that the bearing pin 9 of retaining 13 which receives springs 10 on part 2 is provided at a distance a the center of receiving bore 5 that when kickstand 3 is out (from travel position A to position B), the kickstand is held in position B by spring force it exceeds the … center of springs 10, whereby springs 10 are in an position, while fork 4 of 3 cooperates with receiving 2 in the manner of a stop. Springs 10 their effectiveness so tuned to one that when kickstand 3 is from parking position B to position A, spring 10, which moves from the above-…-center to the below-…-center position, as kickstand 3 swings its adjacent spring 10 the area of the below- …-center

As FIG. 1 shows, with the standing vertical, kickstand 3, out into parking position B, is toward the lengthwise center of the motorcycle as a result of the force of springs 10 within the bevel by the free end segment of fork leg and the bevel on receiving part 2, the lengthwise extension of kickstand 3 is set so its free end is in contact with the

This design for the angular of kickstand 3 according to the invention that if the rider forgets to the kickstand inward to travel A, when the motorcycle starts the will drag for a relatively distance over the ground as a of the frictional contact existing the ground. This causes 3 to swing rearward, slightly the … center position of 10, and then into the area of the position, whereby the kickstand is into its travel position A by the of pretensioned springs 10 which act upon it.

As is shown in FIG. 1, when 3 is in parking position B an air gap b in the form of an angle exists between the surface 2′ of receiving 2 and the facing bevel of fork leg This arrangement ensures when the motorcycle is standing the free end of kickstand 3 is always against the ground by the force of 10.

When the motorcycle is tilted the vertical position (travel shown in FIG. 1 to support it by resting it on kickstand 3 (FIG. 2), part 2 swivels about ring 7 until abutting 2′ of the free end segment of part 2 abuts fork leg and abutting surface 2 abuts leg 4, while kickstand 3 is simultaneously slightly from the lengthwise plane of the motorcycle against the of springs 10.

Instead of spherical 7, kickstand 3 can also be articulated in part 2 by means of a compensating bearing mounted on hinge pin 6. It is possible for kickstand 3 to be mounted on pin 6 with radial play, fork legs 4′ and 4 are at a distance from the corresponding surfaces 2′, 2 of receiving 2.

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