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Royal Enfield Bullet 500 Classic AVL

Re: Royal Enfield trials 500

पण, I’ve had both, an ’04 Bullet and an ’07 Thruxton. I ended up with the Triumph, so I can absolutely say; It depends.

The Triumph (I assume you’d be looking at the Scrambler model);

This is a fully modern motorcycle, built like the Forth bridge. It’s as reliable as a ballpeen hammer, and will do the Ton without breathing hard. I’ve had NO mechanical failures in 14,000 मैल. It handles as a Triumph should, stops like you ran into a huge invisible marshmallow.

They don’t leak oil any more, and parts don’t fall off.

The Bullet is frankly underpowered, wouldn’t do the ton if you threw it OFF the Forth bridge. It’s exasperating, maintenance intensive, a product of Pleistocene engineering. Ye Yron is Cheape, use ye plentye! The new ones are better, but I’ll warrant they still come with a full selection of mechanical Pixies.

It can drive you NUTS!

AND, it was the most fun I’ve had with my clothes on in years. I’ve never had a bike before that would induce people to do a U turn to come back and look at it. Harley people think it’s Kewell!

You can’t stop for a pee and a smoke without retelling the story of The bike they forgot to stop making at least three times.

Ya pays yer money, and yer takes yer cherce!

I ended up with the Triumph because I like going fast, आणि, where I live, the interstate is unavoidable. You need to be able to hold 80. I still miss Hanuman, तरी.


PS: Unless you live next door to a dealer, you WILL have to learn some mechanical skills.

Get Pete’s Manual.

In royalenfield@yahoogroups.com. NIGEL wrote:

Hi, I have fallen for a Royal Enfield Trial bike! So much so that i have just started my bike test training, the bike in question is going to be the new model, and probably will be new as the dealer says as he didn’t start to sell them till last October, he is unlikely to see any secondhand models. I know a bit about there history ect and don’t mind if they are not fast.

But i have never ridden before and won’t be ridding it off road particularly, i just like the style and the noise it makes. Can any one advise me how good a bike it is for a first time rider and how the bike is generally, i have gone for a newer model as i havn’t got a lot of time for maintance and new you would like to think it would be fairly reliable. I am also looking at the Truimph Boniville, which is nice but doesn’t really have the same appeal again a new model.

I ‘m sure the Boniville is probably better as its designed from new ,but can’t help thinking i would prefer the Enfield. Don’t won’t to buy an Enfield and regret it later when a thousand or so would have bought me a Boniville. Any information would be helpful, other forums just seem to cater for larger or faster bikes.Thanks in advance!

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