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लाल अक्षरातील मथळा किंवा उतारा: Gilera | 8 जून 2015 | टिप्पण्या बंद वर Gilera Runner 180 FXR – स्कूटर समुदाय, Everything about Scooters
Gilera Runner 180 FXR – Scooter Community, Everything about Scooters…

Gilera Runner 180 FXR 18,500 मैल. Needed some more two stroke oil so I rode down to Fritz Speed (the two stroke wizard) at Brookvale. Got the oil and started the chat and I got him to look at the Bitubo rear shock. Even though Id tightened up the spring Fritzy reckoned that it still wasn’t far enough so we cranked it up another few cm. Just as I was leaving he was listening to the idle and said hang on and proceded to fiddle around the carbie with his screw driver for a few seconds then told me to take it for a run around the block. I don’t quite know what he did but suddenly the scooter got its powerband right across the throttle range and took off like a scalded cat. Unbelievable! ...

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