KTM 450 Rally Replica muaj txiav – Maus taus teb chaws USA

20 Jun 2015 | Author: | Lus tawm rau KTM 450 Rally Replica muaj txiav – Maus taus teb chaws USA

KTM 450 Rally Replica muaj txiav

Lub KTM 450 Rally Replica tsis ntev yuav muaj pej xeem, tab sis, yog nws paub tsis meej tias nws yuav muab tau los hauv Teb Chaws Asmeskas.

KTM notched nws 13th sib law liag Dakar Rally yeej nyob hauv 2014, Marc Coma xov yuav luag ob teev ntej nws sib txeeb ze nrog rau. Spaniard cov riam phom tau muaj version kho tshiab ntawm KTM lub 450 Rally tsheb tuam, ib version uas cov hom txiv kab ntxwv muaj tshaj tawm tsis ntev yuav muaj pej xeem.

Lub KTM 450 Rally Replica nta ib kablus redesigned thiab ergonomics kho tshiab, tshiab rear ncua kev kawm ntawv thiab cov haiv neeg-proven, 450cc txhaj roj cav. Rau cov plaub ntug rally cov Replica tuaj cuag ib pem hauv ntej thiab rear roj-twj tso kua mis thiab ntau yam tso tsheb hlau luam thiab mus cuag tau ntau yam.

Nqi mus, raws li qhia ntawm lub tso hauv qab, yog EUR 24,000, as of tus sau ntawv ntawm no tshooj uas converts mus ncig $32,988. Yog paub tsis meej seb Replica uas muaj Rally lub yuav muaj nyob rau hauv cov neeg lag luam. – MotoUSA Byron Wilson

The new model of the KTM 450 Rally tshuab hauv Hoobkas livery ua nws debut lub kaum hli ntuj hauv lub Morocco rally ua ib thawj thiab kev ntsuam xyuas nyob rau hauv haiv neeg mob. Lub tshuab heev ces yuav muaj noj rau kev kuaj qhov kawg ntawm lub Dakar, thiab lub tsheb tuam mus ua hauj lwm flawlessly thoob plaws hauv lub 9,000km haiv neeg nrog Marc Coma on-board los mus KTM 13th sib law liag yeej.

Raws li tus qauv ntawm lub rally tshuab tas los yog ua lub tsev rau cov 690cc era, this new machine was designed from the ground up to be suited to today’s Dakar terrain and the smaller capacity 450cc engine. With its vast amount of experience, KTM’s Motorsport department built the new bike with KISKA’s expertise in design from clay model to completed design, along with KTM’s RD department and KTM Technologies.

The bike features an all-new frame incorporating an ergonomic design, a slim body shape with a better seating position, completely re-worked rear suspension and a new overhead single cam 450cc fuel-injection engine. The bike also boasts a front and rear fuel-pump system with multiple tanks, which allows the rider to pick a fuel source to utilise the weight depending on the terrain, a carbon tower at the front of the bike that gives the rider better visibility of the front wheel and thus instilling extra confidence with improved vision along with many other refinements throughout the machine’s design to create the ultimate rally race bike.


It was expected that the competition would be stronger in the 2014 rally, and this has only deepened KTM’s motivation to continue its 13-year winning streak. The years of experience and knowledge in KTM’s rally department along with the RD team was only magnified with a 1-2 victory again this year, perhaps only more spectacular as second-placed Jordi Viladoms didn’t even ride the bike before reaching Argentina at the start of the race.

Coma and Viladoms recently visited the factory in Mattighofen and KISKA to thank everyone involved with the rally project for their hard work, which has been pivotal in the success of the factory riders.

KTM’s CEO Stefan Pierer about the all-new 450 Rally Replica: “The success this year in the Dakar rally has highlighted the experience and hard work of our KTM people, who worked closely with KISKA’s team on the new rally bike project, combined with feedback from all of our factory riders and heavy input from Marc Coma. We now want to pass on the experience of such a successful time in this year’s Dakar to any rider who wishes to own this fantastic bike, and especially to those who are committed to making their rally dreams come true or realize their Dakar ambition. The racing service we offer for privateers is as fundamentally strong as the service we give to our factory riders and we are very proud of helping many riders achieve their goals in the rally.

For those seeking the next level in rally competition the 2014 KTM Rally Replica bike is available to purchase for EUR 24,000 (Plus VAT) and can be ordered through your local KTM dealer. A service and support package is available at the Dakar Rally at an additional cost for all models of KTM rally bike. Please ask your local dealer for more information.

Please note the machine and service packages are both limited.


Nthuav cov khoom

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