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MZ Silver Star Classic 500
MZ Silver Star Classic 500

Motohistory Quiz #38:

We a winner!

( 4/26/2007 )

Motohistory #38 ended quickly with a by Bruce Williams of Cortland. We circulated our update notification at p.m.

EDT. and Williams with the correct answer at Not only did he identify the engine as that of the German-built Windhoff, but he a lot of correct technical information this remarkable motorcycle as

Windhoff manufactured radiators getting into motorcycle which it undertook from to 1933. Its first designs 125 and 175cc liquid-cooled two-strokes. The pictured in our quiz is the most of Windhoff’s novel designs, an four-cylinder, overhead cam, 750cc manufactured in 1927 and Not only was the engine technically for the era, but the motorcycle also had drive and no frame.

Front and wheel sub-assemblies bolted the engine which served as the structural unit. Subsequent to its four, Windhoff built a twin. Before motorcycle at the Berlin-based factory came to an end in Windhoff turned to a much conventional design, building 200 and Villiers-licensed two-strokes.

For a larger picture of the four-cylinder Windhoff, here. For pictures of Hans and other Windhoff models, here .

The photos for our Motohistory were provided by Paul through Antique Motorcycle of America President Peter Bruce Williams, our winner, here with his original has an extensive collection of mostly motorcycles. Congratulations, Bruce, Motohistory cap and Know-It-All Diploma are on way.

Anamosa revisited

It has been almost two years Motohistory visited the National Museum in Anamosa, Iowa News Views 8/29/2005). facility, operated by a non-profit was created by avid motorcycle and collector John Parham in to share his prized motorcycles and with the public. To read our story about the Museum and JP Cycles parts and accessory click here .

While the Motorcycle Museum ‘s square feet of exhibit has not grown, the number of motorcycles on has significantly increased in both and quality. For example, there are now Vincents and four Broughs, a Crocker, a 1906 Curtiss and a 1912 original-paint Henderson surely must be the most of this brand in the world side of Bill Henderson’s that resides at the Chicago of Science and Industry.

All told, are 223 motorcycles on display that from rare antiques to such as home-built steam and powered motorcycles. Among are several pedigreed machines as Steve McQueen’s Indian Von Dutch’s customized Triumph in its paint, Elmer Trett’s mph drag bike, and the sole Captain America chopper the movie “Easy Rider,” by previous owners Peter and Dan Haggerty. Also on display is first Harley, a decked-out 1953 FL pictured above he sold to raise capital to JP Cycles, then later back for his collection.

The motorcycles as a are so diverse and exciting, it is too easy to or take for granted the amazing collection that consumes every square inch of space and shelving. From to banners to posters to pins to to trophies to paintings to sculpture to engines to club uniforms to to news clippings to sales and materials to oddities, it is a collection of that likely surpasses any on display in North America.

is one of the reasons one simply cannot be with a single visit to the Motorcycle Museum. even if is a full day to enjoy its motorcycles and its artifacts. The sheer volume and of the presentation invites repeated and a motorcycle history buff is to find something new every

To learn more about the Motorcycle Museum. click To the visit the JP Cycles web site, here .

Motohistory Quiz #38

( )

Okay, kids, it is time for Motohistory Quiz.

Yes, is indeed a motorcycle engine. Be the to tell us the brand and nation of and you will win both a Motohistory cap and a Know-It-All Diploma.

Oh, by the way, the guy who us this photo said I disqualify Don Rosene and Evan Sorry, fellows, but you’ve been around long to know that life always fair.

All the rest your answers to Ed@Motohistory.net .

name to go on the block


a Brough Superior will from $50,000 to $150,000, do you suppose the intellectual property for Brough are worth? We’ll out soon because the organizers of the of the Motorcycle International Concours have announced that the Superior name, trademark, and will be offered at the Bonhams auction to be held in conjunction the event. Also included in the is the minute book of the Brough of Directors, and the company’s brass bearing the title “Brough Engineering Limited, Rolls-Royce of The rights for sale include the Kingdom, European Community, and trademarks.

Second Excelsior painting to be

Recently we reported that Uhl has created an original painting for the of the Motorcycle Concours featuring Bob and the famous Excelsior overhead-cam To read the story and see Uhl’s go to Motohistory News Views Now it has been announced that Tom is also creating an original entitled Giving it All, the legendary Excelsior cammer, as here.

The paintings will be at auction with a portion of the going to charity. For more on artist Tom Fritz, click For more information about the of the Motorcycle Concours scheduled to place at Half Moon California on May 5, click here.

For information on the Bonhams Butterfields click here or call

Meadow Brook concours

to motorcycles


For the first the prestigious Meadow Brook d’Elegance will feature at its 2007 show, scheduled for 5. The focus will be on pre-war machines which the Rochester, event organizers hope to out in an all-time record number. For information about the Meadow Concours, click here .

Superbikeplanet has cranked up its wayback with some good material recently. One story the day – Good Friday, 1980 – British fans went to see Roberts and Barry Sheene do but met Freddie Spencer . To read the day Spenser became an international click here. The site presents a 20-year retrospective of the Superbike Series . For that click here .

Kiwi has created a news blog on its web To check out some interesting click here .


into History, one of the most concours d’elegance in the Eastern States, will take May 19 at the World Golf Village St. Augustine, Florida. The organizers are that entries are pouring in and the vintage, custom, and competition on display are expected to exceed the 300 appeared at last year’s

This year’s event, the Buddy Check 12 breast charity, will feature The of Italy, a theme depicted in a by artist Don Bradley. The Grand will be one-time Benelli Kel Carruthers, 1969 250cc champion and member of the Motorcycle of Fame. For more information the Riding into History click here or call To read Carruthers’ official of Fame bio, click .

Grand Prix set for June 11

The North American Vintage Prix, organized by the United Classic Racing Association, be held June 11 at New Hampshire Speedway. For more information, here. USCRA is also the of the Motogiro USA, which take place September 14 16.


The history-making 81st where the young American of Kurt Casselli, David Ricky Dietrich, and Russell won the Junior World Trophy, has chronicled in a two-DVD package. The time is two hours. It is available Cycle Gear, Beaverton Tucker Rocky, or from the Ignition3. For more information, here .

British European

Motorcycle Day coming May 20


The and European Classic Motorcycle Day take place, rain or May 20 at Butler ‘s Orchard Germantown, Maryland. The featured this year will be For more information, click .


Butch and Tom Baer, of the famous Laconia booster Baer, have organized family’s extensive motorcycling into A Century of Motorcycling, a 9 x 11 book containing over 700 covering motorcycling in America 1901 to the Second World The brothers report the volume is the of an 18-year project. It is available in cover for $39 or hard cover for plus handling and shipping.

For information, call 413-267-4999.

to celebrate its 25th


The one of America’s largest touring will celebrate its 25th June 4 through 9 at its traditional in and around Lake George, New For more information, click While attending Americade, may want to ride to nearby Springs to check out the Born 2 exhibit at the Saratoga Springs Museum. For more information the exhibit, click here .

Daytona’s long riders

Among motorcycle racers, who Daytona International Speedway than anyone else? It necessarily the famous names or winners. To the contrary, it is men you may not have about in reports of the Daytona names like Warren and Rick Shaw, both of have ridden over a more miles on the famous than even a veteran Miguel DuHamel.

This was brought to the fore recently by Daytona 200 winner Don Emde, who has the leading Daytona 200 statistician American motorcycle journalists and

Emde reports that in Rick Shaw (pictured who has ridden 3,728 miles at broke Warren Sherwood’s Daytona 200 career mileage of 3,187 miles, and still the record when he announced his at the end of the 2006 season. However, Floridian John Ashmead below), the 1989 Daytona 200 is closing in with 3,444 logged, and could potentially Shaw’s record as early as

Emde recently discovered slim margin over while updating his Daytona 200 in preparation for the publication of the third of his definitive history, “The 200: The History of America’s Motorcycle Race,” due out in 2008. has raced in 23 Daytona 200s, one short of the 24 of record holder If Ashmead competes just two times, he will be the first man in to race in 25 Daytona 200s.

other findings of changes to the top 25 leaders since the last of his book (2004), Emde that in 2007 Ricky became only the fourth to have completed more 3,000 miles in Daytona 200 He moved from 7th to 4th overall and is 23 miles behind 3rd place Among the top ten are several Daytona 200 winners, such as Miguel Dick Mann, and Roger

Emde lists the top ten high-mileage at Daytona as follows: 1. Rick 3,728; 2. John Ashmead, 3. Warren Sherwood, 3,187; 4. Orlando, 3,146; 5. Earl 2,640; 6. Dick Mann, 7. Miguel Duhamel, 2,446; 8. Moe, 2,399; 9. Roger 2,326; 10. Kurt Liebmann, For more information about Daytona 200: The History of Premier Motorcycle Race,” here.

E-mail Emde at or call 800-984-7691.

Daytona’s racer

While we’re on the of longevity at Daytona, it is likely the motorcycle pictured here has more miles at Daytona any other, and certainly any that intact. It is a 1957 Harley-Davidson ridden by Tony Murguia at from 1957 to 1964, later by Bobby Hill. It Murguia to 3rd in 1959 and 1964, and to 4th in The motorcycle was later owned and then restored to museum by Dave Estep.

It was acquired the Estep estate by the National Museum where it is now on display. to its new home, the motorcycle was featured in the of Harley-Davidson exhibit at the Motorcycle of Fame Museum.

Shaw and photos courtesy of the American Association.

Photohistory by CHess:

bigger was still better

This photo, capturing the of the open class at a TT scrambles was taken by Carl Hess at Pennsylvania on June 27, 1971. The are, from left to a 500cc Rickman Matchless, a BSA, and a 650cc Triumph. By the 1960s, the two-… revolution was in swing, creating plenty of competition in the smaller classes.

But still loved the sound and of the big four-strokes, which were, as by this picture, showing up in numbers.

Indian owners Spring Fling


The All Indian Motorcycle Club hold its annual Spring at Rocky’s Antique Cycle in Massillon, Ohio May 4 through 6, with a bonfire on Friday Saturday activities will a pot luck supper with movies, and Sunday will a 50-mile ride through country. For more information, 330-832-1989.


We continue to get from our stories about the CL72 and CL77 Scramblers . in News Views 3/19/2007 and Now, Kentucky Whizzer Kenny Thomas writes:

I was interested in the story about the Honda. I was a Honda Dealer in years and raced different in scrambles and dirt track. In I bough t an interesting Honda and with it a few years and then it in 1996 and have raced it in AHRMA Dirt Track. It is a CL72 in a Cates Frame.

Tom Cates built about a of these frames for the CL72 Mine is his first one. It was in 1962 and raced at the National Track Championship at Santa Fe Darrel Dovel won his heat and fourth in the feature on this

Cycle World wrote, The of Darrel Dovel’s Honda a nice counter- tenor to the of the little BSAs, Triumphs and Sprints. Tom discovered that the was a very dependable motor, but was The number on this motor is which is the first number in the Honda Parts Book. I that Honda kept the one. When I restored the I put on a sprung solo seat and

The original seat was solid and rough riding with the frame. Also, I adapted a pointless ignition to it and mounted the on the crankshaft. It would only 9,000 rpm before, and now turns

A very sweet CL, Kenny. for sharing more CL history and for us photos. I might add that Tom is a fairly recent inductee to the Hall of Fame. To read his click here .

Motohistory Ron Huch has sent us some from the annual San Jose . Classic Motorcycle Show March 31 at the San Jose Fairgrounds. event is especially appealing to bike lovers. We selected unusual custom Vincent to along.

Thanks, Ron, for your pictures.

Motohistory #37:

We have a winner!

( )

Ric Stewart of Westerville, Ohio is the of our Motohistory Quiz #37, properly identified the mystery as that of a DKW. Specifically, it is the DKW manufactured in 1928 and 1929. It has a two-… engine, and in the case of our photo motorcycle, the lower of the fan shroud has been removed. For pictures of the DKW E300, click and here.

For his correct answer, wins two tickets to the Legend of the International Concours d’Elegance and a Motohistory Know-It-All Diploma.

The of our quiz motorcycle came Steve Smith’s new Moto in St. Louis, which will its grand opening at an international festival this coming 27 through 29. To read our story Smith’s collection, go to Motohistory Views 3/26/2007.

For more about the Moto Museum, here. For details about the click here. For more about the Legend of the Motorcycle click here .

If the name Ric seems familiar to Motohistory it may be because we published a story his motorcycle sculpture late year. Check it out at Motohistory Views 11/30/2006. Congratulations and thanks for reading Motohistory and in our quiz.

A century of MZ/DKW

By Leo


Editor’s Note: The firm MZ evolved from which was once the largest manufacturer in the world. Once MZ as the benchmark for off-road motorcycle and the entire industry is beholden to it for its of breakthrough two-… technology in the 1960s. As it celebrates its centenary month, MZ survives only as a shadow of its former self.

motorcycle industry historian Leo tell us of the rise and fall of once-great brand.

Born in Denmark on July 30, 1878. Skafte Rasmussen (pictured came to Saxony. in Germany. the turn of the century to study engineering, and on April 13, 1907 he Rasmussen Ernst as a factory in the of Zschopau for the production of tools and parts.

During the First War, Rasmussen worked defense contracts on the development of a vehicle – in German a “Dampf Wagen” – and the name “DKW” was In 1919 he demonstrated a two-… toy at the Leipzig fair which he “Des Knaben Wunsch” boy’s desire), thereby another meaning in the initials Then, only a year he constructed a one horsepower engine for which he called “Das Wunder” (the small again expanding the meaning of the DKW name.

Rasmussen’s next made in 1921 and referred to at the as “a motorized armchair on wheels,” was the to today’s scooter, but it met with acceptance. A year later he was far successful with the introduction of a motorcycle, a 2.5 horsepower 148cc that earned the name because it earned first, and third places at the Reichsfahrt of the Reich), an 800 kilometer race Berlin to Heidelberg. Two years in 1924, DKW became the benchmark for its industry with its SM (Stahl-Modell, or model”) with sales of units through an innovative program.

In 1926, DKW created the world’s motorcycle assembly line and the first two-… twin. same year the company a factory racing program, the German road racing and the Grand Prix of Germany. At time, DKW moved also new markets with the production of cars and refrigerators, and in 1928 it the AUDI Works AG at Zwickau.

By now DKW was the motorcycle manufacturer in the world annual production of 45,000 and over 2,300 people By 1929 the company reached its with production of 60,000 On the race track it was dominating the 175 and 250 and rivaling BMW in the 500. But the world crisis hit DKW hard.

Motorcycle collapsed, and it was only through the production of a wide range of products that it was able to as the work force shrank to 850 people.

MZ Silver Star Classic 500
MZ Silver Star Classic 500

In an effort to deal the economic crisis, on January 1, the German motor industry with the creation of Auto consisting of AUDI, Horch, and DKW. When Wanderer the license for motorcycle production to engineer Janacek, who created (JAnacek and WAnderer), DKW remained the member of the Union to continue both motorcycles and small powered by two-… engines, for it had acquiring the exclusive license for Schnürle’s innovative reverse design. B ut for reasons that unclear, Rasmussen was excluded the Auto Union’s board of in 1934 (Pictured here is a DKW UL500 liquid-cooled works racer).

By this time, than a third of the motor in Germany were made by based on their reliability, price, and low maintenance costs, and the boasted 5,000 dealers Pictured above are a 1936 NZ250 and a 1937 RT3PS, representing the popular, economical provided by DKW in the pre-war era.

production was lower than it have been because currency restrictions imposed by the regime placed a limitation on the of tires DKW was able to acquire. In production was shifted to models the NZ350, favored for military use by the

The famous RT125, which eventually become the most engine on earth when it was after the war by various manufacturers in the States, Great Britain, China, and Japan, went production in 1939, but only two later it was terminated in favor of production for the NZ350 army whose engine cases later made from iron due to the allocation of most of the aluminum to the German aircraft Pictured above is Ewald who won the Lighweight TT for DKW in 1938.

At the end of the Second War, the Russians occupied home city of Zschopau and the was dismantled and moved to Russia a group of DKW engineers were to start production of the Mocba which was nothing more the RT125. DKW engineers who moved to the made a new start in Ingolstadt under the Marshall Plan, launched production of the RT125W for “West”) and a small van.

they offered motorcycle from 125 to 350ccs until Union sold off the motorcycle Together with Express and DKW production moved to Nurnberg it was consolidated under the “Zweirad owned by Fichtel Sachs. the 1960s, Sachs used the DKW name as an export brand for its motorcycles (for the author’s of the history of Sac hs and Hercules, see Motohistory Views 5/17/2006).

The last DKW car – the two-… model F102 – was in 1964, and the last DKW motorcycle – a enduro model – was built in for the Italian market. For the web site of the DKW Club, click here

At the end of the World War, the ancient not taken from Zschopau by the was put to work in 1947 with the of household appliances and stationary Two years later the first (the company’s new name in the Democratic Republic, which was to IFA in 1951) RT125 was built at However, production faltered materials were scarce and were given a secondary by the government.

In addition to the RT125, a two-… twin with shaft called the BK350 was introduced. The division’s name was changed to VEB Zschopau, which was shortened to and Engineer Walter Kaaden here) was assigned to the formation of Rennkollektiv Zschopau,” a factory team that developed equipment for both road and Gelandesport (Pictured above are the MZ ES250 and the 1959 MZ 125).

a shortage of good materials and resources, in the late 1950s MZ the gap with the dominant British and brands in road racing, and in the MZ became the brand to beat at the where, between 1963 and the GDR team won the World Trophy times in a row, finally to its great rival, the West Zundapp team, in 1968 at San Italy. However, a year the headlines shouted “Victory in the cave” when the MZ-mounted of the GDR again defeated West on its own turf at Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Pictured is the MZ Trophy Team that won the at Erfurt, GDR in 1964.

In this MZ achieved its greatest annual with 63,700 units in In the decade following 1961, an export rate of 50 percent, a quarter-million motorcycles were to 65 countries around the world. included the United States despite the Cold War, MZ began with 3,000 in 1974.

As late as 1987, than 300 motorcycles a day were produced, and this was below due to a shortage of materials. In the same the German Democratic Republic won the World Trophy and the Junior at the ISDT in Jelenia Gora, This, however, would be the great sporting success for MZ with the reunification of Germany followed 1989, the complete market broke down nationwide adoption of the German

A dramatic decline in production mass dismissals, shrinking the force by nearly half. 1950 and 1990 over 2.5 MZ motorcycles had been produced, but by the end of MZ was no more (Pictured here is the MZ ES250).

A Reunification Trust was to bolster industry and the economy in Germany. and under its authority on 1, 1992. the Motorrad-und Zweiradwerk (Motorcycle and Two-Wheel Automotive – or MuZ for short – was founded under the of Petr-Karel Korous. By the autumn of the year a new model line was including the Silver Star 500, the Saxon Country, and the Voyager Trail, all of which engines acquired from the Rotax company.

Two-str oke facilities were sold to in 1995, and the remainder of MuZ, by now ins was taken over by the Malaysian Leong Group in 19 96. Its model included the Skorpion road the Baghira enduro machine, and the play bike, all using Yamaha engines.

In cooperation Swiss-Auto, MuZ attempted to raise its by entering the 500cc road Grand Prix, achieving success in 1998 and 1999. In MuZ regained the rights to the MZ brand, and a new constructed entirely by MZ was introduced in resurrecting the famous RT125 as its model designation. In the autumn of the MZ1000S was introduced at the Intermot in Munich. then launched in the market in 2003.

However, Leong appeared to have an only in its Asian markets, and in it closed MZ engineering and dismissed its 30 Today, what remains of MZ is 30 to 35 employees for all of manufacturing, administration, and and it would seem that in its year, MZ, the descendant of the once-mighty may be facing its final curtain.

Note: To read Mr. Keller’s history of Sachs/Hercules, go to Motohistory Views 5/17/2006 . Keller has written a feature about the achievements of MZ that is scheduled to in the upcoming Issue 31 of VMX magazine. For information about VMX, here .

Photo credit:

JS Audi Tradition/Auto Union.

DKW NZ250 with sidecar: Tradition/Auto Union.

1937 DKW Audi Tradition/Auto Union.

UL500 liquid-cooled works racer: Audi Tradition/Auto

Ewald Kluge at the Isle of 1938: Audi Tradition/Auto

1956 MZ ES250: Werksfoto, MZ

Walter Kaaden: FIM press

1967 MZ ES250: Werkfoto, MZ

MZ 125 Road Racer: Leo Keller.

Quiz #37


Okay, it’s time for another Quiz. Our last two received no answers, so we are expecting the class to a little better with one. All you have to do is tell us the of the engine pictured here.

The first person to send us the answer will receive two to the Legend of the Motorcycle International d’Elegance that will place at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Moon Bay. California May 5. In the winner will receive a highly-coveted Motohistory Know-It-All But let me add a cuationary remark: there is a missing from this in progress.

So rush to your and send your answer to .

Wheels Through Time

completes Fred Ham Commemoration


On April 4 and 5, seventy to the week after Fred Ham over 40 records during a endurance ride aboard a Knucklehead at Muroc Dry Lake in endurance specialist Wayne and the Wheels Through Time team attacked the high of Talladega Motor Speedway a 1937 Harley-Davidson to commemorate achievement and hopefully set some of their own. Stanfield, 59, has won the American Race five on several occasions teaming up Dale Walksler, owner and of the Wheels Through Time The idea to attempt to duplicate Ham’s records began 12 ago when Stanfield and Walksler, here, became the first team to enter the Great Race, finishing in the top two positions in 1995 and 1996.

During the period, Stanfield completed 477 of Talladega’s 2.8 mile oval, 1,350 miles and consistently 90-mph laps aboard the motorcycle. Though he fell of Ham’s 1,825-mile record set in he did break several records at the itself, including the most laps completed by any rider or at the Speedway. For more information the Wheels Through Time click here .

Photo by Filla, Thunder Press.

is the Future of the American Enduro?

This Last National? is the of a new documentary DVD that explores the and disappointment among members of the enduro community as the AMA makes an move to abandon traditional in favor of a more European of off-road endurance competition. Michael Zuzolo — and enduro competitor — and filmed several Nationals 2006, including the Delaware Enduro on October 28, which was the last event to receive an AMA championship title under the scroring system.

As one might opinions toward a change as this differ, and for the most it emerges as a generational divide. riders, and especially those who attended the ISDT, embrace the Older riders, including who readily admit that the American enduro is a … decry the change.

Especially is the exposure on film of deep within the Lafferty family, from Mike Lafferty who approves, to Rich Lafferty who is and optimistic, to Jack Lafferty who is opposed to the point that he to withdraw from the sport. The DVD the 65 minute documentary feature 20 minutes of special features. It is plus $5.00 shipping.

To a copy of The Last National?, producer Michael Zuzolo at

Wauseon to feature flat races


This the Antique Motorcycle Club of national meet at Wauseon, will include Friday vintage flat track The evening of racing will place July 20 at the Fulton Fairgrounds, the usual site of the meet. For more information 330-837-5694 or click here .

announces Superbike Concorso

The Ducati Superbike Concorso, a to both the old and the new, will place in five rounds summer, four of which be connected with AMA Superbike The fifth round will place on-line. Ducati built from 1972 to are eligible.

For additional information the schedule, rules, eligibility, and click here. Take that entries for the first schedule to take place at California on April 27 through 29, on April 13.

MZ Silver Star Classic 500
MZ Silver Star Classic 500
MZ Silver Star Classic 500
MZ Silver Star Classic 500
MZ Silver Star Classic 500
MZ Silver Star Classic 500
MZ Silver Star Classic 500

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