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2013 यामाहा वी स्टार 1300 Tourer – New 2013 VStar 1300 Tourer at Motorcyclist

15 जनवरी 2015 | लेखक: | टिप्पणी बन्द मा 2013 यामाहा वी स्टार 1300 Tourer – New 2013 VStar 1300 Tourer at Motorcyclist
Yamaha V-Star 1300 Tourer
Yamaha V-Star 1300 Tourer

2013 VStar 1300 Tourer

2013 यामाहा वी स्टार 1300 Tourer


Powered by an 80-inch V-twin engine, and adorned with stylish steel fenders and a flangeless fuel tank, को 2013 यामाहा वी स्टार 1300 is a big cruiser that manages to just avoid being too big. The bike’s combination of quality, head-turning looks and performance make the 2013 V Star 1300 an appealing choice for any rider who’s looking for a capable city and highway cruiser.

This year’s model offers the same power, performance and styling riders have come to expect from the V Star 1300 cruiser. However for 2013, the V Star has also been decked out with an array of modern extras that further add to its formidable appeal.

को 2013 यामाहा वी स्टार 1300 is a midsize cruiser model built by Yamaha’s Star Motorcycle imprint. The V Star brings an appealing combination of modern yet classic styling and a ride that’s light and sporty. The V Star 1300 is driven by an 80-cubic-inch, 1340सीसी, तरल-cooled, fuel-injected V-twin engine.

The engine generates excellent across-the-board power and produces an exhaust note that’s all-but-guaranteed to prick up the ears of motorcycle aficionados everywhere. The V Star 1300’s modern-classic design relies in part on a two-into-one exhaust that lends the bike its distinctive appearance. Nearly half of the V Star’s weight falls onto its front tire, thanks to the bike’s steel chassis.

This distribution of weight results in excellent maneuverability as well as handling that is quick and light. को 2013 यामाहा वी स्टार 1300 also maintains several authentically cruiser features, including a belt drive, steel fenders, and customization possibilities that are decidedly open. Yamaha’s Star Accessories Catalog gives riders the unique opportunity to choose from an array of quality parts and accessories that can allow them to express their individuality.

With fuel economy being an estimated 42 mpg, riders can enjoy a full 200 miles of cruising without having to stop at a station.

The V Star’s massive 1340cc liquid-cooled engine relies on a single overhead cam 60-degree V-twin with dual counterbalancers to help facilitate performance that’s ultra-smooth. The bike has a twin-barrel fuel injection system that’s controlled by computer and helps provide an optimal mixture in any temperature or altitude. Shifting is smooth and easy thanks to the V Star’s efficient five-speed transmission.

The V Star’s seat features a special dish shape for greater rider comfort, while also making it easy to touch the ground when mounted on the bike. को 2013 यामाहा वी स्टार 1300 is an elegant, classically styled bike with decidedly modern elements. With steel fenders, paint, and chrome working in harmony, the V Star is definitely an attention-grabber.

The tank is adorned by a 3D emblem design that further evokes the bike’s modern-classic image. Even the headlight housing and belt guard on the 2013 V Star are chrome. The frame on the other hand, is finished in gloss black, adding to the bike’s overall look of quality.

Instrumentation on the bike is bar-mounted and also features retro-modern styling, with an analog speedometer, LCD display, indicator lights for high beams, turn signals, low oil level, low fuel indicator, coolant/temperature, neutral, and even an engine diagnostic indicator. Spaciousness and rider comfort are maximized, thanks to floorboards and the heel/toe shifter makes it very easy to navigate the V Star’s five-speed gearbox.

Out front a bright, multi-reflector headlight adorns the V Star, while in the rear there’s an LED taillight and amber turn signals behind clean lenses. Seven-spoke aluminum wheels finish off the V Star’s cool retro-modern look.

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