1978/79 AMF Harley Davidson / Cagiva SST 250

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1978/79 AMF Harley Davidson / Cagiva SST 250

Ian B. op ma 8 augustus – 10:48


Dit is mijn 1978/79 (HD) Cagiva SST 250, euro versie. Niet een cafe racer, maar de oorspronkelijke fietsen had een zekere vlak parcours / straat tracker elementen rechtstreeks van de fabriek De fiets heeft niet lopen voor de laatste 8 jaar en ik ben van plan om documenten details van de SST tijdens de reconstructie.

Deze (HD) Cagiva SST250 is een one-eigenaar fiets w / 2600 mijl sinds nieuw en is opgeslagen / unrun voor het laatst 8 jaar (block schade). Although it is a HD-Cagiva SST 250, de fiets werd voor het eerst geregistreerd september 1979, en waarschijnlijk geproduceerd einde 1978 / vroeg 1979 bij de Varese fabriek.

Dit is interessant als (met uitzondering van de tank badge / seat stencil) this makes the bike a transition-model from AMF, as Cagiva used up remaining stocks AMF-HD components before the modified / facelifted Cagiva models arrived in 1980. Will the exception of the logo on tank / stoel, this is a effectively one of the last produced AMF-HD SST250s w/ Cagiva badging. I am very pleased w/ the find.

Interesting issues re. de fiets. Unchanged (from memory) from my 1976 SST 250 and no additional details offered by Cagiva. The muffler is still the chrome Lafranconi and the engine casings are all still stamped AMF-HD. The side plate ha AMF-Harley-Davidson (same as the MX-250s) and the Veglia instrument cluster still says Harley-Davidson. This was later changed to Cagiva.

The front brake is a single disc Brembo caliper / iron disc used on Marzocchi forks. A little delicate, but effective if used / maintained correctly. The HD-Cagiva SST250 also had an assortment of CEV / Guzzi parts bin accessories (such as flip-top gas tank lid) and separate fairings for the headlight.

Cagiva SST 250

It has the same Radaelli rims w/ the paper thin chrome, but these will be replaced w/ slightly wider Radaellis / Takasago.

These SSTs are very pretty bikes in restored condition, maar (like a lot of Italian machinery) not w/o their faults, as these 2-stroke model owners know well. It does appear, echter, to be a genuine un-messed-with SST 250, which makes it pretty rare 30 years on. I have seen 2 ea.

SSTs for sale in the USD in the last couple of years, each likely a private import – 1 ea. is stored in a barn as is a total rebuild, en 1 ea. for sale in running condition (but the owner was difficult to deal with).

Now I have my basket case ’76 SS250 in pieces also w/ various additional SST pieces sourced from eBay Italy. I will likely use this bike for an SST 250 tweeling (2 X 125 cc) or SST 350 tweeling (2 X 175 cc) w/ modified SS250 frame (Yam / Suzuki crankcase w 6 snelheid). I always thought this was the bike AMF-HD should have produced to compete w/ the Japanese 250-350 market, anyway.

Only being a 250, it’s not the biggest bike on the block compared with some of the other buildsit’s really not the size that matters, but what you do with it (at least that is what my wife always tells me. )

Cagiva SST 250
Cagiva SST 250

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  1. Hallo ik heb een 1984 sst andtrying to locatea manual or at least a set out of the wires on the back of the igniton barrel ,i plan to turn it into a cafe racer and use only on the track as it long lost its reg number,,,any help would be great,,


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