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Moto Guzzi LeMans III Sport Touring


Current Bike: ’96 1100 Sport

I’m from Perth but living temporarily in Boulder, Colorado. I’ve owned many Ducatis (including ’76 and ’95 900SS’s and ’74 450 desmo) and BMWs (R and K100RS’s) in the past and decided to get my first Guzzi when I got to the US – een 1967 Guzzi V7. It was fun to tinker with and restore but I missed the ride of a modern bike. Hence my next purchase – een 1996 1100 sport in the rare blue colour. Naturally I had to get the Staintunes, which are highly regarded over here and expensive.

After a few necessary mods such as new throttle springs, jets, tyres, enz, it is a blast to ride and makes a lovely sound.

I live right next to the Rocky Mountains which means I can literally be on some great twisty roads in a matter of minutes! The downside to being here is the long cold Winter and the obsession with cruisers and full dress Goldwings that the locals have. Guzzis are even rarer here than in Oz.

Most people have never even heard of them.

Age: 42

Location: Wollongong NSW


Fiets: Le Mans MkIII

First bike was a Suzuki T250 bought in 1974, made a quantum leap to a BMW R90/6 in 1975, with a Honda CB450 in between the Honda was a bike which had reliable handling you could always rely on it to develop a tank slapper halfway through a corner if you hit more than two potholes. Bought another BMW (an R100CS) in 1981 as the 90/6 was getting a little tired with 250,000Km worth of touring on the clock.

As I started travelling less (wife, family usual stuff) the BM seemed less than ideal for Sunday morning rides and weekends away every now and then. I always wanted a Le Mans, but the restrictions on comfort meant I stuck to the BM’s and now comfort was no longer as important. Bought the Le Mans in 1989, it’s a familiar story the bike was there, I somehow could afford it (or at least pretended that I could), took it for a test ride and the MkIII was mine.

Sold the BM soon after, it just didn’t get ridden! Have enjoyed riding, and working on, the Guzzi ever since.

age: 43


fietsen: Le Mans 3, V50 Mk1 with Mk3 motor

My V50 has 232,000 km on it and is currently in resting phase. My Le Mans has about 75,000 km on it and is my daily transport to work. I am a member of Moto Guzzi Owners Assn of NSW

age: 40

Location: Sutherland Sydney NSW


fietsen: Guzzi Le Mans Mk1

Moto Guzzi LeMans III Sport Touring
Moto Guzzi LeMans III Sport Touring

I currently own A Moto Guzzi Le Mans Mk 1 that is about to undergo a complete engine rebuild. Funds permitting I hope to add a lightned flywheel, 1,000cc conversion kit, twin plug conversion as well as balancing the crank and renewing main bearings and all engine seals etc etc. At present the bike is cosmetically ok but produces a minor smoke screen during rapid acceleration.

It also leaves a friendly calling card of both crank case and gearbox oil wherever it visits. I have just fitted a set of Verlicchi America clip ons to in an attempt to make the bike slightly more comfortable. These are similar to the bars fitted to the 72 750 sport and provide a huge level of ajustment.

The bikes I have owned include, an Indian SE 75 Mini Bike, Honda XL 350, Suzuki750 Katana [Pop up Headlight model], Stuchi Le Mans Mk 3 built by Andre at LA GUZZI [whatever happened to him], Suzuki Katana 1100,BMW R900 with West Car double sidecar Yamaha SRX 250 and my current Mk1.


fietsen: LM III

Currently have a Le Mans 111 which is best described as love/hate. Previously used to trouble free Japanese riding and was horrified when bottom end shells collapsed somewhere between Bendigo and Echuca – 2am. Most people describe the big V-twin as bullet proof Not my experience.

Since then rebuild and now on the road again. Hopefully nothing left to go wrong.

Location: Canberra


fietsen: 2003 California EV Touring

Started riding a Hodaka Wombat 125 when 14. Had many different bikes since, rarely without one. Had a new ’98 Cali for a few years then a few cheapies until buying an ’03 Cali that was a shop demo in ’05

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