Motocicletas inigualables

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Matchless G 80 E

Motocicletas inigualables

A Brief History of the Marque: Matchless

The Collier brothers built their first machine in 1899, ne 1907 ganaba ya carreras TT ar isla ar Man. 'Me̲fa 'nar segundo lugar jar 1908, ganaron ma 'nagi jar 1909 ne 1910. 'Mefa xta WWI producción reasumida usando ya motores ar JAP ne ar MAG .

Mbehe ar Mäyo 24 2013

jmpot rally france

vidéo vidéo


April 2013


Ma thuhuu ar Davis JT, Dar productor asociado ja ya nt'ot'e ya sirenas ne je̲ya'bya situado ma ku̲t'a millas capital ir 'rangu̲di. Je̲ya'bya produciendo 'nar 'ra'yo serie ar Discovery Channel dige 'nar mecánico repara ne restaura motocicletas vintage. Di pehu̲ ko ar 'rato (6) bicicletas dige 'nar serie hñu ya xeni, Nu'bu̲ episodio nä'ä mi pretende t'uni ungumfädi interesante dige ar motocicleta da requiere ar comprobación 'nar hecho.

Di o̲t'e investigaciones pa ar tsa da jäts'i ár hmädi 'nar moto 'nar dätä hnini prístino ar restaurada.

Ar motocicleta ar ndu̲i episodio ge 'nar 1931 Modelo inigualable X ko 'nar Sidecar ar Brough Superior. Xta conectado nu'bu̲ ne 'mefa xta fotos ar moto ne ar restauración.

Di tsa̲ ga japi jar contacto ko 'na nä'ä to valorar xí restauración pre yá post ya bici? O̲de da da hñei uni hmädi real hinda ga pädi ya detalles ar Honja bí restaurada ar moto, Temu̲ ar productos ma utilizados ne hñeti ba hä ar nzaki. Wat'i, 'bu̲'bu̲ estadio béisbol ko 'nar evaluación visual dar tsa̲ da 'BATS'I proporcionar ungumfädi precisa pa ar espectador Discovery Channel.

Should you have any questions I can be reached via email or by phone, 310-987-7498. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

JT Davis | Associate Producer


8505 Fenton Street | Suite 206 | Silver Spring, MD 20910

Tue Feb 05 2013

matchless engine

matchless G80/135056

could you please give me specifications on this engine with borestroke and year of manufacture it has a magneto and an alternator?

South Africa

Try the page on serial numbers for clues on the model, and the 1956 gallery has a page of specs for that one.

I only have the motor which I intend fitting into an AJS Statesman which is ex the South African Defense Force.

It was kaiki and I have painted it Blue black with the large chrome badges.

As the bike is coil ignition I want to fit the motor with a magneto.Then I am not so dependant on the battery.

The AJS is mainly Norton and could have been badged either or.

As far as I understand it should be about 1963.

If you would like me to I can send you pictures.

Thank you for your interest.

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