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Moto Guzzi Sport 1100

NGK DCPR8EIX Iridium Spark Plug, 1 piece

Returns: 30 days prompt exchange or full refund.


When the spark flies NGK is already there. As an original equipment manufacturer for leading passenger vehicle and motorcycle manufacturers, in winning vehicles of Formula 1, in motorcycle racing and, of course in everyday vehicles in daily traffic. The most important manufacturers of motorcycles, small engines and boat engines also rely on the spark plug technology of NGK and, therefore, on the highest quality.

That is why the NGK product range has the right product for nearly every engine.

NGK is setting standards for the fulfilment of the highest quality requirements for spark plugs. With advanced technologies, provides a performance standard which even withstands extreme conditions. When it comes to assortment and service, NGK leaves nothing to be desired.

Iridium spark plugs

Iridium spark plugs from NGK currently represent the highest-quality technological solution. They have an iridium-alloy tip on the middle electrode. It is welded on in a special process using a laser.

The precious metal iridium is one of the world’s hardest metals. It starts melting at a temperature of 2450 °C and is very resistant to spark erosion. Through its use, the service life is doubled on average in comparison to standard spark plugs.

In addition, the precious metal allows the middle electrode to be designed significantly thinner, with a thickness of 0.6 mm. These measures reduce the ignition voltage requirement considerably and contribute to improving the spread of the flame front in the combustion chamber.

The self-cleaning effect of iridium spark plugs

Moto Guzzi Sport 1100
Moto Guzzi Sport 1100

Regardless of the current operating temperature, electrical discharges take place in the ring gap between the middle electrode and insulator. They remove any carbon particles and thereby guarantee that the ignition voltage is not conducted.

We have tried to fill a correct application list for every plug. However our application list could not meet your bike specifics (for ex different from Europe to USA), or could change without any notice. Do not consider our list contractual.

Before ordering please check your owner manual and / or NGK product finder

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Questions Answers placed here are related to the nature of this product, how it works, where it works, if it is useful etc etc, if you need help on another part please do not place your question here but inside its page.

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Moto Guzzi Sport 1100

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