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Violent Violet 2005 American Ironhorse LSC RK Motors Charlotte Collector

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American Ironhorse Classic Cruiser

American Ironhorse LSC

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There are tons of great looking custom bikes on the market these days, but how many of them actually have the performance and dependability to back up their cool parking lot appeal? Featuring a proven SS V-twin motor and 305 American Ironhorse parts that were designed, fabricated and assembled under one roof by one company, this road ready 2005 LSC is one of the most reliable and fully sorted turn-key choppers available anywhere.

With exceptional attention to detail and great fit and finish that sets it apart from a segment full of finicky custom bikes, this LSC provides the kind of comfort and ease of ownership that’s only available from one of the largest customized V-Twin motorcycles providers in US history. If you’re the kind of biker who likes killer custom choppers at bargain-basement prices, this horse is for you.

The American IronHorse LSC is a true full-stretch hardtail chopper that is custom built with a right side drive design. Featuring an 8 inch down tube stretch and a 42 degree rake, it is distinctive because of its fat rear wheel and tough, old-style frame which create excellent stability during high speed cornering.

While all of the American IronHorse motorcycles are macho machines with hard metal veneers and deep-throated roars, the LSC chopper was explicitly designed to be the company’s main head turner. Built with a no expense spared, best of everything approach that was modeled after the universally appealing ‘custom Harleymindset, the LSC is chock full of custom fabricated components which promote higher levels of performance and significantly increase the choppers ‘WOWfactor.

While the basic LSC was a standardized, mass produced package, the bikes could be customized in a number of different ways to create individual masterpieces. This particular chopper features traditional LSC sheetmetal that, along with the frame, has been bathed in a brilliant coat of House of Kolor Violet Purple that somehow manages to be both dynamic and mature looking at the same time.

A stenciled “American Ironhorseemblem was added to the back of the gas tank for the benefit of curious sidewalk strolling admirers; and then both the frame and sheetmetal were covered in a high quality layer of clearcoat which creates a spectacular, glossy finish. When that first-rate paint job is combined with the bikes completely chromed and polished accessories, it creates a great looking, well put together road warrior with instant ‘gotta have itvisual appeal!

At the front of the bike, a polished telescopic fork holds a chrome headlight and chrome LED turn signals above a 19 inch polished aluminum wheel which wears a 90/90 Metzler tire. At the sides of that custom aluminum wheel, a dual disc front brake system utilizes Goodride braided brake lines to squeeze chrome calipers around giant drilled rotors.

On top of the polished fork, chrome custom sweeper handle bars center an Ironhorse digital gauge pod between aftermarket leavers and buttons for the bikes accessories. Behind that front fork, the bikes violet frame holds a highly detailed SS Super Stock V-twin engine that is completely decked in American Ironhorse chrome and produces a classic, instantly recognizable sound.

American Ironhorse Classic Cruiser
American Ironhorse Classic Cruiser

Behind that engine, a chrome-capped open belt drive sits below bullet style LED tail lights that are anchored by polished aluminum frame accents, and at the top of that engine, a ‘super stretchedchopper fuel tank sits in front of form fitting American Ironhorse leather seats. Behind the seats, a custom sculpted rear fender hangs over a huge 280/35 Metzler tire that rides a custom 18 inch polished aluminum wheel.

Mounted to that tire is a third drilled rotor that combines with a third chrome caliper and more Goodride braided hoses to provide quick and even stops. Rivaling the best custom built pieces on the market, this real deal chopper is a 100% road ready bike that features an unmatched level of detail which provides a classic custom appearance.

The heart of this awesome chopper is a proven 111 cubic inch SS Super Stock V-twin engine that utilizes a traditional ‘square motorconfiguration with two valves per cylinder to create a stout 9.5 ਨੂੰ 1 compression ratio and a broad, flat torque band on readily available 93 octane pump gas. Founded in 1958, SS Cycles is one of the biggest and most trusted motorcycle engine builders in the world, and this choppers V-twin is one of the smoothest powerplants they produce.

At the top of the highly detailed motor, chrome rocker box covers sit above “SS Super Stockscripts that are stamped on the silver air cooled, powder coated cylinders. On the right side of the bike, an SS Cycles ‘Shortyone barrel carburetor sits behind a velocity stack air cleaner that’s positioned just above Eddie Trotta oval dual exhaust pipes.

Below that carburetor, chrome rod covers lead your eye past a chrome fuel filter to a polished cam cover that is branded with “American Ironhorse 111lettering. On the left side of the bike, a chrome coil cover features the Ironhorse logo in front of black Moroso American Ironhorse plug wires that snake their way to the engines spark plugs. At the back of the bike, a rigid rear suspension flattens the pavement, and at the front of the bike, the motor sends power through a proven American Ironhorse 6-speed manual transmission that features a chrome hydraulic clutch system, a new Rivera Primo clutch and aftermarket chrome foot and shifter pegs.

From its trick handle bars to its polished kick stand, this 2005 American Ironhorse LSC is completely sorted and ready to enjoy today. There is a definite difference between even the nicest production bikes and customs like this; and every piece of this motorcycle adds to both its awesome curb appeal and amazing street prowess.

There is simply NO WAY a custom piece like this could be duplicated for anywhere near our asking price, and since American Ironhorse is no longer producing choppers, the days of reliable, easy to enjoy custom bikes are fading fast. Call today!

American Ironhorse Classic Cruiser
American Ironhorse Classic Cruiser
American Ironhorse Classic Cruiser
American Ironhorse Classic Cruiser

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