Not Marine Kongo i Dat – Klásiko Di Mathilda Broadest – reuní

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Not Marine Kongo i Dat

Most people tend to plump for one of the well-known Morini Sport or Strada models. Sinembargo, den puntanan puesto di sala a hañ'é di sper en eugene Dat i e rufty en tufty Kongo. I, con En Help yega na pesei?

E promé biaha ku a wak un Kongo e Als Out, na 1982, i a keda empresanan di manera ta asunto di un of en oud V en tin. Mi tin un problema di saludo na 1984, t'asina ku e derotá di lorá motor i a kumpra aki, e promé Kongo pa BNM a di tienda.

Implementa sigui su kaminda semper mi a nenga na! Mi ta duna HOPI plaser of en oud, apesar di su peso, i mi ta un soria – 5'5. So mi ta denise di e ta 2003 pasobra mi tin 15% e kapasidat pulmon di awor.

Mi no por bisa ku tin algu ku NO ta mi ta gusta di e. Mi ta mi utilidat na euro, sentro di kabai, Stan Karera Na Playa, largu distansia estos, i asina festivamente, i un biaha kubrí 720 illes na 20 ora di un MC efekto.

Den yen mi kubrí di 16,000 miles. No tin ningun problema di rei, solamente esnan ku ta bai mi kulpa!

Ken ku kumpra un Kongo mester alimenta alkansá e promé X en model. E X1 i X2 tin marko tablets, bai e X dañonan di marka e derecho punto reposapiés. E X1 tin recurso no.

E faro ta solamente di CU den e lus directe, manera ta pafó varia ku e calidad di mayor. E ta tambe un di 6 voltios sistema di iluminashon, ku un BUNITA chikitu beter!

Asina, despues el a tin e Kongo nobo, Remente mi ta keda masha empresanan ku e mayor. Ora ei a wak un voto pa un nobo Flecha di primi, and wasn’t too impresseduntil I saw one close-up at the Earls Court Show in 1998. I positively DROOLED!

Moto Morini 350 Kanguro
Moto Morini 350 Kanguro

So I watched NLM unpack the first one they had from Harglo, and bought it straight away.

It’s a June 1990-registered Moto Morini Dart, so is now almost 16 aña di edat. It’s got 54,000km on it and is still in very good condition. It’s had a few mods, all done by melike the right foot gearchange / left foot brake, a Honda NTV650 hydraulic adjuster on the rear Marzocchi monoshock, alloy tank, and handlebar raisers.

I also fitted it with a KN air filter, with suitable jet changes, and a Y-piece in the exhaust in place of the unobtainable expansion chamber, and a Micron exhaust can off a Ducati 750SS. The latter was done partly to reduce weight, partly to make it sound a proper V-twin! It’s also had extra spacers slotted in above the internal fork springs.

Without doubt, its best features are its looks, and performance. The Dart is not particularly fast (I’ve seen a max of 101.1mph on my digital cycle speedowhich is very accurate, by the way), but the handling is SUPERB! It’s also economical and has given 64mpg over its life (I have a record of all the fuel used from new).

It’s comfortable for a shortie, and it’s taken us on a couple of Continental tours two-up.

Moto Morini 350 Kanguro
Moto Morini 350 Kanguro

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