Piaggio MP3 400 Review 2011 Scooters Mopeds

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Piaggio MP3 400

Piaggio MP3 400 Review 2011

If you definitely need to get some attention the automobile you need to be driving will be the Piaggio MP3. I guarantee almost absolutely nothing will have you answering additional concerns at cease lights or attracting a larger crowd in a parking lot. That is a quite awesome point contemplating the Piaggio retails for in regards

to the identical value as two monthly payments on a brand new Ferrari.

I guess I shouldn’t have been so shocked at others interest inside the new Piaggio, I sounded such as a giddy four-year-old kid when asked if I needed to ride the MP3 for two weeks. I think my response was: “Hell ya, I need to ride that thing, when can we get 1?

So perhaps I was slightly too excited to trip a scooter, but then once again this is just not your ordinary motorcycle. When will be the last time you rode a motorbike with three wheels that did 90 miles-per-hour and looked as elegant because the MP3? Piaggio has a long history of developing revolutionary scooters – this may be the corporation that launched the initial Vespa version in 1946.

Even with 2 wheels up front, the MP3 actually lets you lean into corners.

The MP3 has no trouble pushing the needle on the speedo to ninety miles per hour.

The Piaggio MP3 is filled with innovative capabilities that can have you re-thinking the scooter market. Lets start with the most obvious, the front-end, using two independently suspended 12″ wheels together with parallelogram suspension, an original Piaggio style, permitting a tilt angle as much as forty degrees. You can not feel a motorcycle much more stable and planted when cornering or challenging on the brakes.

Using the extra wheel up front you would expect the steering to really feel heavy, but it basically steers pretty swiftly and feels really comparable to a normal motorcycle with some extra stability thrown in. It took me a while to definitely explore how far I could lean the MP3 over, but slowly my confidence constructed enough to where I managed to obtain it to slide a bit though attempting some photographs. It was not a controlled slide nonetheless, extra of a goon-looking slide with feet flailing, so we is not going to be posting any of those photographs.

If you didn’t have a look at the front of the MP3 prior to jumping on for a ride you would hardly notice the addition of a second front wheel although riding. The MP3 offers you the advantages of stability and traction while not jeopardizing any agility. When leaning it in to the corners trying to get my knee on the deck (one thing I would not recommend), the Piaggio did have a tendency to push wide by way of the corner, forcing me to use all the road on a couple of occasions, and I truly mean All the road!

The Piaggio I was riding featured the brand new Master 400 motor, a liquid cooled four-stroke, 4-valve motor with fuel injection. The engine puts out thirty four horsepower at 7,500 revoltions per minute. Torque output is thirty eight Nm at 5,500 rpm.

One issue that seriously shocked me on the MP3 is just how quick this issue tops out. I had it up to ninety mph rather easily on the freeway and basically was not too scared for my life. The sole scary moment coming when a California Highway Patrol Car passed me inside the carpool lane – thankfully he was on his method to stopping yet another motorist.

Acceleration is also abundant and I had no difficulty getting up to speed to merge onto the freeways or jet away with site visitors from cease lights. Even having a traveler the motor still has plenty of steam and is able to properly over seventy mph.

There was the occasional stumble off idle as well as the Piaggio even stalled a few times when leaving a quit light. This can be a bit scary whenever you have an angry row of targeted visitors behind you ready to mow you more than. Whilst it was a bit disconcerting, this just gave me a fantastic excuse to throttle it proper towards the pins whenever jetting away from a light.

Whilst it has a lot of energy, you do must keep in mind this can be a motorbike and you have to be careful not to ask too much of it. On several occasions I asked just a little additional of the Piaggio than it was prepared to deal with and it had me reminding myself this is not a motorcycle with generous quantities of suspension travel and full size wheels. When pushed too tricky the suspension can commence to wallow at high speeds and get harsh when hitting substantial bumps on the road.

At much less than breakneck speeds, having said that, the MP3 was quite composed. The Parallelogram suspension up front coupled with 2 dual impact hydraulic shock absorbers and adjustable coil spring within the back provided a forgiving ride on the road.

Thanks towards the added contact patch up front and 3 powerful 240mm linked disc brakes with twin piston calipers the Piaggio also comes to a stop in a hurry. You are able to get a little bit wiggle in the bars once you really stomp on the brakes and it can get a bit sketchy, but overall stopping power is rather great. I was ready to apply the brakes even though leaning over with no catastrophic effects – something that would certainly turn ugly of many standard scooters.

The MP3 also proved to be fairly comfortable. I rode in a smaller wind/sand storm along the coast and the tall windscreen and fairing did an excellent job of protecting me from the components. The seat has abundant room for a passenger and suspension handles the extra weight easily.

Whilst many people are afraid to ride on a motorcycle it seemed nobody had any fear about riding pillion on the MP3 and I had many requests for rides as a passenger.

Among the coolest functions on the Piaggio is actually a locking mechanism that allows you to lock the font suspension when parked or at a quit light. When slowing down to come to a stop, a flashing yellow light starts blinking as you reach a slow adequate speed letting you realize that it really is safe to hit the switch which will lock the front suspension into place. If timed to perfection it is possible to roll to a stop without having ever putting your feet down.

When you are prepared to gas it, roll on the throttle and also the suspension unlocks permitting you to speed away devoid of ever moving your feet. The switch itself is straightforward sufficient to make use of, the tricky component is remembering to place your feet down once you release the switch for those who didn’t manage to cease perfectly upright.

Piaggio MP3 400

If you happen to lock the switch though the bike is at an angle it’ll lock in that position and also the bike can fall more than when speeding away if you are not cautious. I discovered it was safest to come to a quit by putting my feet down and then locking the suspension. It was too easy to come to a quit thinking you had successfully locked it into spot only to seek out your self falling over.

I came close to tipping more than additional than a few times and made the decision to save myself the embarrassment by just hitting the lock switch as soon as I was already stopped.

The gas mileage on the MP3 is excellent and assures that you simply is not going to be taking too quite a few trips to the gas station. I drove the Piaggio for a full week just before stopping for my 1st fill-up. This turned out to be a slightly bigger chore than I thought it could be because of the reality it took me 20 minutes to seek out out where to insert the gas hose.

Following about 20 circulations around the MP3 and crawling on the ground in search of the gas cap I finally gave up and went to start the motorcycle to go home. It was then that I discovered the fuel filler door was opened by turning the ignition key to the appropriate position. To my surprise a door popped open revealing the really secret hiding spot for the gas cap.

I guess it may possibly pay to read the owner’s manual from time to time.

The Piaggio MP3 will allow you to complete far more than the average motorcycle, significantly of this as a result of insane quantity of storage space the motorcycle has. Give the fob a little bit bloop, bloop and the rear trunk opens. This is pretty high-tech to a farm boy who thinks tilt steering is nonetheless a fairly luxurious selection. The under-seat area reveals more room than some compact vehicles.

You may quickly bring back dinner and also a 12-pack inside the trunk of the Piaggio, hell maybe even 1 of those mini-kegs. I thought it was odd that for some reason I cannot fit an added helmet within the trunk. It turns out I could be somewhat intellectually challenged as I have since observed out you just have to turn the helmet upside down, visor 1st and also you can slide not 1, but 2 full-face helmets proper in.

The terrific issue in regards to the Piaggio MP3 is that it has all the fun factor of a moped with none of the sissy factor. I even had a group of Harley riders ride up subsequent to me at a red light inquiring about the Piaggio, commenting how cool it looked. It was a scene that looked ideal out of a commercial, six burly bikers pulling up asking where they could get one of these scooters. Talk about a wide market of appeal.

Everybody from pimple faced teens to senior citizens seemed to have some interest in this Italian marvel. In truth, if I was Piaggio I would hire an army of sales representatives to grab a trunk full of enterprise cards and go for day-to-day rides around the city on the MP3, I need to have been asked a dozen occasions a day where the MP3 could possibly be bought and just how much they sell for.

When an MSRP of $8,699.00 for the Piaggio MP3 may perhaps seem just a little high considering you can own a few capable motorcycles for the same value, but the MP3 does have a great deal to present. It’s a terrific tool to introduce the genuine novice towards the motorcycle world with confidence-inspiring handling and an un-intimidating riding position.

For the skilled rider it delivers a low upkeep, fuel effective, fun ride which is extra convenient than a standard motorcycle due to its large storage capability and its upright locking capacity. The MP3 also has an enormous head turning factor. If you had been often the last kid to get picked in school you may finally feel extremely well-liked on this scoot.

Piaggio MP3 400
Piaggio MP3 400

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