Piaggio MP3 LT 500 Sport: An Owner’s Review How To Make & Do Everything!

24 May 2015 | Author: | Comments Off on Piaggio MP3 LT 500 Sport: An Owner’s Review How To Make & Do Everything!
Piaggio MP3 400 Sport

Piaggio MP3 LT 500 Sport: An Owner’s Review

What do you think about this video?

Stuart Moore: Great video. Impressed by how relaxed you sound. I have the same model. I am also same age and height.

I have a full bike licence though and used to ride some pretty large bikes but had taken a break whilst raising kids. My discovery of these was a bit random, didn’t even know about such machines. Had been thinking about getting a bike again for a while but thought it might be worth trying a scooter as no longer had the need for the same power kick I had in my youth and 30s. Spotted an MP3 in a scooter magazine and immediately went off to find a dealer.

Fell in love and bought a recent used model within a couple of weeks. My nearest dealers in and around Birmingham didn’t have anything suitable so I ended up buying one from Scootercrazy in Huddersfield. My first ride on it was mostly motorway including the highest motorway in England (M62) in very bad weather (gales and rain).

Loved it. I am stunned that someone without bike experience can get on one of these and thought it a really bad idea until seeing your video. I do find it very similar to ride to two wheelers but with the extra stability you mentioned. I do more country and motorway riding than you so replaced the screen with the tall variant as I was getting buffeted far too much.

Now have to apply rain repellent as I can’t see over it. Much calmer ride though. Must get a better lid. Thank goodness for ear plugs. I also fitted a large third party top box on an adapter plate.

Sadly it is impractical for me to commute with my current contract. (Live in Shropshire, working near Heathrow.) and bad weather has meant not felt desire to ride for pleasure much at weekends. I hope to get some commutable work sometime as well as have fun when weather is a bit nicer. I think I would like a two wheeler again at some point but, like you, I would be tempted to keep this well. 

Blahdeblah52: Ahh typed that before ya said about the Bus Lanes 🙂 Nicely done. Congestion charge is almost irrelevant as the cams do not use forward facing cameras anyway. like ya said. I think it’s a fact!!

DumbDuck44: I hear it feels a bit top heavy compared to most scoots. BTW, in most states in the US (except california) you will need a motorcycle license to ride one.

CalmBiker: Great review. Interesting that you don’t need a bike license or CBT (though this might have changed / be changing). Completely with you that the commute becomes more fun than the job.

andyteethyea: this bike has always intreged me im on a cbt but i love my small bikes litraly only gunna do my lisence so i dont have to keep doing a cbt but ive always liked the look if these and wouldent mind getting one in the future great vid mate 

Marlon: Excellent review and a great insight into what it’s like riding and living with a motorcycle (or motor. trike?) in London. These were used for a while on a trial basis here in Melbourne Australia by paramedics. On a different level you’re pretty much the ideal new mature rider.

You’ve clearly done your research and developed a healthy interest in all things motorcycling. Your roadcraft is excellent mate – without sounding like I’m being condescending but you should be really proud of yourself.

Dan C: Fantastic review, really gave us a good feel of how it is like to ride a trike in a city. Your video might have actually convinced me to buy a trike in Singapore (as you may know car is ridiculously expensive here). Well right now I’ll stick to taking the tube in London whilst I’m here. )

Blahdeblah52: Mate, if you see a nutter waving on a Red CBR it will be me 🙂 I shall look out for you as (like you said in PM) we are on the same roads! First vid I ever watched on a 3 Wheel, it looks like a GREAT option if you don’t (yet) have a full license, you are getting a License one day, aint ya :p Rog, loved the vid and appreciate the shout. Subbed!

One thing, is it classed as OK to go through Bus Lanes that are marked as only Motorcycles or buses? Grey area maybe :-)

robin yates: nice steady commute,interesting review on the 3 wheeler,thanks

Mihai Dragomir: i like the part where you say someone that isn’t me has had this bike up to an indicated 100 🙂 very usefull review!

TheKnightsShield: Since the MP3 has 2 wheels up front, how does it steer at higher than 15mph? Does it still require counter steering or does it act more like a reverse trike and/or a car?

Mashud Ali: Dude. Thoroughly interesting!

Melvin Bartolome: Your review was really good. I was wondering if you need to stick L Plates on?

Rodney Murray: Great review. I have an MP3 500, actually a Gilera Fuoco rebadged as MP3 for the US market. Love it! In the US, you can only ride a scooter without a motorcycle license if its 50cc or lower.

I have the same wide angle mirror too. What camera/mic do you use? Thanks!

Encantador: Hi, How is your RAM mount attached? Steve

SentMe: Hey mate, Nice video! I do have a question. Does the scooter drive with countersterring or like a car?

stefan brown: I want gears i feel abit safer

theboywholived2: Thank you for your reply, did you say there was another make of the piaggio that was made under their name, or under a different company that’s also importing the same kind of bike into the UK now? Many thanks 

taiwarrior1: Great video, really informative! I’ve been looking at scooters recently because it’s getting increasingly more challenging and frustrating owning a car in the city I live in (Bristol). A question, if I may?

Can you park this for free in solo motorcycle/scooter parking bays or do you have to get a pay and display ticket for it? Many thanks and ride safe. -)

ombra306: fuoco, f u o c o!

james sullivan: watch for car doors mate those roads are pretty narrow

Gary Cramp: this, is by far, the best review video I have ever seen from a normal bloke with no ties to the manufacturer or even riding experience. I have been lucky enough to try every single Piaggio/Gilera on the market as I work for a dealership. you my friend should review anything on this planet, and I would watch it and take notes. 9.8/10. only bad thing was watching you undertake that lorry after spending to much time in his blind spot! otherwise that was a perfect ride and review.

A Hut: Tanks for your story About the bike. I ride a Vespa, but wants a MP3. Greets from Holland.

Βίντεος Βιντεάκης: Hello from Greece. I can see that you love the MP3 as we all. I like the sport’s model mirrors. Only someone who rides the MP3 can feel the superiority of its kind.

Thank you for the video. Have nice rides. 

profmartin1967: Want one.

Mike Conroy: I have one too, and it is great.

richard682e: Nice video, i have owned a converted 500cc Gilera Fuoco from new since 2011, agree with everything you said about the bike and the freedom it brings. Check out http://modernvespa.com/forum/ for great tips for MP3’s and the British site http://mp3scooterclub.co.uk/cgi-bin/topic_show.pl?tid=1751 ( That’s mine in the thread).

The best single add on for the bike is Dr Pulley 17gram rollers/sliders transforms off the line acceleration, i think yours may already have them on from new if not get them done at the next belt change. I have had a true 85mph (satnav) with the clock at about a indicated 135kph but i am a big LAD. I am halfway through DAS just mod 12 to do, got the theory out of the way.

Safe riding remember everyone else on the road is a loony and you wont go wrong. Again a great review*****

Sue Hall: Hello there, Sue from Australia here. Thank you for the video, loved it. I have an MP3 250cc 2007 and yes the wrong model lol an ie but I love it. You were spot on with your description of everything (except the wrong model lol).

Bought mine in Aug 13, second hand like you off a fellow who bought a Can Am Spider. only 600k on it when I got it. Have you seen the new model Yourban. Looks a bit more macho, bit more Gilera Fuocoish. 

holidaythailand2010: Great video, thanks for sharing your experiences, if other bikers dont nod, take both hands off and give them a wave, finger, etc.

deandigger: Just wanted to congratulate you on a very good informative and enjoyable video, i looked at the gilera fuoco as im in the same position as you were hating the commute into london. I was told you can get a conversion kit for the two front wheels so you can then ride it on a car licence but it seems to be a grey area whether its true or not and then i came across the same bike as what you have yourself and now im sold on it so once again thanks.

cheehsiong83: Is that a gps unit under the riderscan?

Motortriker: Thanks Medi. I saw your video. I thought about buying a cover but I have heated gloves and heated jacket which keep me very warm. The MP3 Sport is good fun isn’t it.

Martin P.: I don’t think anyone uses the foot brake, it’s easier and quicker to brake with your fingers, People (like me) who have a bike license are now forced to pay up to 7.700€ for an 300LT model (Spain prices) when the RST cost 6.700€ when it was available. ( I have an MP3 but I’d like to get a new one eventually). Does a foot pedal and an additional brake line cost 1000€. I liked your review, what kind of equipment did you use to record the audio?

Piaggio MP3 400 Sport

Motortriker: I use a Drift HD170 Stealth. I bought it refurbished via Amazon UK from Extreme Cameras for £59.00. It came with all the mounts, remote and battery the same as new. It was a stonking-good bargain. Every now-and-then I check back and Extreme often have some advertised there.

The only downside is the night mode is pretty poor compared with the HD Ghost (current model) – very noisy image. The battery lasts about 3-4 hours filming in 1080p 30fps – it also does 60fps. It uses standard SD cards.

mc0974: I really enjoyed your video and ride! I commute from sutton to London, around 20 miles on my beloved vespa gts 125, I though buying an mp3, it is used by police, ( or I think it may be the new quadro scooter, I really like the vespa as it is more stylish! When you want to sell,call me!

Peter Combes: Good video very helpful, I am just contemplating getting one.

Motortriker: I can’t see myself ever wanting to own a car again. My other’arf has a car so our bases our covered (if we need to go to Ikea or BQ) but the driving experience is just too frustrating once you’ve enjoyed motorcycling. BTW, nice dolly-shot; why no more vid’s?

Motortriker: I think you’re being a little unfair to suggest that she should just give stuff away because she’s rich. You don’t get rich – or stay rich – by giving stuff away, do you? She owns a record company (Roundtable), and I managed to buy the bike through her business partner, Archie.

Motortriker: You may be right Steven. I got the information about TfL using front cameras from the forums but it makes sense that they use rear facing cameras on the exit. I do shift work and you may have explained why I’ve never been charged: I leave work after 6pm.

I’ll try and do more research and make a follow-up vid if I get a definitive answer.

EastBayFM: Congestion charge? Are you freaking kidding me. The uk is much more notorious for generating ridiculous revenue apparently. What an evil government.

Keith Brett: 16:40 He says the first thing he got was the riderscan mirror. wwwdotriderscandotcodotza

Elvis Presley: There’ll be more vids, that’s a small bike I’m restoring but I haven’t had the time to put any work on it lately, I should have finished it already but I need some peace, Have fun with your MP3!

Motortriker: I think it’s similar to driving cars; when you start you find it hard to look much beyond the end of your bonnet. You will see more, have more anticipation of potential hazards etc. and have better balance and control of the bike by keeping your head up.

Motortriker: Thanks mate – I will message you first if/when I decide to sell. The police are using them around my area; it’s the PCSO’s who ride them. I had a chat with one of them and he said they use 250cc models and ride them on car licences too – the Met don’t require them do take motorcycle training.

Motortriker: Thanks for commenting StrangeLoveLabs. I’ve read rumours that Piaggio is thinking of using the 850 engine from the Aprilia srv850 in an updated MP3. That should be quite a challenger to the Yamaha T-Max and BMW c650 scooters.That would be fun.

mattblackmick: I’ve had my MP3 for nearly a year now (had bikes for 30+ years) The main reason I bought mine was due to my wife’s limited mobility. With the tilt lock engaged she can get on and off the bike without any danger of it falling over. Also she can stay sat on it at petrol stations etc. The only real issue we have is that she’s 5’4 and the pillion footrests are a tiny bit of a stretch, but I’m going to sort that out.

As for power, it’s got plenty for keeping up with motorway traffic 2 up!!

EastBayFM: Why would kate even bother taking the time to sell it? If she truly is related to the rothschilds, she should have given it away. 3 or 4k is a fraction of her monthly bank account interest she gets just by holding a massive amount of cash in the bank.

Rich people need to learn to give more.

Elvis Presley: I’ve been riding bikes since I was 16 and I’m 43, @10:32 . commuting on a bike you can pretty much know exactly how long is going to take you no matter what the weather is… I do own a car but I feel trapped inside it not because it’s a cage but for that reason, I don’t know how long is going to take, or whether I’ll have a space to leave it when I arrive. I do own a Piaggio MP3 and I’d only trade it for another MP3.

Motortriker: I think you’ll love it Andrew. I’m glad you’re getting some CBT training too. If you don’t already, subscribe to RoadcraftNottingham – Russell’s channel is full of good tips about riding.

Also read TWIST OF THE WRIST I II by Keith Code and watch the video. Another excellent read is PROFICIENT MOTORCYCLING by David L Hough. I think the 3 most important things to get into your head when you start riding is: keep your head up; you go where you look (target fixation); countersteering.

Ride safe!

Martin P.: Piaggio no longer manufactures the ie model (oficially named RST or RL in early versions) in other words, now all Piaggio MP3s are LTs (Large Thread) except for the Hybrid 300 and can be ridden with a car license in the EU. The Hybrid is no longer made either as a non LT but it sold less and there are quite a few unsold ones. The LT doesn’t have integrated blinkers but has a foot brake, a small light on the radiator and the front wheels are 4cms further apart than the RST/RL type.


Piaggio MP3 LT 500 Sport: an owner’s review 4.9 out of 5

Piaggio MP3 400 Sport

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