1971 Enfield Bullet Diesel How To Save Money And Do It Yourself!

5 Jun 2015 | Author: | Comments Off on 1971 Enfield Bullet Diesel How To Save Money And Do It Yourself!
Royal Enfield Diesel Taurus

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hiyadroogs: Captain, have got the starting technique down pat? I ask, because I’ve never known a diesel not to start instantly. I used to have a Perkins engined DI Maestro, even at -6, I never used the glowplugs.

It would be running even before the starter motor had disengaged, it had a much lower compression ratio than industrial diesel singles! Maybe it’s the antiquated injection technology of this Yanmar, but it runs very eneven for a diesel, even accepting that it may be cold.

CaptainCropper: Thank you, not that hard really, trickiest bit was relocating the electrics.

hiyadroogs: @CaptainCropper Are you sure you didn’t mean 700 km from a tank Capt’? The standard Enfield tank is 2.96 gallons. To achieve 700 miles from a tank, that diesel would have to average over 236 mpg! 700 km, or 437.5 miles, is a tad under an easily attainable 148 mpg.

Although I do know this engine can achieve 180 mpg without too much difficulty.

arie sams: hmm it has a cheap china yanmar clone engine. i got one too! you also have the 418cc? let me know if you have any trouble with this engine!

CaptainCropper: @dev14u, er. what are you talking about?

CaptainCropper: Believe it or not, it’s never kicked back, the clutch is so feeble that when the motor kicks, the clutch just slips and the force never gets as far as my foot.

CaptainCropper: @hiyadroogs, Hmm, sounds like you may be right. Any questions regarding MPG should now be directed at hiyadroogs please :o), my maffs isn’t up to it.

starmanskye: Cool Bike! But for serious cruising, something this rudimentary utilitarian (never ‘crude!’) would be very fatiguing with the one-lunger vibration. A more modern, 2+ cylinder design would be a huge improvment. People ARE making their own conversions. There’s a company that exclusively makes a twin-cylinder modern diesel enduro-style bike around 600 cc for the US Marines which is pretty trick.

In the next few years, I’m sure there will be greater interest in diesel MCs simply for fuel efficiency.

CaptainCropper: It sounds like a cement mixer. Use your imagination.

CaptainCropper: @111fishkiller, it’s fine, I use the electric start, kicker is futile in colder weather.

hindimusicvideos: beautiful machine. I can see a very proud owner there.

tlo E: @CaptainCropper he is talking about All the crappy Indian components

ppiilloottee: Verry good. 😉

vegiboy100: Another question what kind of seat is that and where did you get it.

vegiboy100: What is your kill wire attached too?

CaptainCropper: I’ve done a bit to the bike to give it a cleaner look, mainly the levers have been replaced with British made Doherty items, as has the throttle. The only handlebar switchgear is on the left bar (hi/lo/horn), the rest is on the tool box. Ignition switch pulled out and replaced with a Lucas switch to take care of the off/side/main department of the lighting.

Basically anything that’s modern Indian stuff has either come off or is on the list to come off.

CaptainCropper: It’s a 14 litre tank and assuming (pessimistically) that it does 150mpg, that’s over 450 to the tank. The long range 18l tank will top 600 miles. Time will tell what the fuel consumption is like.

Howard Moore: Dang the chain is bigger than the bike

silver760: Apparently the factory diesels the Robin you could get 400 miles to the tank,I know the tank doesnt hold much.

hiyadroogs: The KLR conversion you refer to for the military is in fact a single cylinder indirect injection diesel of their own design. It is 670cc produces something like 33 bhp, which is an extremely high output for a non turbo diesel single of that capacity. It revs to 5500rpm!

An industrial single cylinder direct injection diesel of similar capacity, would produce perhaps half that, although would be more fuel efficient.

arie sams: Are you coming to Hamm??

JtsGreene: I care what he did to it, so I know how it’s done. Not everyone is entertained by shiny objects and flashing lights, I prefer the details and putting stuff together.

superbran2008: is it wise starting a enfield diesel with crocks on youre feet u are a braver man than i am lol nise bike tho

enfieldchopper: Thanks for checking out my vids captain. Your diesel bike is very interesting. Nothing like that around here. I’d like to have one.Very different. Sounds and looks older than the year.

A real brit bike i presume?

CaptainCropper: I’ve never been to Hamm, maybe you met Dave. The ratchet on the kickstart slips, so I never put my full weight on the kick start, that’s why it takes 3 kicks. I use the electric start now anyway.

silver760: shes a beauty,expertly done,stew

Xelmon: A diesel bike? I’ll be damned.

CaptainCropper: @rollingredknuckles, The original Enfield diesel is no longer sold, it was SLOW anyway, I think it had a 325cc Villiers lump. I have no issues with the rev range, I love the thud thud thud of bimpling along at 50mph (top whack). Also what’s quite cool is that it ticks over at about 200rpm and that if you get a tailgater (and you will) you can just whack the throttle wide open and all the extra diesel turns into acrid black smoke and you have an instant James Bond smoke screen.

CaptainCropper: @rollingredknuckles, I’m currently re-wiring the entire bike to make the most of the meagre electron offering from the diesel lump (the stock RE alternator won’t fit on the diesel lump) and because Indian wiring is the most terrible thing ever to curse anything with wheels.

CaptainCropper: @vegiboy100, it’s a seat, I got it from Hitchroostersmotorcycles dot co dot uk. It’s not that comfortable really.

CaptainCropper: Our nation being one that has predominantly dry weather and an average vehicle speed of 8kph. I’m sure they are just fine in India, but over here we have to put up with year round rain, interspersed with snow, ice and the most corrosive road salt you can imagine. May I should have said crappy Indian compenents when used in the UK rather than making a global statement.

That said, the paint is very good even if all the nuts and bolts have dissolved.

Aronnax87: Wonderful. Truly wonderful. This bike is my dream from a long time =). Unfortunately i have to buy 250 normal gas bike for now xD By the way. When Enfield stopped their production? In 2008?

CaptainCropper: Not British. Most of the bike is Indian except for the levers and diesel conversion fittings. The frame is powder coated so will last for years, everything else is soluble.

CaptainCropper: The diesel bike stopped production years ago. They still make petrol bikes. Your 250 is almost certainly faster than this bike, so don’t feel to bad

Royal Enfield Diesel Taurus
Royal Enfield Diesel Taurus


CaptainCropper: Look, I’m really not interested in getting into a ridiculous Youtube argument, the parts I took off were cheap and nasty and made in India, the wiring was equally nasty and ineffective to I tore out the whole lot and rewired it myself with good quality components. You guys need to take things a little less personally, I love India, I’ve been there many many times. And it wasn’t just crappy British parts that caused the demise or British bikes, it was a poor attitude as well.

Aronnax87: I know it will be faster, It has more than double of HP, but I’m sure You know that speed is not everything =) I’m curious. Is this bike likes to broke? How is it going on long distances?

That’s what for me is the most important ‘couse I’m going to taking a vaery long rides on my bike =) and who knows, maybe some day on a diesel bike.

CaptainCropper: @GameronMaximus, sure, you want to pay postage. o)

CaptainCropper: Yes, as long as the outside temperature stays above 11c, below that, bio goes all gooey. Smells like BBQ :o)

Shagun Kalash: hi i am lokking for a re bullet, wanna sell this one.

devashish: captain. captaincropper. or captain crook with an er. btw learn to be polite. As per my knowledge, British people are known for that. and if you cant. then atleast try to learn something everyday before commenting/blaming/pointing on other stuffs. anyway tough luck. I personally have no charm in seeing you or your so called inventions and their descriptions.

MOST of them are wrong. so dont bother about replying. take care dude.

Shagun Kalash: @CaptainCropper how much u want for it.

CaptainCropper: Thing is, the KLR based bike is something like ВЈ10,000. There’s a company in Holland who have developed a bike from scratch, but that’s ВЈ13,000. There’s a place in Germany that converts Triumph Tigers, these have the 2 cylinder engines you speak of and I think they are the cheapest of the fast option.

arie sams: Hmm didn’t we meet in Hamm 3 weeks ago? In time you will learn how to start it in a single push!

IndianPrince04: I think the real takeaway here is that he doesn’t even realize that the country that assembles the bike is rarely the country that manufactures the parts that make it a whole. My neighbors own a Land Rover that’s been giving them problems since day 1, and now they’ve vowed to never again buy inferior British made junk. They’re better off going with a Japanese car, or dare I say, an American one.

Since TATA has bought them out, I’d imagine their quality control issues will finally be rectified.

jjjjj: neat bike. this proves once again that everytime i (or mabey we) feel inventive, find out my genious idea’s already been a reality for decades

tantragna: like that way of stopping the engine.

renny mathew: what kind of crappy indian products you removed. dude these indian components are working fine in our nation. if u think the components are crappy just because they are indian. then i think ur mind is also crap.

CaptainCropper: @rollingredknuckles, Matt, as is mentioned in the spiel that goes with the vid, it’s a PricePart Motorcycles conversion. Main things are the modification of the down tube on the frame (Price Parts sell this bit) the spacer on the gearbox to make it all line up, and I think, the final output shaft or something in the gearbox. It’s all at pricepartmotorcycles.

Personally, I thing the wisest way to do it is to buy a ready sorted Bullet with a blown engine, and take it from there.

Jeffrey Muntz: What’s it like starting that clanker on a cold morning??

hiyadroogs: Just read your other posts Captain. My questions about starting slightly uneven idle have been answered by the kickstart ratchet, the biodiesel!


1971 Enfield Bullet Diesel 4.4 out of 5

Royal Enfield Diesel Taurus
Royal Enfield Diesel Taurus
Royal Enfield Diesel Taurus
Royal Enfield Diesel Taurus
Royal Enfield Diesel Taurus
Royal Enfield Diesel Taurus

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