49 Journeys That’ll Change Your Life

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Royal Enfield Bullet 500 Trial Trail

49 Journeys That’ll Change Life

What makes a journey?

A guaranteed transporting first and foremost.

But after it all depends on how you define “journey.”

If version is restricted to a paved at least two wheels and an engine, a clear point A and B (and not forget the cupholders), this may not be for you.

Or maybe it is — if flexible enough to allow an shaft in Taipei or a flight of on a remote island in the South to also qualify.

And a reindeer or a pair of ice skates or a Ferrari-styled coaster car to constitute a fair SMT Mode of Transport).

What these 49 trips (listed in no order) the “best” ones out Ruthless subjectivity and provocative to hear back from you the 500 better ones we overlooked.

of these journeys can (or must) be in a matter of minutes. Others may at least one lifetime.

All of them are adventures worthy of true warrior spirit — in the sense — and solid that “moving about” is greatest obsession.

1. Moscow t o Russia

Board the Trans-Siberian in Moscow and rumble east Russia’s interminable backcountry the (relatively momentary) appearance of Baikal reminds you you’re not on

Pull into the port of 9,300 kilometers, seven and eight time zones Yep, you’ve just across a quarter of the earth’s

2. Sydney to several remote Australia

SMT: Helicopter

The only helicopter pub crawl we of departs from Sydney, above the city’s famed and touching down at several drinking holes spread the beautiful (but curiously by mid-afternoon) New South Wales

3. Inca Trail, Peru

The for South America’s legendary Andes-hugging, thin-air trek to Picchu was laid over 500 ago.

And the payoff at the end of your 43-kilometer hike — upon the legendary “Lost of the Incas” with your own — remains as life-enhancing as it was for pre-Columbian royalty.

4. Cape to Cairo, Africa

SMT: wits and 10 weeks minimum

It just rolls off the tongue. an independent road trip the of Africa, on the other hand 17,000 kilometers and 11 countries (or featuring Victoria Falls, Mt.

lion and Whirling Dervish etc. — is a different

We can’t wait to hear it.

5. Adelaide to Darwin, Australia

Greyhound Bus

It’s been “the longest bus ride in the — a debatable factoid you bother disputing after for at least 42 hours (plus a layover in Alice Springs) the planet’s most desolate, continental midsection.

The draw: side trip opportunities en from spectacular Katherine and Ayers Rock to an underground hotel room in Coober All cheaply chauffeured by a trusty driver who has to stay awake for

SMT: Ferrari Formula Roller Coaster Car

Q: Does a roller coaster count as a

A: On the world’s fastest one, a Prix-themed beast with cars that accelerates to 240 per hour in four seconds, 4.8Gs and requires the use of goggles yes.

7. Amritsar, India to ‘Shangri-La’

Royal Enfield

What’s stopping you from touring Himalayan foothills to the border of on a 500cc Royal Enfield Maps? A guide and team of mechanics?

A Royal Enfield

All of that’s included in TransIndus’s Trans-Himalayan Odyssey — through mountain passes, valleys and some of the most alpine scenery you’ll witness astride India’s of a Harley.

8. Union Square to Wharf, San Francisco

Buy your ticket at the Market St. turntable and up with all the other tourists. either the Powell-Mason or Powell-Hyde

Roll north past Square, along the edge of up and over Nob Russian Hills, and to Fisherman’s Wharf, clanging all the

9. Ground floor to 89th Taipei 101, Taiwan

We the vertigo-inducing, glass-fronted ride up CN Tower too. But for the sheer of blasting above the stifling in a steel box that “pushes the of people-mover technology,” according to Mechanics, nothing quite an elevator trip up Taiwan’s 101.

No longer the world’s building and fastest elevator, it the greatest vertical road to urban tranquility. One way ticket to the observation deck, please.

10. C2C England

SMT: Hiking and walking stick (Optional: of Sheep and Border Collie)

England’s Coast-To-Coast Trail the “C2C”) stretches 192 miles the Irish Sea at St. Bee’s to the North Sea at Hood’s Bay, rambling England’s famed Lake and other picturesque settings kindly folk and pubs.

you’ll be walking across an country. No, it shouldn’t wreck knees or take more a couple of weeks.

11. South Rim to Ranch, Grand Canyon,

Hoofing down Grand National Park’s main Bright Angel Trail, the world’s most famous is just easier and more on a set of four hooves.

Book mule at least a year in for the “Overnight Ride,” which a night at the bottom of the Grand at historic Phantom Ranch.

12. Khentii, Mongolia

There’s one place in the world to experience a Yak Safari — and we all know that is.

Peregrine’s 14-day to Mongolia starts in Ulaanbaatar and a three-day trek into the Khan Kentii wilderness nothing but a yak-driven support some local herdsman and emerging ancient nomadic

13. Reykjavik to Reykjavik, Iceland

Rental car

Iceland’s definitive loop around the country Route 1 (or The Ring Road) past remote glacial and weathered lava lands, narrow wooden bridges, steep sea-cliff-lined switchbacks, endearing towns with names (Kirkjubæjarklaustur anyone?), and so on.

In the you get to drive it in uninterrupted daylight.

14. Canal, Ottawa

SMT: Ice

Come winter, Canada’s famous recreational waterway (a World Heritage Site) into a skateway — and the largest ice rink.

Hardy locals commute to work way, along a maintained that runs for nearly miles through downtown Yes, you can rent skates at the hold a black briefcase and you’re doing the same.

15. Netherlands to Istanbul, Turkey (or

SMT: Anything on the ground. in the air

It really doesn’t matter how you do it, or pair of polar European you start and finish from as long as they’re about a countries apart and you don’t and fly anywhere.

Mile-per-mile, overlanding Europe remains the most cross-cultural voyage anywhere.

16. to Amalfi, Italy

Why deal Italian traffic while to sneak breathtaking seaside along the Amalfi Coast you can just hop into the back of a driven by an experienced local who can this winding, precipitous while yelling at his wife on the while playing tour and gazing admiringly out at Capri

17. Milford Track, New Zealand

finest walk in the world.” A few around the globe have granted this status, New Zealand’s signature 53.5-kilometer path through the heart of National Park — might just get the nod for its spectacular Island imagery and trekker-friendly along the 5-day route.

tours can be booked through the Track’s licensed operator, Hikes.

18. Deadwood to Custer Park, South Dakota

Harley Davidson

Home to the annual Sturgis Motorcycle South Dakota’s signature rite of passage is the Black Run (a.k.a. “the steeplechase for — a rolling, winding, scenic journey from the gold boomtown of Deadwood to the fields of Custer State with a pullout at Mount

19. Tashkent Metro, Uzbekistan

Subway train

The Moscow and subways get plenty of attention. May we now you with Uzbekistan’s pin-up rapid transit system?

The Metro is one of only two subways in Asia. This one’s not nicer than Kazakhstan’s, but is one of the most unsung, ornate — featuring 29 uniquely-designed of glass, granite, marble and alabaster, designed by prominent and architects.

There’s no red, or green line quite it.

20. Cabot Trail, Cape Island, Canada

SMT: Car good brakes and Gordon CD set

If there’s a bucket list in the Canadian Maritimes, it’s 298-kilometer loop around the top of Scotia’s Cape Breton — featuring stunning Coast scenery, numerous seafood stops, whale and superb day-trip hikes in Breton Highlands National

21. Lapland, Sweden

SMT: sled

In the Swedish Arctic, you have to be Santa to get pulled by a of reindeer through the pristine tundra.

Sign up for a four-day, sledding expedition guided by Sámi herdsmen with Travels, and it’s like came early in Lapland.

22. to Ingeniero Jacobacci, Patagonia,

Calling any 1930s-era steam that maxes out at about 45 per hour on even older track an express may be a stretch.

La Trochita (a.k.a. The Patagonian and the thinking is, why would you want to go any through 400 kilometers of haunting at the bottom of the world in an old, wooden train car?

23. to Cape Vincent, Caribbean

Foot, taxi, ferry,

Grab a taxi in Grenada, the Osprey Express for the 90-minute to Carriacou. Run to the mailboat docks at the Government Dock in Hillsborough to get you the border to Union island.

there, catch an early ferry to Bequia and then the Bequia Express to St. Vincent.

Who’d have thought the inter-island road trip in the would be this easy?

24. Big Sur and the of California Highway 1

California’s magnificent patch of coast, Big winds for 93 gorgeous, perilous between San Simeon (Hearst and Carmel — summoning waves of joy, awe and car-sickness all in one sitting.

Getting above it all in a home lets you make use of a dozen federal, state and campgrounds hiding along the Big Sur and experience the rest of California’s paved edge along 1.

25. Athens to Marathon, Greece

Jogging shoes

More 550 official marathon races in 69 on all seven continents are held around the world — but the one was run 2,500 years ago by a single herald named Pheidippides legend has it, raced from to Athens (roughly 26 miles) in 490 BC to victory over Persia … on the spot.

Train and you’ll fare better on hilly route that thousands of bibbed heralds from Marathonas to Athens’ Stadium in the annual Athens Marathon — held fall.

26. Turbo, Colombia to Aires, Argentina

SMT: car with easily replaceable

If there’s an easy way to drive the of South America, it’s the Pan-American Highway — “the world’s longest road” (which, technically, in Alaska).

Skipping the North and America part should journeying through Colombia, Peru, Chile and Argentina a breeze. If you’re in Suriname, you a wrong turn.

27. Calgary to Alberta

The straightest shot Calgary to Banff National is along the four-lane Trans-Canada (Highway 1). But this is a road right?

Opting for the alternate, route, Highway 1A, a picture-perfect, snaking along the quiet Bow leads to the same pinch-me Rocky Mountain scenery at a far enjoyable pace with quaint small towns in and a drive-by past the very where Legends of the Fall was

The moral of this story: you are, don’t snub “A” route.

28. Tijuana to San Lucas, Mexico

SMT: car with Mexican auto

Driving 1,700 kilometers of 1 in Mexico’s Baja Peninsula at 80 per hour from Tijuana to San Lucas will take you hours if you don’t stop.

But you stop. Possibly to change a or placate a bored 18-year-old at a checkpoint in the middle of nowhere.

Or, just to marvel upon one of the desert-meets-seascapes on earth. Just forget that insurance.

29. to Bergen, Norway

SMT: or mountain bike — or

Northern Europe’s most mountain- and fjord-fringed terrain between Norway’s capital and the coast city of Bergen. The way to see it: on the 290-mile-long Bergen railway.

The way: on mountain bike dirt service roads the tracks. The happy medium: On the to the top of the pass and downhill to Bergen on a bike.

30. Anywhere on Antarctica

Double-hulled ship, Zodiac and (important) foot

Reaching the tabular icebergs, frenzies of penguins and bleached, otherworldly of Antarctica may be the best approximation to travel on earth — but it a real journey unless you set foot on the place.

The majority of cruise ship admire the White Continent a distance without ever their ship.

For an up-close, journey that lets you stand on Antarctica instead of at it from the Lido Deck, on with an IAATO-member vessel in leading smaller groups and multiple shore excursions.

31. Mara National Reserve,

Witnessing Africa’s animals in a Rover is thrilling. Interacting them on horseback — alongside zebra, giraffe and — on a riding safari moving camps and local tribesmen in the mix is a whole other

Equitours’ flagship tour, Kenya’s wildlife-rich Masai National Reserve, features 11 of basically playing Hemingway the gun.

32. Coast to c oast, France

SMT: Renault

There are many places to go for a test drive in a small car, but none as simultaneously charming and full of random herds as Corsica.

Test skills on the west coast’s above Piana, Cap Corse’s and the interior’s D-623 near Gorge. D = Dramatic on any of them.

travel on the single-track Trinighellu line is a scenic alternative, across the island’s mountainous

33. Campbell River, Vancouver Canada

SMT: Snorkel and

Royal Enfield Bullet 500 Trial Trail

Every year, thousands of complete their own incredible trip up Vancouver Island’s River, one of the Pacific Northwest’s populated spawning grounds.

A “Snorkel with the Salmon” is on offer from Destiny Adventures with their leg floating down a not-so-lazy with a mask and snorkel.

salmon run viewing is between August and mid-September when all native Pacific species coho, chinook, sockeye and are present.

34. Chiang Mai Hill Thailand

Thailand’s estimated domestic elephants have (at officially) retired from duties and in the best cases a more sustainable life in the industry.

Your first job climbing aboard one: a company with a humane record.

Elephant “treks” from short guided in Phuket to longer expeditions in Thailand’s Hill Country including a three-day tromp the Baan Na Kled Hoi jungle Chiang Mai, interacting Thai hill tribes and an creature you can’t quite you’re sitting on.

35. Chama, New to Antonito, Colorado

SMT: gauge train

Between September and early October, the fall-color experience on steam-powered is chugging between Chama, New and Antonito, Colorado on the historic Toltec Scenic Railroad.

at either end for a full- or half-day through Carson and Rio Grande Forests, old sheep ranches and towns lit up with autumn

Along the way, you’ll beyond 10,000 feet at Pass — the highest reached by rail in the country.

36. to wherever you end up, Dhaka, Bangladesh

the journey, not the destination. We’ve all that old road trip — which has a special while riding in the back of a rickshaw in Dhaka, the unofficial Capital of the World.”

Weaving ridiculous traffic in one of 400,000 at last count, who really where you’re actually Just savor the ride.

37. to Halfmoon Hollow, Saint United Kingdom

SMT: Quads, glutes and

Napoleon, died eight before “Jacob’s Ladder” was on St. Helena to transport goods Jamestown to the top of Ladder Hill.

means climbing the vertiginous stairway’s 699 steps from sea to 600 feet puts you in an elite that even an exiled emperor isn’t part of. forget to buy your souvenir certificate at the nearby museum.

38. at Mt. Batur, Bali, Indonesia

Shuttle van, foot

Get up from your hotel in the wee and ascend the forested, volcanic of central Bali’s, 5,633-foot Mt. at pre-dawn.

Atop the crater rim at you can gaze out while your cooks eggs on steaming hot before hustling back the live volcano.

Contact Sunrise Trekking Tours or other companies offering trip, or book your own independently with the Association of Batur Trekking Guides.

39. to Everest Base Camp,

SMT: Feet and Lungs

Hop a flight from Katmandu to — home of the world’s hair-raising landing strip. start walking.

At least a is recommended for the 62-kilometer trek up to Base Camp, winding Himalayan imagery and mountain colored in prayer flags en to the gates of the world’s highest

Before turning around, all those mid-May crazies who call this oddly spot just the beginning of upward journey.

40. Denali Alaska

You don’t need to be an athlete to experience authentic dog in the Alaskan wilderness — but you need to go to mushing school.

Paws for Adventure runs and full-day mushing classes and overnights for the rest of us who won’t be 1,150 miles from to Nome this year.

signature Alaskan Range is five nights of dogsled up and around the Denali Highway and Glacier. Not a sound but falling and jingling collars.

41. Merzouga to Erg Morocco

Anyone drawn to the of camel travel probably ridden one lately — but is a more primal place on to experience it than in the world’s desert?

The massive dunes of Erg in southeastern Morocco are your into the Sahara from the camel-trekking-serviced village of Merzouga. you’re out there.

42. Cape to Hermanus or further, South

The most relentlessly pleasant on the bottom of the world starts in Town and skirts east the Western Cape past seaside villages, vineyards, and marine mammal overlooks to — “South Africa’s Town.”

That’s the quick version. Add a zero and you can continue South African coastal all the way to Durban.

43. The Great Wall,

China’s Great Wall about 20,000 daily in its busiest section near But that just leaves magnificent parts of this two-millennia-in-the-making, not-so-modest masonry foot-traffic free.

For example, up for ICA’s WildWall Extreme five-day camping trip 40 kilometers of remote Great in neighboring Hebei Province, and the most wondrous wall was just for you this week.

44. New to Agra, India

Define bus” anyway you like, but the out of Delhi are so much nicer someone else has to drive

A mere 200 kilometers southeast of madness takes you to Agra and checklist-notching date with the Taj

45. Scotsdale to Upper Sonoran Arizona

In Greater Phoenix, one can only so much saguaro and from behind the wheel of a rented Neon.

The cure: deep into the area’s outback, the Sonoran Desert, at with an ITT GEN 3 Night Vision when the temperature’s dipped 120 and the tarantulas, scorpions, wild and Gila Monsters are just up.

46. Chamonix, France to Zermatt,

SMT: Skis and crampons

The Route (High Route), most famous backcountry ski traverses 120 kilometers of glaciated from Chamonix to Zermatt and has called the “the hut-to-hut to end all hut-to-hut tours” and the “the dream of fanatical off-piste everywhere.”

Mountain Tracks a nine-day, all-inclusive journey a select route tailored to over-trafficked areas.

47. Dingle Ireland

SMT: Car or foot

if you don’t know the Dingle yet, you already kind of do. away on Ireland’s southwest in ultra-scenic County Kerry, it scores of classic Irish

Craggy mountains swaddled in Tilted green hills with yellow gorse and with old stone walls. frothy Atlantic shorelines.

An old squinting at you by the side of a quaint road in a gray tweed cap his ten million sheep.

The Dingle is a microcosm of the Irish coast in one stunning package that you can around by car in a single day. But it at least two-or three.

Or a week, if you have the time and muscles to hoof around the on the 179-kilometer Dingle Way, one of the most spectacular long-distance trails.

48. Guadalajara to Amititán,

SMT: Tequila Express”

Most classic weekend trips are much happier on the way than back . The Tequila is one notable exception.

You can board in at 10:30am, roll past covered hillsides into the of Amititán (a.k.a. the birthplace of where you’ll visit of the world’s oldest tequila — before returning in a train car full of passengers on tequila, conga-lining to a mariachi Salud!

49. Pitesti to Cartisoara,

SMT: Car, motorcycle or bicycle

A couple seasons Top Gear host Jeremy put South-Central European scenic driving on the map by exclaiming, “This is the road in the world,” while Romania’s national route 7C the Transfagarasan Highway) with an Martin, Ferrari and a Lamborghini.

in spite of the potholes, crumbly and tempestuous conditions that this secluded, serpentining former military route gorgeous Carpathian mountainscapes right past Vlad the old hilltop digs) undriveable mid-fall and late spring.

Royal Enfield Bullet 500 Trial Trail
Royal Enfield Bullet 500 Trial Trail
Royal Enfield Bullet 500 Trial Trail
Royal Enfield Bullet 500 Trial Trail


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