A legend untouched by time – The Royal Enfield!! Lexus Cages

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Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Army

A legend untouched by time – The Royal Enfield!!

Ladies and gentlemen,

Presenting to you. defying time, defying imagination, A legend untouched by time…

The BIKE for which there are no speed breakers, no signs.

The BIKE which is not stopped by anyone,

Deliberately Primitive

And if that is not enough, Ladies and gentlemen,

I present you, the proud new owner of this legendary BIKE… None other than…

Ankur Srivastava …

Here is the full interview of him with one of our media correspondents Miss Pooja Saxena :

Pooja: Mr Srivastava, first of all let me…

Ankur (interrupts): Please Pooja, call me Ankur.  

Pooja (blushes): ok, Ankur, let me first congratulate you on your new Enfield.

Ankur (makes a contrite face): Don’t forget the word ‘Royal’ Pooja; it’s the ‘Royal Enfield’.

Pooja: Yes yes, of course, so silly of me, Congratulations on your new Royal Enfield.

Ankur (brimming with pleasure): Thank you so much!

Pooja: So, how does it feel?

Ankur: Great! Marvelous! Stupendous!

Pooja (smiles and blinks her eyes): I’ve been told that you are (looks into her notepad) the proud owner of your new bike for just over a month now?

Ankur (smiles back): Yes, that is correct. I complete 2000 kms next week.

Pooja (gasps and smiles): So, how has your experience been so far?

Ankur (with a look of fascination in his eyes): I cant explain you in words, Pooja, it has been a wonderful experience. You sit on it and you are the king of the world. You just don’t care about anything else. You just want to ride, ride and ride. The breeze in your hair feels like heaven, it makes you love everything around you, off the record, but even the pillion rider (winks).

You feel you are sitting… No no. You feel you are reclining on a leather couch and you are not travelling; the world is travelling around you, watching you, admiring you. (Pooja notices that his eyes are twinkling)

Pooja(tries to hide her eyes by pretending to look into her notepad): So, have you been on any road trips?

Ankur (surprised): NO. Not at all. As I already told you, I complete 2k kms next week. The running in of the bike gets over at 3k kms. I got a few offers, people were going out of the city on weekends, and obviously, wanted my company, or rather our company now (points to the picture of his bike and smiles), but I declined firmly.

See, running in a bullet is not even remotely similar to running in a… (hesitates) ‘normal motorcycle’. Here you have to take extreme caution. The bullet is your brother.

Respect him, you win him, and you both ride as a single unit, a single entity. If you don’t respect him, he will kick you in the butt.

Pooja: What do mean when you say ‘Respect your bullet’?

Ankur (with a twinkle in his eyes again; Pooja looks down): See, it is very important that you run in the bike properly. You have to train it at different speeds. Basically, you decide the span of your run in period first; either in time or in KMs. I decided on 3k KMs. Then you have to divide it into a number of smaller spans and train your bike on different and progressively higher speeds in those spans.

Am I making sense?

Pooja (wide-eyed): not much…

Ankur (looks into her eyes, thinks that she is cute and smiles): Just appreciate the fact that it is not a normal motorcycle. I’ll not bore you with the technical details. So, I cannot go for a road trip till I have completed 3000 KMs.

Pooja (smiles back): Is it true that before zeroing on a bullet, you were considering to buy other… in your words ‘normal motorcycles’?

Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Army

Ankur: What rubbish! These are all rumors. The media these days, I tell you… Pooja, I want you to mention this categorically, “the moment I had rested my eyes on a Royal Enfield, I knew it was the bike I wanted.

It is true that I took a test ride of Yamaha R15, Pulsar 220 and the sorts, but that was just because a friend of mine had requested me to accompany him, as he wanted my opinion on which one to buy”.

Pooja: And what did you advice him?

Ankur: To buy the bullet!!

Pooja (smiles): I am not surprised.

Ankur: Nothing personal against Yamaha R15, pulsar 220, or even Karizma. Those bikes have got a different feel to them, which is sporty; entirely different from a bullet’s feel, which is godly.

Pooja (smiles again): so, uh…   any messages for anyone?

Ankur: Yes ,I want to thank   Albert Eadie and RW Smith, who formed the Enfield Manufacturing Co, which later on built these fabulous bikes. I want to thank all my fans, my parents, especially my dad, for not letting me down on this one. Last but not the least, I want to thank the Indian govt.

Pooja (with a baffled look): The Indian govt?

Ankur (smiling): Yes, the govt. Because it is the govt which approved the sixth pay commission, without which financing the bike could have been a small problem. My dad is serving in the Indian Army.

Pooja (understands and smiles): Ok… So… uh… Can I have a look at the bike?

Ankur: Sure, why not? Come outside. (They both go out to the parking lot)

Ankur: Here it is. Isn’t it gorgeous? (while sitting on it)

Pooja (jaw-dropping): It sure is…. (smiles). Can I get a ride? If you don’t mid?

Ankur (smiles): Sure you can. Hop on! Why don’t we have some coffee while coming back..

Pooja (goes red): Okie… (she mounts the bike)

Vroom Vrroom…. Vrrroooooooommm..

Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Army
Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Army
Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Army
Royal Enfield Bullet 350 Army

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