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Royal Enfield Bullet Electra X AVL

Enfield buying/renting – Itinerary Suggestions for March-June 2014


Originally Posted by CaptKaos A strobe light would take a lot of the guessing out of setting the points, but as you said without TDC marks it is a bit of a hit and miss affair anyway – I have to admit that on my last Enfield I set the points by fiddling at it until I got it right..(I began life on bikes rebuilding 1960s Lambrettas that have a similiar points system..so it was not the first time I’d done it..). the build quality is what it is. whether it is ‘poor’ or not is subjective. heavy engineering and huge tolerances make for ease of DIY and emergency repairs..( I did the shims of my bike in Richikesh outside an ashram making new shims from a coke can. work perfectly.. try fixing something on a BMW/high tech Jap bike by the side of the road. then again my Enfield was a ’92 model so its level of sophistication was non-existent. what I want to say is that it can be done without a timing light, what is needed is some patience and some decent tools. in fact I would say bring your own tools with you. some proper spanners and good screwdrivers make a world of difference

I remember Labmrettas in India. Vespas too. I can’t remeber seeing ny Lambrettas in the U.S. I learnt to ride a motorised two wheeler on a Bajaj (successor of Vespa had licensed Bajaj to market its scooter.

License was not renewed in 1971, when Bajaj began marketing the older model under its name).

If it’s not difficult to do it here, could briefly tell me method/technique? Without a TDC mark, how does one proceed? I know I am going to ask a stupid question now. I haven’t ha the need to tune an engine for a number of years now as modern car engines, there isn’t much to replace periodically that would interfere with timing. As I am get older, I forget things too.

All of sudden, a doubt has risen in my mind.

How does one get to the TDC of the power stroke? You don’t want just any TDC. It’s going downhill rapidly now. If I don’t get to the TDC of the power stroke, other things like valve timings will be off. Silly me.

How silly of me. I just got it. Thinking of valves did it. You have to feel the pressure build up while trying to find TDC and pressure builds up only in power stroke. Phew!

I was really worried there. How many degrees before TDC is the timing set? How do you adjust your advance? I am sorry, I am sking too many questions.

Thank you guys! Is the crankshaft or crank easy to access on an Enfiled? You would have to turn the engine manually to reach TDC. I wonder if using the kick very carefully and slowly would work.

I am asking because I have owned or ridden an Enfield. I learnt what I have about engines or cars pretty much in isolation. I owe it to a Welsh friend of mine, Ian, who was more like an older brother than a friend. When I bought my first car, I was a graduate student of 24, I did not know how to drive.

I did not know, which pedal on the floor did what. I an was supposed to advise me on whether the car was worth buying, I really wanted it. It was 1979 and the car was a 1970 Opel Kadett, station wagon. The seller, contrary to our agreement, called me without a notice saying,I need to leave in half an hour, bring your money to buy the car I completed the transaction without Ian. Later when I found Ian, I asked him if he would look at the car.

It’s a bit too late for that!, said Ian. did, however look at, and even drove it. It will do, but the brakes are a bit dodgy. He helped me replace my brake pads. Actually, he did and I watched. I realised, it’s no magic.

Soon I had to change front wheel bearings and he rotors, tighten the belt, the replace brushes on the alternator, water pump, all on my own. Ian would sometimes stop by and see how I was doing or get me a part I needed. Ian and I had the same thesis advisor, and we all had a green Opel Kadett station wagon.

I learnt a lot on that car and another OPEL Kadett I bought two years later.

What’s the point of all that? None, I am afraid. I got thinking about it when I read about you making shims out of a coke can. I had to make s him for the wheel bearing on the (driver’s side) left axle.

The bearing was just a tad loose on the axle. I used a thin brass sheet to make a few shims. I thought brass was a good idea since it’s soft and compressible.

Little things can leave you stranded if you can’t make do with what you have. Ca’t you get proper hand tools in India? I had heard that they do make decent spanners. I don’t know about screw drivers.

Everything we get here is Made in China. Some Chinese made stuff is not bad. I have their chainsaw, router table, mitre saw, table saw, concrete mixer, so far they work well and a number of small power and hand tools. Most of my older tools, which were U.S. made, have been stolen.

I hate ot when that happens. I still have a U.S. made dwell meter. So timing light will be uselss. Do any motorbikes in Inia have a TDC mark?

What is harder than travelling in India?

Talking to the members of F lat E arth R esearcher’s S ociety

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