Royal enfield 350 Trials 1948 Grease n Gasoline

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Royal Enfield Fury

Royal enfield cast Twin spark conversion

Royal Enfield motorcycle’s in Redditch blueprinted the Bullet, intent was to create a workhorse and so was placed on mechanical reliability and not As a result, the traditional Bullet packs a solid construction, one can endure colossal mechanical and stress. Thus it doesn’t much to garner appreciably power output from the and one doesn’t have to be either Egli or have a state-of-the-art to do it.

For starters just knock in an Spark Plug and you already something worthwhile. And no, you don’t to go for the Royal Enfield’s new unit of the Thunderbird TBTS to have the Spark Plug advantage. As I been riding one for the past years.

A second Spark for cleaner and faster rate of translating both into RPMs, better power and burning. In fact far leaner and efficient then the Enfield’s AVL

Coming with a laterally set Plug, it doesn’t take to realise that the combustion of an Enfield Bullet. both the 500cc models, can be greatly by fitting another one, on the side. An addition that almost essential when into account the position of the valve, which is located on the side of the Cylinder Head, mirroring the Spark Plug and has same threading as the Spark socket. Furthermore, the only requirement for such a conversion is to just a bit of innovative machining.

Here, I would advise aspiring to undertake this to first get hold of a Decompressor set ( the cover plate, the Decompressor the cam, o-ring, cir-clip from the Enfield’s AVL engine, the one in their Thunderbird Machismo

This piece is vital the AVL engine like most utilises the Exhaust Valve for decompression. Here a little lever on the Tappet Cover the Cam that lifts the Exhaust slightly which in turn the Exhaust Valve a little just enough to effect a air leak. Coming with dimensions as the one from the Std.

the AVL unit is a simple bolt on

The Cylinder Head :The step in adding an extra plug entails removing the head from the block, the Decompressor Valve assembly and to the nearest reliable engineering shop. The objective is to machine off the top part of the Decompressor socket .

The way to accomplish this is by taking an wide valve seat and fitting it into a drill the flat side out. clamp the head into a and start boring. Make to go slow and occasionally withdraw the to blow away the aluminum and monitor progress and stop the threaded part is reached.

Inspecting the finished work you notice a tiny opening on the side of the newly drilled This is the passage through the earlier Decompressor expelled air the exhaust tract. Of no use now, it be sealed tight for if left it would pass out exhaust

A spot of aluminum welding block the hole, so would a of epoxy putty, preferably the one with aluminum.

Having the job successfully and being in possession of a Twin Spark Plug Cylinder head, you have now yourself into the coveted of the owners of an Alfa Romeo Spark Roadsters, a Norcroft Enfield or just an owner of a Pulsar DTSI(whatever the acronym But wait; to actually get the conversion to the AVL Decompressor needs to work on std. Bullet.

The Decompressor: the Exhaust Rocket set and take out the push rod and unscrew the concave adjusting bolt at the bottom. Now you to create a reciprocal surface for the Cam that would be instrumental in the rod, which in turn depresses the Exhaust Valve. For you have to get a 2-3 mm thick HT steel washer with a 20 mm OD with the diameter corresponding to the threaded of the adjuster bolt.

Fixing the washer on the pushrod requires another nut, one the same thread as the adjuster Trying getting the slimmest otherwise grind it into its thickness. Check photograph to get the

As the new nut reduces the gap between the pushrod and the bolt, leaving little for the locking nut, it makes to grind off about 2mm of the pushrod’s

Insert the push rod back the tunnel and seating it on the cam follower, for clearances so that the washer not touch the sidewalls. Next the rocket arm and fix the AVL tappet cover. attaching the cable, activating the mounted Decompressor lever have the push rod rising

If at first you fail to detect any or it occurs to you as too minute to be of any effect, press the panic button. arrangement works only it is needed, i.e. when the valve is closed and the push rod is at its position. And because decompression is by a slight leak of the exhaust a near microscopic gap suffices. kick the machine so that the rod and try again.

If there is still no movement try the cable for zero play. A bit of and tinkering would have working.

Royal Enfield Fury

The Ignition System. For the Spark Plug Ignition to work properly, we have to add ignition coil. But, why Coil, instead of just another HT lead to the existing Coil?

The answer to this is quite simple. Yes, the plugs would spark, but under normal atmospheric Once fitted in the cylinder and subjected to the high pressures the electrical resistance of the air mixture many fold and only the facing lesser resistance in its gap fire.

A factor that progressively more pronounced in RPMs. Having a second Coil to fire the second does away with problem and in-fact improves during higher RPMs.

must be taken when the new Ignition Coil to the existing as a parallel connection results in weak sparks and a tremendous on the battery. The connections must be made in series where the attached to the +ve junction of the existing should be detached and wired to the +ve of the new coil. Meanwhile the new Coil’s -ve should be wired to the +ve point of the coil.

The easiest way out is to head foreBay get a cheap Dual Output Coil the kind used in all modern in-line four or in Harley Davidson and just it in place of the existing coil.

as I did my conversion long before motors, I developed another solution to this one. two single dry type 12v Ignition I joined them by bolting their outer metallic plates and using the terminal of one for +ve and the for -ve. The only drawback of setup is a little difficulty in it on the bike as the central exposed part becomes a live of the ignition coils’ circuit and to be heavily insulated.

Thus, feet of fabric dunked in varnish were warped the metallic part and then by soft foam strip and the unit was mounted beneath the backbone under the Fuel attached by two adjustable clamp. A compact arrangement, functional as for it has very short HT leads and is protected from water.

It pays to start the Engine before fitting the Rocker back, that way one can can hear any sounds. If everything is normal, close the engine and refit the

To get the first impression of the Twin Plug conversion, start the and then remove one of the leads and how the RMP falls. refit it back and see how it Once on the road the engine seem torquier and acceleration linear and faster. However the benefit of this conversion today’s high gas prices is at the station.

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