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Royal Enfield Bullet 500 Army

Royal Enfield Classic Review — Test

Me, Deepak and Ram, our editor, did a review of Bullet Electra 350cc last month. But with it we had tested another and it was – almighty Royal Enfield 500cc . We can’t just about this wonderful it was a real pleasure riding bike.

It is a “resurrected” classic from 1953 – Royal 500 cc. And before the review, we would to tell you about the original form 1950’s.

A Walk the Memory Lane

Royal Bullet with 500cc was introduced in 1952, as a test After a year it was finally for the market. According to the legend, Bullet would have launched 1 year earlier, but racer Jack Stocker bring the test model – it sunk while it was on a ferry, back to Great Britain.

Model included improved system, modified frame, rear brake drum, bottom end with four bearings, as well as few other modifications. In 1954, angle of and also rear spring and were changed. Movement of the has improved on whopping 50%!

In camshaft and front brake took place (twin installed). At that time Bullet was sold in America as but it was know as Indian “Woodsman” (in case Indian is motorcycle not our country). However, it had some modifications compared to the original from England.

In next 5-6 a lot of upgrades were done for 350cc and 500cc Bullet

Original Britain’s 500cc had power output of 27bhp.

And that may seem really you should know what was for US market.

For US, Bullet models modified and tuned, and the 500cc had output of 40bhp. That is Bullet line (350cc and was discontinued in 1962, because Enfield company was sold.

India continued to churn out Bullets, just like the models from 1955. fact that these almost were not modified, for 30 years!

Now it’s almost impossible to genuine Royal Enfield 500cc from 1950’s. And if you think you found one in great you will be surprised that it is of few other motorcycle models that era.

But if you are a judge of motorcycles there is no need to a lot of time and money finding one original 500cc Bullet. Now has several 500cc classic and they look almost originals from 1950’s. are Classic, Deluxe and Military now on the market. Also 500cc C5, and Bullet Classic 500 EFI.

And we will speak about the one I’ve mentioned – Royal Bullet Classic 500cc

So what is EFI? It stands for fuel injection. And while motorcycle has retro-style looks it is with dozens modern features.

So here are our thoughts this mighty machine.

Transmission Performance

I need to say bike is quite a powerhouse. Bullet Electra Twinspark use some additional power and this monster has all you need! single cylinder, 4 …, air OHV 500cc engine produces bhp of raw power at 5250rpm.

Maximum is 41.3Nm @ 4000rpm. And that is a to be reckoned with!

When I sat on bike for a first time, I was surprised – there is an electric button on the handlebar, like on the Bullet Electra. I must say I didn’t expect such from a classic bike this one. But it is much easy-to-use than old and usual and it doesn’t ruin the looks at Manufacturers claim that now it easily in cold or hot weather or even in high altitudes.

Maybe, but it sure is good.

I started the bike I was amazed by the roar. It’s loud! A treat to the ears. When I was to launch the bike forward, I the throttle as I would normally

Bike launched forward all its power and I was taken aback!

I’m that I didn’t open the fully, or it would end differently. was really unexpected, and probably new Electronic fuel injection available for 350cc models) a reasonable performance improvement. The pulls strong throughout the powerband and the throttle response is

Also due to EFI system this is compliant with Euro 3 standards, and surprisingly maintenance are almost the same like for the Electra 350cc.

For transmission is standard five-speed gearbox left side gear Gearbox uses universal – 1-N-2-3-4-5, so it seems that all is unchanged. However, it was easy to use and the worked wonderfully.

And due to really torque this bike can you with great power in any I really have no complains the gearbox.

Performance is amazing. It is a fun bike to ride. Maximum is almost 130km/h . according to tests. Bullet Classic 500 EFI can cruise at speeds around all day long, it’s designed way.

No overheating or excessive at that speeds.

Well, about vibrations – when speed is around 40-50km/h Classic 500cc becomes uncomfortable ride, because are really heavy. Though, is understandable, it’s not a v-twin but capacity of it is high. Piston is and that is what causing all vibrations.

However, they all and bike becomes really at around 60-70km/h.

Overall, is amazing – torque is very power is great and thump it is a pleasure to listen. Of course, will say it could be even powerful, but I think it’s good, in current specs. And I to add – this bike is only a bit then Electra – total is 184kg, which is quite

Design Build Quality

On the glance, Royal Enfield 500cc looks like it is Bullet from 1950’s, that similar!

But when you closer, you will see that it is a between vintage motorcycle and generation bike.

Many remained the same like on the old – oversized mudguards, “teardrop” single saddle seat and headlamp. And I really like the looks of this bike, I have one complaint.

I don’t like the paint. It’s Or sky-blue, how they call it. I’m not if it looks properly with it, it is more like a modern I doubt that it was painted that back in the days.

were mostly painted in like red and black, also were matte-green or yellow and sometimes even grey. I black color would this bike very and sharp looks, just vintage legends. On the other red color would give the of mighty American chopper.

color isn’t bad, but it blend with design so as others.

However, paint is great. Surface of the bike is and smooth, no roughness or any other were found. Although few scratches were present, but it happens – we were not the first who it. Logos of “Royal Enfield” and 500” were done in post war design, and overall – looked really classy. was even a new logo of Royal on the top of the fuel tank – Cannon words imprinted “Made a gun”.

I think it is first Royal Enfield motorcycle wears this original from 1890’s.

Some details that I like, are vintage-looking springs used for and seat. Just like 1950’s, and this classic is timeless. Especially I like the light; it looks so historical, great touch.

Build quality is almost but I would not be really pleased if it be average – the price for this of history is damn high. But we talk about that Chromed parts look – shiny and polished, they can be all over the place. And quality of all and details is very high. But I that creators could use classic looking speedometer.

standard Bullet speedo looks classic, but instead, should create something different for this special

I would say this bike is sturdy and well made. It was hand-built and all details are finely There isn’t anything bad in it motorcycle. Well except, particular color, I prefer

But since there are 3 different for this model, I can’t away some points for

Comfort Handling

The new (or better say the old bicycle-style seat with strings provides the rider ultimate comfort. Seat is and relaxing, you can cruise on 100km/h total pleasure. It is really to cruise on this bike – you can around and enjoy passing and listen to beautiful exhaust

Royal Enfield Bullet 500 Army

A real satisfaction!

Bike was for upright sitting posture and the are fitted just in the right for the rider.

On the side of the fuel there are rubber knee installed, and they felt good. It’s such a idea. In addition, it is easy to the Classic 500cc, and it feels despite the moderately heavy Single seat may seem a but you can always equip it with seat, for a passenger.

There are for the passengers installed from the

Handling is improved as well. Low of gravity combined with 18” (front 90X90 and rear make it easy to navigate 500cc at any speed. Well On parking lots (speeds than 20km/h) bike lazy when turning, but you start to ride a little bit this is no longer a problem.

It is certainly well balanced and machine, with wheelbase 1370mm, and it seems that is improved as well. Unbelievable!

area improved drastically the standard Bullet 350cc, and I that comfort of Classic could be a trademark for future Handling is almost delightful I would give high for comfort handling.


Single 280mm disc 2 piston calipers is used for a brake. It provides motorcycle incredible stopping power, and the lever is highly responsive. For the brakes there is 152mm brake (internal expansion And it is the thing that bothers me.

brake of the same diameter is on usual Bullet Electra’s and as well, why? I mean, could use a disc brake for the wheel as well. Or make the bigger, at least.

Not that one is bad, but I feel for such it should be better.

Altogether, power is fine, despite the drum brake at the rear. with such power, can be stopped easily, and quite Royal Enfield 500 cc is safe and the are reliable – they will not when you need them the

In addition, suspension was improved. suspension use telescopic forks hydraulic damping – … Rear suspension is swingarm shock absorbers, gas filled.

this may seem very to you, I ensure that it is significantly better than on Electra. They definitely worked on it. You can ride pretty over rough terrain gravel, and bumps on the road are absorbed.

Overall suspension is set up, and brakes can handle such power from huge engine. However, I would to see a rear disk brake on models.

Fuel consumption Pricing

Enfield Classic 500cc EFI about 28-29kmpl in city and on the highway you can expect something 35kmpl. It is quite a good for such engine, especially 350cc Electra is not much in terms of fuel economy. tank is exactly the same – 13.5 liters. If imagine you will mix high traffic with highways riding you can for

450km with full And that is reasonable travel for such machine.

And probably the part of the bike is the price.

500cc is almost 25% more than Machismo 500cc, and was damn pricey! With tag of Rs. 1,46,000 (on road, Mumbai) it is expensive Royal Enfield ever.

Price tag of

Rs. 1,24,000 is held in ex-showrooms across the However, it’s not very after all foreign choppers or similar models will you much more than

BikeAdvice Verdict

This is a blast to ride! Classic is powerful, comfortable and nicely it delivers incredible riding and all around performance. Even few minor flaws, no doubt it is a best bike from Enfield I have tested!

hard to believe how much it was since other Royal 500cc motorcycles were I think they finally set up a standard worth next of Royal Enfield bikes. serious motorcycle fan out there test drive Royal Classic 500cc !

Royal Enfield Bullet 500 Army


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