Royal Enfield Unit Construction(UCE) Engine vs Royal Enfield Cast Iron…

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Royal Enfield Bullet Electra X AVL

Royal Enfield Unit Engine vs Royal Enfield Iron (CI) Engine!

by Jay on April 5, 2011 157 Comments

other day, I answer on ICB where people eager to get the Royal Enfield bandwagon one question that never to go away. Which is better, Enfield Unit Construction or the Royal Enfield Cast Engine? Now, here’s the it is the Unit Construction Engine is better. Period.

And If you really are to know why it is so, you must read

Royal Enfield Unit UCE Engine Advantages

Royal Unit Construction UCE Engine

I own, rather owned a Royal Enfield Bullet 500LB which I bought because of it being the most Royal Enfields around at time and age. I also the AVL engined Bullet because it was than the cast iron in terms of reliability as well as In due time, I began working on my on my own.

But the 500cc AVL Lean still required a lot of maintenance, if ridden hard. So, here is Enfield’s latest solution, the Construction Engine.

First of all let me what the UCE is all about. Previously, the both cast iron and AVL LB engines used to come three parts put together, the Pre-Unit Construction Engine. The gearbox and clutch cases three different units connected to each other

So what happened was you needed to oil at three places each Now, that is a messy to do, and also considering the various that required replacement in simple terms, it was maintenance

Also, since the engine was from the gearbox and the clutch, a lot of used to get lost in terms of losses as the set up is not as efficient as modern so, not only were the Cast and AVL LB Bullets delivering lesser but they were also lesser power at the rear even though they making decent power at the shaft. Here are some

The Cast Iron and AVL 350cc both produced 18 Bhp at the crank, but figure went down to 12 Bhp at the wheel. Power loss: A 33%. Culprit: Transmission

Now, the UCE 350cc engine about 19.8 Bhp at the crank At the rear wheel, the power is 16 Bhp. So, that is only 20% lost in transmission losses, while still a lot in terms of motorcycles, is fair enough for a Enfield, which is a low revving, big Also, the Unit Construction is more fuel efficient both the Cast Iron and AVL Burn engine by almost

While the 350cc CI and AVL engines to deliver 35 kmpl, the UCE engine returns 45 kmpl.

Unit Engined Royal Enfield 500 Military

Now, let’s at why I’m rating the UCE engine higher the CI or AVL engine. First of all, begin with the valve The UCE engine now uses hydraulic lifters(tappets) to instead of the conventional arrangement. What happens in the UCE is, pressurized oil drives the pushrods in the

Due to the oil pressure being able to constant for long periods of the pushrods don’t cause the clearances to change like used to in the older engines. So, you get consistent performance. In other riding hard won’t your valves loose

While I wouldn’t call the tappets totally maintenance for street riding purposes should do fine for at least kilometers before needing any of attention. Coming to the Cast and AVL engines, which use solid to move the pushrods, very the pushrods become loose requiring constant adjustment. So, you have seen many constantly running to their to get their “tappets adjusted”.

So, not for they said that the is the Bullet’s and the Bulleteer’s best

The third big change in the UCE engine is of longevity. The UCE engine will longer than the Cast as well as the AVL engine even if you hard. Here’s exactly

Ask a Bulleteer who rides hard how long his Cast iron will last at 120 kph. are that he would say that he even dare taking his to those speeds. Let’s out why. The Cast Iron used to come with a bush big end. The floating worked well until it was in oil and there was enough flow.

Yes, flow, rather oil is the big buzzword here.

In, Cast Bullets, piston type oil were used. These oil circulated about 1 liter of oil per at 5,500 rpm which is almost the Bullet’s oil capacity. Now, at rpm, when the engine is at it’s very top, 1 liter of oil circulating to cool the engine means only one

Bad engine cooling. Oil, as you be aware is the blood of the engine. from lubrication, more it helps keeping the engine by absorbing heat off the metal unto itself and then it continuously to dissipate heat.

Iron Engined Royal STD350

On the cast iron which were designed in the this simply does not efficiently enough. To be fair, in the 50s and 60s were quite low as roads as well developed as they are The Bullet, back then was a ride but the Cast Iron has simply outlived it’s Brutal it may sound, but that is the Royal Enfield attempted to some amends in the late when they headed to engine design firm,

AVL gave birth to the AVL range of whose biggest advantages a better oil pump and a roller big end bearing.

The AVL engines featured a driven oil pump which to pump double the oil per minute compared to the Cast Iron at 2.42 liters at 5,500 So, more oil being circulated that the heat is being better. Also, the roller end work better than the bush.

Royal Enfield Bullet Electra X AVL

The other big change was the aluminum which, being the biggest of the AVL engine also forced the to be the least popular. While dissipates heat better, it muffles less sound. So, the AVL were prone to valve clatter.

This is one reason why a lot of Enfield enthusiasts sill the cast iron engine for soulful thump even the AVL engine was vastly superior to the iron engine. Now, about this,  if you would thumping at 40 kph all day on a highway, you may still the Cast Iron engine. For else, the AVL engine is better.

But again, the AVL engine is still to the latest kid in town, the UCE engine as the UCE has improved valve train from a lot of other improvements

AVL Engined Royal Enfield 350

For starters, the UCE engine uses a type oil pump which our 9.5 liters of oil ever minute at rpm. This is full times more than the AVL and a whopping 9 times more the 9 times than the cast engine. Obviously, if you’ve till here, you’ll how increased oil circulation will the longevity of the engine.

For the record, my friend Adrian’s 2008 UCE350 has managed to run strongly after 60,000 kilometers absolutely no repair work to the engine thus far.

frameborder=0 allowfullscreen

Just a look at the sheer volume of oil pumped in the UCE engine, which is times more than the Iron or the AVL engine could manage.

Also, the UCE engine with a anti-backlash system into the cams which sure that the cam backlash is to the bare minimum, which the cam life as well as maintains engine performance even hard riding. Bulleteers understand how frustrating backlash can be on Iron and AVL engined bullets, though featuring adjustable cam were still troublesome if at speeds of 80 kph and above frequently. the UCE engine has a piston ring that eliminates blow by.

into crankcase blow by is topic for another day. So, you understand that a lower by means lesser oil getting or lower crank case Two more changes are an auto assembly that sits on the UCE exhaust cam that makes easier.

The UCE Bullet is almost as to start as say a Karizma or a Unicorn and that is a huge change, it? Finally, the UCE engine also has an primary chain tensioner makes sure that the chain has just enough to ensure best performance and maintenance.

If you’ve read much, first of all I thank you for patience. I also am sure armed with so much knowledge about Unit Engine Bullets, you can now confidently as to which Royal Enfield you, either a new one or a used Also, the future clearly to the Unit Construction Engine and in due of time, spare parts for the Iron and AVL engines will to dry up.

In fact, parts for the AVL engine and the engine are already scarce.

the thump obviously will be in the long … UCE engine, still remains a big, low single true to Royal heritage and is not quite an appliance like say the Pulsar or the Unicorn. And I go, remember, Royal Enfield offer a 40,000 kilometer/two warranty on the UCE bullets while used to offer only km/1 year warranty on the iron and AVL engines. So, that says a lot about how much the  trusts the UCE over the CI and AVL engines, it? So, choose wisely and yes, Thumping !

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Royal Enfield Bullet Electra X AVL

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