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Don’t Ask: Rick All Vintage on Us


If you choose to a question to this forum, you must conduct yourself Therefore, the following rules are in

1. Do not write your email to me IN If you do so, I will print out your and do terrible things to it.

2. Do not request a email response. Since I get of questions each month, to answer them all would cut into my leisure time, I value more than current state of confusion.

3. Try to at least in a semi-correct fashion. If you to mangle the English language, no mercy from this You might be mocked severely.

4. Do not ask for me to you copies of my many manuals and I am not in the library business, nor do I want to the bulk of my day at the copy machine because you’re too lazy to ask dealer, or look around a

5. Don’t bother me with stupid questions, like how to get 50 horsepower for a buck and a half

6. Now you know the rules, think and have at it!

Oh yes I’ll leave email unedited, for what worth.


Im a 10 year old boy who to ride dirtbikes. I have a

Im working on. I have an old dirtbike and I have an old leaf blower runs. I want to put the leaf in the dirtbike frame and I cant out how to rig up the throttle.

Do you have any sugestions might give me an idea for project?

J. Ryeley

This for some comments from Cuddy, who has built more dirt bikes that any alive. The fact that still alive is mute to his skills in this department. and learn:

Very good there my 10 year old friend, but you mention what type of you have, so I will have to it’s a standard mini-bike

The big problem with leaf motors is they are very (about 30cc) and once you get the fan off, you’ll see that the end that’s sticking out of the case is about the size of your finger, and almost impossible to any type of clutch or sprocket to.

there are no motor mounts on the motor to speak of, and the best bet be constructing a motor mount bolts to the case halves, and the of the frame. Too much work, for too power from that motor.

I suggest you find a horsepower Briggs Stratton around somewhere (a 3 1/2 horse too) and your problems be solved, as there are thousands of where you can buy parts for the Briggs, and more places that clutches, throttles, hop-up etc.

While your on using a weed-blower motor is in thinking, in practical application it be almost impossible to mount, and the low from the tiny little two would hardly move you and bike at the same time.

Go a Briggs Stratton, or if you’re into technology, an over valve 4 HP Honda. Please us updated on the project, and maybe run a full report on it, in the dirtbike of



Hey Rick!

I you a few years ago. What a bill! You were still in Just wanted to thank you for Bike Magazine. I bought the few issues, then here and bought more.

Shouda kept those ones. Hope you are doing Remember Munts Cycle Did it become Valley for a while? I some s**tbox Suzuki one ran like a. well. a rental bike!

Handled like with a flat tire and one handle!

I would have rode it down that hill climb, but it couldn’t it up the back way. Wasn’t the bike to make it up that a dirt bike with a H500 triple in it? I heard the bike to make it up was going to get (the rider) Remember any of

Right across from the Drive-in used to be a Dunecycle track. Got kicked out ’cause my and I got to the very rear of the course and there too long shooting instead of just making the

Well, I’ve read BUTT at least 5 times, A very educational read. All should buy it!

All true, too! (?) I up in Thousand Oaks, California ’57 to ’73 when I H.S. and went into the What a great time to be Also, I heard someone was for info on the Chris Cycle.

A had one. It was cool! not quite a powered Bonanza, but it still ran Had a long, chrome gas tank, a clutch and i think a 4 speed. in Italy, I think.

Well, to hear from you and/or your answers in DON’T By the way, was my grammar and/or okay? Take notes, It can be done.

My skool musta ben then yurs.


Gold Hill, OR

Wow, email brings back a lot of Muntz Cycle Park got Valley Cycle Park and it to be a great place to ride. on to that first copy of DB, as going for around $200

Your spelling was way gooder normal.


Hold on — it may a moment for more pages to


Hi Rick,

I was wanting a kx 500 kawasaki, I like them ,but i dont know if i can get on one as Im but 30in, in the seam. do i get an oplder and fit on it rick or do i get the kx and have it adjusted if its I was looking at the older 73 maico in orange and the older 74 yamaha mx’s,too, I mean if i could an older maico id get it but ive heard the thing on parts and pieces off but i still like them were really something and really good, please me Rick on this ok, im 48 and getting into riding ok, thanks

kirk c.

Alton, KS

If you’re getting back into then consider a KDX 200, any year in the last decade. great bikes and very If you want to race vintage and is the prime issue, consider a CZ.

away from the KX500. In my it’s a poor bike.




I found a one owner 79 elsinore Also, a 75 Pursang, same this is 175cc frame 250 top end. whats your Both within driving im a novice mxer although I ridden them for a lot years lately) .

Rohn Ussery


Forget the Pursang and go for the although the price seems for a 79, unless it’s perfect.


NO GAS TO A 1985 CR500

I just bought a 85 cr 500. I the carb apart, cleaned it and the and rad valve and put a new spark plug in it. It right up with the old gas still in it. I drained the remainder out and put new gas in and now it wont

Can you help?


Paso CA

From what you described, it like the gas is not flowing into the Float level might be off, or the float needle be stuck. Check this



Hi Rick

kirk c, from here, still looking at I still like the TM 400 suzuki. I the 74 model Is this one better the 71’s that were grenades? I hope so as i cant anything that i like as or the looks of than a TM 400,maicos are ok crude looking, buls are if you worked on them first, are nice if you can find a good like the 360 MX, 74 mod, I think the yammies and suzukis are kinda in the league, good quality, or as as anything out there if you got good and redid the forks, and jet the carbs than youll have a bike, Plus. they fit me better than the newer that looks like jumpers,

I m sure glad doing good Rick, and i that you guys are moving to Az, good move, Im not nuts looking and not buying but i have to be like you in what im gettingI you said the older Elsinore were really nice too and id to have one if people didnt they were made gold, and were asking too much for one, or the old thing pour all your money in it but get out of it,

Im sure glad your rick to help and guide like me that know than to be swayed by anything and then it dies out, things are going good you guys,


Kirk C,

The TM400 was actually better the original beast. If you want to an older (and lower) the best pre-75 bike you can get is a Period.



Rick, in 1966 when I to the Int’l Toy Show in NYC there was Kresen World Sales for Maico Factory, Germany in a 10′ show booth. We then when I want to AFS Dist. in Lewistown, Pa. the Retail motorcycle we sold Yamaha, Montesa and Suzuki at a different

So I talked with Denny then my co-worker at AFS Dist. him lets get a few Maico’s from Cooper Motor in L.A. and try to a few.

By 1969 Denny left AFS and got set up with Maico as their East Coast for Maico. We started in an old Meat Building 1970. Our first 30 were stacked outside the by 1972 we built a New all Steel to keep the Motorcycle stock.

The also had our Racing dept.

I believe Maico Germany over and set up their own operation Salvo, our Parts Mger Herto and I joined the factory leaving Eastern Maico Co. I was Mger for Both company’s So don’t forget Eastern ,really was the business that got Motorcycles going is the states.

The (Edisons ) Inter-AM series Willie Bauler, Wollsink and all came to race the Inter-Am the ( Trans-Am Series) through Maico in Pa. Our Maico story and with Maico is long.

our old T-Shirts in the 70’s ( This hauls gas) and the All Red Maico’s my direct concept. I made and all the drawing to our then main in Germany to build the RED bike’s. The Red were 100% my idea and for the U.S. market.

My last bike was my Works WR) which I ran in THE National AMA Enduro

I could never stop, but to get back to work.


Group, Inc.

Thanks for the world Maico update.



my sons 2004 rm 85 has issues! rebuilt top end and said lower end was within specs. it has fatty and stock silencer. runnning @ 32:1 plug is 8es.the is busting up way too early in 1st 2nd gear, like the bike is not running maybe reeds are week, issues? spark plug little wet, change no help. bike runs if @ wide open throttle power band in as long as you 1st 2nd gear really early. not the issue tried several. your help.


May I you 28? Good. It should be more obvious if your plug is then you’re jetted rich. Your plug, should be a nice tan color.




I’m almost 60 and attempt to ride my 90 ktm 300, but I a part and thought maybe know where I might get I need the clutch cover and gear — (drives the pump and power valve). don’t make them any I have a ’91 cover and that will fit but after blasting it has shown holes in the inlet.

So, do you know where to get the OR if I can’t, would JB weld or other epoxy work to the pin holes? At best I’m a play rider if that Way back when I sent you motion sensitive outdoor when you were in Mexico to off envirrmental whackos.


any help appreciated!

Ah yes, the new president, welcome back to the US arghhhhh.

Definitely use JB weld on the The stuff is amazing and can even be and tapped when cured. for the motion lights. I used in good health.

MaybeI have stayed in Baja the new president we have.




I have an ’89 and I keep trying to seal up the top end silicone gasket maker. start up run perfect then blows the gasket right out and fluid leaks out my exhaust Should I not use gasket maker?

Or you can recomend me a good one what I do or possibly something I might be Thank you


Ocala, FL

you been sniffing that glue? If you took the time to your shop manual, you notice that no gasket is called for.





City, TN

At the risk of getting my kicked by a 300 pound man, I to inform you that you don’t emails all in caps. At your and weight, I’d consider a bike. Something like a XR400 would fit the bill



Hi there i just got a cr80 and its to a 91cc and had a flat track We put the original pipe on and and did not start so we it was the carb so we bought a new one put it in a still start so we put a new spark plug in it ran for a and took it trail riding and an hour and shut of it self i its fouling plugs but my dad says we a bigger jet. Could you tell wit wrong if you know


Mansfield, OH

The problem is you won’t leave the CR80 Why in the world would you put a flat pipe on the bike? This make the power band a revver with pitiful low end and mid Did you get any jetting info with the You don’t trail ride a tracker.

You’re just for fouled plugs.



yeah i a question what kind of can i put on my 1992 yamaha RT 100 and were can i one? Im in a corner here

Columbia, SC

While you’re in corner, bang your against the wall a few hundred You could actually go to any Yamaha in the world and ask for a throttle and they’ll you one. Actually, most any will work if you have a of intelligence.

In your case, it won’t.

Sherco 0.5 Kid




I own a 78 Yamaha DT-400 of which I had the rebuilt professionally. The engine was and a 1st size over wiseco was installed. The casting flaws and bends were removed the port tunnels,intake cleaned up, and the port polished. The deck and transfers were also and casting flaws removed to a smooth finish. The port were not altered in any way.

The remains stock otherwise.

The is, the engines broad torquey is now gone. I’ve had to run the carb a rich to get the most power out of it. checked the engine for air leaks and none and there is good The stock carb is clean and the valves check out good.

Is it the mechanic removed too much from the port tunnels and is anyway I can fix the problem without new crankcase halves and/or if this is the case?

Also, the problem is resolved do you think to a tm carb instead of the round mikuni would help I’ve found an aftermarket designed expansion chamber by but it’s mid range only as it the DT-250 as well. For your the only 2-… injector i’ve found that in these bikes weather the cable is adjusted or not to control is Honda GN2.

And it works at the pump setting.


Simi Valley, CA

We turned question over to our DT expert, Cuddy. Here’s what had to say:

Hmmm, sounds a velocity issue with the charge through the transfer remember, when you remove a lot of the velocity drops in direct to how much metal was removed. the transfers is a bad idea, since you some roughness to get a nice up to the top of the cylinder. Polished transfer also cause gas droplets to on the smooth surface at slower

The only port I ever was the exhaust port, with the ones getting cleaned and (except the bottom of the transfers got edged).

He can reclaim the lost compression that seems to be his beloved 400 by stuffing the balancing in the crankshaft with cork and That raises the crankcase by lessening the volume in the crankcase, and give a bigger squirt those transfer ports the with the moto tool out to locomotive sized d valve block size. He can also go to a carb, that will the suction, and velocity of the intake

You have to be careful when you let shops loose with a tool, the results can be disappointing. sounds like the guy might raised the exhaust port, and not the compression ratio in kind the piston closes the port letting more of the intake out than stock, you have to the compression ration in kind by a couple thousands off the head), or the head gasket, and have a milled in the head for a strand of copper wire, about 20

Yamalube S works best as far as concerned. Also, when you a bike, 90% of the time you have to to a bigger size in the pilot



hi i have a 1996 rm 250 i tried it one day and it wont start i smell gas and like the trotle is half when i kick it choke on off sounds the same i think it be sticking floats on the carb plug it was wet really wet whiped off and spark bike ran not more 12 hours before that fine.


Virginia VA

Your babbling email is incoherent. Mostly, it sounds you’re jetted way too rich for one or another. From your description, I can’t give you an


SUBJECT: 1979 WR400 ID

I am having a hard time the model of a bike my friend He is wanting to sell it but i think his is wrone. It says it is a 1979 WR 400 out of California mid 80`s It has been ofr 19 Yeras in his garage i think it is all seat and fenders too they a little different then i have seen.we ran this 9 years ago ran great.

I have not any markings on it but i will look closer,Can any one tell me how much it is And the model.


Portland, OR

If you just take the time to at the steering head, you would a wealth of information there, the model and year of manufacture.



I have a 1982 IT 250 which is hard to start with new plug) if you kick it a few the plug gets soaking be taken out dried cleaned). when it is running, it starts very high as if you cracked the open. When this even the kill switch shut the bike off.

I shut the gas off /or turn idle till it dies, Can anyone me what this could be? which way do you turn the air fuel screw to make it run leaner? you do ride it take choke off it usually dies unless you your hand on the throttle.I tried adjusting the idle it makes it runable but doesn,t the problem of uncontrollable revving. can help? anyone have problems?


At the age of 46, I’ve decided to my racing career, so I recently a 1977 RM125 that been restoring to race on the circuit. I have a few questions: 1) would you recommend to replace the rear shocks that cost the proverbial arm and leg and that still be legal under Historic class rules, 2) I pre-mix at 20:1 like the says, or go to 32:1?

I read that changing the mix will make the bike run and I’d rather not mess the jetting. 3) The original rear size is 4.10-18, but I’m trouble converting that to a modern size. What is the and modern inch equivalent?

4) Do you this is a good bike to my skinny … around the in the novice class?

The way to go is Works shocks. If you can’t afford the stock shocks are not all that bad if you them. Go with the 32:1 mix and one on the main and move your one clip leaner.

A 100 x 80 x 18 is the correct size. That 125 is a fun bike to



I am redoing a 1972 tc125. I have got the cylinder out, new piston and rings, new sprockets, new clutch discs, and am the tank. everything works but i do not have the

blinkers for it. I was wondering is the best place to sell it and how it is worth in your peoples not NADA. also if you have any for me they would be highly



Rapid River, MI

The did not have blinkers on it like the Instead, they had some on the side and that was it. That bike is not a highly sought collector and you would be lucky to get — $800 for it if it was in perfect

Here’s a photo of a stock

I have a 1979 yz80 and I was if I have to run mixed gas through the If anyone could please me ,please commet back.


Traer, IA

Of course you do. a racing two ….



Hi Rick

Having up with Dirt Bike here in South Africa in the 80’s it’s a helluva to write to you. Your Butt book is the best. OK, so from rambling on a bit, I some very specific please.

I am looking to help a of mine here with his Apparently there was a Dirt article with Broc in the day that described how to sort out beast. Seems the article head, porting, ignition and changes to smooth out the beast.

All I found so far, is a diagram on a mod where the edge of the squish is radiused to eliminate pinging. I not been able to find the article itself.



South Africa

By the that’s my team mate in the pic with you.

I hate to be the one to it to you, but even when all the work was done to the 490, it was a terrible bike. I beg you, up this madness.


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