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Sherco 50 Enduro Champion Replica


September 22nd 2013


Report Keith

Unique Criq!

WOR Events the final rd of 2013 of the Michelin 3hr Hare Hounds series weekend in lovely sunshine on a track that sadly was used for the final time. The Quarry mountain is a very piece of land and has seen brilliant events over the but due to being sold and patches of split up it has now seen it’s WOR hare and hounds enduro the stunning Shropshire countryside. On a weekend for WOR that saw a really Saturday RED and then a fantastic One’s Little Brother enduro take place, The was down on numbers to normal but offered a quality 3 hr race.

3hr certainly seem to have in popularity as the majority of riders seemed to prefer the 2hr Hare enduro’s that are in abundance Two hours meaning most can … the race and maybe enjoy them more due to the not too track time on the bike and

One Rider that did not seem to the gruelling 3 hr duration last was young Frenchman, Antoine The 15 year old dominating his second WOR in a row as he put on another faultless display of fast and really very riding for a lad of his years. As stated this young man has a fantastic ahead of him and it’s a case of this space to see more the likeable Staffordshire based

Criq won the event on 22 laps a 4 minute advantage over up Alex West. West is good young rider through and he put in a very neat on the technical yet flowing enduro West completed 22 laps

Top Clubman was another young WOR that is getting faster and by the week, George Price. The CF Kawasaki supported rider was on 21 as he took the class win very from Sherco mounted Emery and Andy Pennington in 2nd and 3rd respectively. Special mention to term friend of WOR, Oscar Hodson, Back from a long spell trail riding, the 250 2t Ktm rider the podium by just 3 seconds 3 long hours.

Dave was the top expert veteran but it was Gareth that put in a brilliant ride for a 4th overall and first in the Clubman Lloyd seems to be getting the older he gets and had the little Kawasaki going at warp at times. Runner up to Lloyd was WOR and all round nice guy, Griffiths whom despite a and nasty thumb injury to stay within a coiuple of of the on a mission Lloyd.

Third went to Manchester 17 MCC Enduro Geraint Rodgers with a creditable ride on 19 laps.

in the Sportsman class it was a very and distinctive victory for Mike Mike having a very and classy ride to do 19 laps and Neil Stokes into a deserved runners up place. 3rd on the podium went to Ian Mckean was only 10 seconds adrift of come the end.

Top Sportsman was Sherco mounted Lee Sephton. Lee a brilliant 19 laps and seemingly enjoying the sunshine blessed Runner up was Chris Holland a great ride and a very but pleased reaction when up for his trophy.

The bronze award in went to Gareth Jones on his 250f albeit a couple of down on the winner.

Ed Emery was round the course with very stylish jumps and on the way, Emery had come up in the Youth class the Previous day in the and still had enough energy and to take on 3hrs racing, done that man. up in the Youth class was Mike with Declan Richards in place. Well done to all the riders for tackling the 3hr race.

The group was topped by Martin with Mark Bott in 2nd and James Goodrum rounding out the top 3.

A sad day to see the big course event take at this iconic and famous but a great day of committed racing and determination.

WOR would like to again thanks all involved for the event and adding yet another and enjoyable event to their CV.

details on the new WULFSPORT WINTER SCRAMBLES series starting on October and in fact all things WOR can be at www.worevents.com and on up to date info is on the club’s Facebook Group


Maeshafn, North Wales.

8th September 2013.

Report By Williams. Pics by CWL PHOTOGRAPHY

WOR hosted the final round of PUTOLINE HARE SCRAMBLES last weekend at the club’s known Maeshafn circuit in Wales near Chester. The has been used for a long and has hosted lots and lots of WOR events and races over the The track for this event was in the best condition it has ever in as a top quality grading job by the landowners had a nice and flowing circuit on for the near 200 riders that the Race Experience Day and the races the duration of the weekend.

Heavy on Friday before the event conditions absolutely perfect as the dry months had baked the Flintshire hard, the rain soaked in, the ground which in turn a superb peaty, loamy and importantly. Grippy surface.

The Race..1.5hrs 9.30am.

The juniors set off at sharp for their blast the course and a healthy line up of bikes roared into George Saunders and Dan Gibbons simply flying around the in the morning sunshine as they for vital series points in the Big wheel group. Saunders topped the class and the race a very slim 4 second gap on the Gibbons.

Third place went to the improving Declan Richards all 3 finishing on 11 laps.

Over in the small wheel class it was Criq that was flying as Holland simply got some important series points in place. Special mention to Marriot who had a nasty coming with a big rock and broke his and injured his toe without even a full lap in. Big crach and a brave

Chaz Chater was once the boy to beat in the 65cc group as he from start to finish and a 7th win of 8 in the series.

Runner up was Mitch on the same lap but 6 minutes adrift. placed trophy on the day went to Hughes who has had a great year and improved his riding.

The growing of the Over 85cc group had 6 take part. Cynan continued his riding improvement on the Gas Gas 125 a fine 10 laps. Runner up was Criq on her TTR 125 as Oscar Evans had strong ride to finish 3rd and the overall over 85cc the kids in this 2013 really have done and taken on all the challenging WOR tracks vigour and great determination.

the giving of some superb trophies to the kids. a few track and tape repairs and it was over to the for the main 2hr race of the day.


A very healthy up of riders took to the start for the noon start of the 2hr … Race Boss Steve set the riders away as always on a engine start in waves of out onto the big mountainside track. The Gaggle of experts got back lap scoring on the first lap but something had wrong out on the course and bizarrely the of The Course had to pull out the Red Flag and proceedings.

In their haste the group of 7 experts had not been attention to the marked course and rode through lots of markers in some very places, This track had massive consequences as the following and sportsman riders simply did not which way to go. ending in a lot of riders off and in no mans land.

Quick and vast experience from the WOR had all riders back on the start track repaired and the lap scoring good to go again within 15 a telling off by Mr Ireland ensured the restart and subsequent 2hr race ran clockwork. as the riders were a lot respectful of the comprehensively marked

15 year old Frenchman, Antoine was first man back to the results as he used his effortless and simply and smooth style to push and take control of the event. boy really is one to watch and is the Real polite, …, strong and to the skies, watch out for him. went on to secure the win from up Chris Hughes, Hughes was in fine form with very quick riding and of bike control in the technical

In the 24 seconds separated Criq Hughes with both on 13 each. The bronze award in the went to the consistent Steve after the hard charging Price had to retire from 3rd with a broken shock. great racing from the

Chris Wagstaff tied up his Expert Veteran class win another very impressive as he took the class win from Dean Johnson and Third Dave Carthy. Waggy matching the top experts for pace and lap as he shows no sign of slowing in his 40’s.

Top Clubman 4t rider was Price, Price was also the Clubman of the day as he set Expert speed to finish a brilliant 6th overall Runner up to young Price was Skillin whom after a big with a rock did very to carry on. Third place was Bentham whom again was and committed in getting some series points to ensure his standing position.

Clubman 2 victory went to Matthew with Russ Taylor as there or thereabouts in the runners up Harry Eccles took the spot on the podium to get enough to ensure he became a champion in class. Solan took the win by a near half a minute

Mick Boam looking as anything in his full Beta on the BETA 2t was in great form and the win in the Clubman Veterans from Lloyd and David Williams in 2nd and 3rd respectively. Lloyd doing to secure the overall for the year, Boam was the only Clubman Vet to do the 13 laps total.

Top Sportsman was Tom with a very strong as he blasted Mike Manley and Tom into the other two spots on the Stirrup did have a slight off piste as he fell down a gulley edge on his last All 3 top sportsman riding really on 12 laps.

Barry Boustead was again on fire in the Sportsman as he took another win and secured his title. The Clubman Veterans had keep an eye out for Boustead as he moves up their class. Runner up was Guy with another strong as he pushed Shaun James third place by only 4 after a2hrs of intense

Ross Davies was in unbeatable in the youth class as he had a nightmare from a big crash that his bike and left him in … position. Davies simply got his down and powered to the front of the with some very riding to top the podium as he beat up Ross Johns by 1min 16 come the end of the race. Johns is a too and is not scared of twisting the throttle as just short of a minute from the hard charging and improving Ryan Cahill in 3rd

Finally in the Novice class it was Rob that dominated and secured the win in class too as Jacob stirrup and Roberts took second and place respectively.

Another event form the WOR team was received by the riders as they the chequered flag area and the round of this very Putoline Hare Scrambles for 2013 due to a close.

WOR would to thank PUTOLINE OIL, the staff, medics and again of all the riders and their families for the event.

Lots of new and up to date on forthcoming events at www.worevents.com and the new WINTER ENDURO series


Report by Keith

WOR ran the 7th and penultimate round of the PUTOLINE SCRAMBLES at a brand new venue weekend. The new WOR track at Castle on the Welsh / Shrops borders was a gem and really offered something from the usual tracks WOR produce for the Hare Scrambles

This event was run on unbelievably 14th different venue of A shorter than normal WOR lap a very dusty and hard MX track linked to a 3 big rolling section was fast and exciting for all the as they had chance to really the cobwebs out an de-coke their

The racing was real and close in all the from the kids race to the adults and judging by the smiles and of the riders come the end it looked Race Boss, Steve and his vastly experienced team had again got the mix of terrain and duration about spot on for the majority of the


The 1.5hr race started the days as the kids took to the start for the 9am kick off. Running for 1.5 the committed kids set off around the 3 lap. The racing was close in all the as the fast track offered way of pulling a gap on your nearest

Dean Edwards and Jacob were the early leaders and had locked in what looked being a real battle to the However disaster struck for as his bike gave up on performing the 40 minute mark, This the flying Edwards to push on and a near 3 minute advantage runner up Declan Richards in turn just over a ahead of 3rd placed Dan Gibbons.

The Small wheel group had Holland take the win after his Reece Pickersgill had a bad day at the office a very rare mechanical early on in the race .

Charlie was once again the chap to in the competitive 65cc group as he the class by nearly 4 minutes runner up Sion Hughes. had some debris trapped the back wheel which him sometime. Hughes doing to finish above the ever third placed Haydn

Over 85cc victor was Welshman Cynan Sharp, his little Gas Gas to a well earned top of the podium. Oscar Evans hard on his 150 Honda to take the up place as did the determined Brooklyne on her trusty TTR 125 to take the final placing.

A break in between the proceedings allowed the WOR team to do the trophy presentation and some fixing and tidying before the were sent to the big grass area for their noon off.


at the line up on the Expert grid it was to see that this was one of the strongest and group of riders to line up all Top AMCA MX rider Lee Payne, All Enduro and Dakar ace, Tim BEC expert front runner, Humphries, Former BEC 125 champion, Edwards, along with a host of other quick Zac Sherwin, Steve Hughes, Jon Alun Jones, Shaun Ryan Ireland to name a The racing was guaranteed to be hot from the

Bursting through the dust and man back to lap scoring on lap one was Expert rider Shaun Turner, having just turned 40 and not raced for months and months in fine form on the Beta 300 2t as he on dust free into lap however at the results zone for the end of lap it was top MX rider now turned Speedway Lee Payne that was out in front. continued then to lead the way for the of the race.

Lurking not far behind and with his usual aggressive and style was MRS Sherco rider, Humphries, Snapping at Payne’s it was forced refuelling by Payne allowed the flying Welshmen and into control of the race. the end of this very hard and dogged battle it was the Sherco 300 in of the KTM 2t by a 10 second gap. Tim Forman was a deserved 3rd place matching the top 20 laps and finishing 2 and a half down on Payne.

Over in the Vets Shaun Turner was onto his lead but not for long as the fast number 81 machine of top WOR Vet, Chris Wagstaff past and took the reins. the end Waggy had pulled a near 3.5 gap from runner up Turner and 3rd Dean Johnson rounded out the albeit a lap down on Turner and

Clubman 2t honours once went to the very smooth and Jack Sanders, Sanders clear of silver placed Thomas who finished the race just a thimble full of in his machine and bronze medal Paul Engereln, Paul gaining some valuable points as he always does.

C F racing boss Gareth once again pushed his to a well earned Clubman win by a comfortable distance from up, Julian Rylance. Lloyd the MX type going as Rylance the more enduro and tricky events. Rounding out the Clubman was Darren Keefe whom snook ahead of Michael on the last lap to snatch the final place.

The top Clubman of the day was 15 year old Price, The ever improving was on top form as he took the 4t class win as as his group win. Price his KXF 250 to a 3 minute advantage over Bentham whom was again his best to accumulate those championship points for the series Bentham with his usual style finished a lap clear of placed Tom Cadwallader.

The always Sportsman class was topped by Tom this young rider is one that is improving by the week and a move from Novice to he now is edging himself nearer the class with his fast Stirrup beat runner up Greensall by 23 seconds with riders on 18 laps. Third went to Glesni Jones as she her worth as the best female at WOR with a very strong on her new bike and in her smart new kit.

Veterans is always hot at the front and championship points are a focal of the top group of riders, A special must go to class leader, Boustead as he led the pack with a lead, even passing the Vets, until his throttle snapped. a symptom of twisting it too maybe??

Boustead’s DNF paved the way for Guy to power through and take the win by a very close 7 seconds Mr consistent, Mark Plain. Humphrey came through the to take third place as all the runners finished on 18 laps.

The top 3 riders also completed 18 each as they battled the fun with vigour, Jack pushing to 2 minute plus over runner up, Ross Ross finished 3 minutes up on Cahill come the end of the two hours. It be said that these front runners are certainly to be worth watching as they get smooth, fast and stylish at young age means one thing if stick at the sport, success!.

the Novice group and it was Rob Simpson too the win from Steve Wilcox and Goodrum in 2nd and 3rd place respectively. All 3 on 17 laps, just right for the and showing that the WOR classes are and run fairly.

The event ran like as expected of this club and the was once again very and welcoming. The WOR will be back at venue for a Moto duro in the next month or so. A big thank you out to all the staff, medics, caterer’s, owner and of course the riders and families that support races and make them they are.

The next WOR and also the final round of the PUTOLINE HARE SCRAMBLES is weekend on the 7/8th September at the Maeshafn venue, nr Chester at the end of the Race Experience Day fun on the Saturday by the double pointer kids and races on the Sunday. Call or visit www.worevents.com for more



If WOR Events a restaurant chain then they served up last at the latest round of the Michelin Hare and Hounds series was top fodder with Michelin

The course. as always at Greenhall was fantastic, fast and flowing, climbs and descents, rocky rolling fields and some of the views in the world, A proper old Hare and Hounds Enduro The WOR always run the Michelin series for 3 duration which means a test for allot of the riders have become accustomed to the 2hr format that has become so in recent years.

Staring at the very healthy line up of throughout all the classes was fired off up the grass start field by the starter and the noise and vision of the climbing the mountain was superb.

man back to race control and the area was Kawasaki mounted Williams. Williams has not done riding of late and has been with family duties and stuff, You would never guessed he had had a long break riding as he lead from to finish with a very pace and totally deserved his 7 minute advantage come the end of the 3

Following Luke onto the rung of the Expert podium was Jon Hill riding as consistent as but maybe not as fast as he done in this year, still a ride for the runners up spot.

The 3rd silverware for the experts went to Hacking who was having some fun out there on the fun track.

All 3 top Experts did 20

The Expert Vets was topped by the charging Dave Carthy as he off Colin Mcnees challenge the 3hrs.

Russ Taylor was in form in the Clubman and was the only level rider to complete 20

Russ topped the class runner up George Price was enjoying his brand new Kawasaki KX and third placed James who fully deserved his award a gusty display of riding.

Cheetham made the Clubman class his own as he battled with Lloyd for the win, Both Kawasaki mounted riders in fast form and it was a last lap by Cheetham that secured him a well earned win.

KTM 300 Colin Griffiths rounded out the with another very ride as he kept on the front pace.

Tom Stirrup’s( wasaki) fine run of form as he again topped the group with 17laps, getting very stylish in his pushed Paul Thomas the runners spot and Mike into the bronze, Manley and very close come the end only 6 seconds separating in Thomas’ favour. 17 laps was the achieved by all 3 riders .

Duncan was in fine form in the Sportsman as yet another Kawasaki topped a

Duncan winning the group by a lap from Henry Markey in a runners up spot from 3rd Mark Plain. Plain the KTM with his usual smooth

The Youth class was again by the ever improving and now very Jack Cadwallader. Caddy was and looked very fast and as he completed 18 laps and finished a 5 minute advantage over up, Ross Davies. Ted Bailey did too with a fine bronze in class albeit a couple of down on Davies and Cadwallder.

The group was full of heroes too the 3 hour duration making very tired riders Top pilot was James Goodrum Ryan Swain and Martin in 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

To round up, it was a event with a superb ran as always expected from the experienced WOR team like even the weather was served sunshine. A very nice experience indeed. Michelin Man of the was Luke Williams, Kawasaki’s won the of the classes and big well done out to all of the riders.

WOR’s next is this Coming Wednesday August at Buildwas with a RED and an scramble.


@ Buildwas Off Road 7/8/13

Report K Williams CWL Photography.

WOR ran a very nice event at Buildwas Off road last Wednesday with a Experience Fun Day from 10am 4pm followed by a 2 hr Evening Hare at 6.30pm.

The weather was fine all day and the WOR had plotted a lovely little that ran in and out of the Mx based Buildwas and used over 70 acres of woodlands and trails that the small but committed list of a great midweek blast.

The RED day superb with all the riders a superb day in the dirt, kids and enjoying the testing yet flowing

The Evening race kicked off at sharp. Jon Hunt on the Sherco was in unstoppable form and rode the WOR have seen him yet. second place twice the based youngster was at one with the and clocked up an amazing 21 laps.

Holland was Second.

Kev Rogers was top Vet Joe Hemming having a great for second and Richard Holland in the position.

Top Clubman was Lee Chance his mate in Jon Turley in the runners up from Rob White in 3rd.

Verrin having moved Novice topped the Sportsman Jonathan Hayes and Steve in 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

Top Novice was Tom Evans from Tom Walker and Joe in silver and bronze placing.

Charlie Chater did a great job in his 2 hour race as he clocked up 15 laps.

The whole concept of the little midweek race down well and the venue itself to the event fantastically.

was rd 1 of a 3 round series with the two scores to count for the overall and trophies. the next round is at Buildwas on Wednesday 21st and the 3rd round a week later on the August at Nantmawr Quarry.

Sherco 50 Enduro Champion Replica

All is not for riders that missed cracking rd 1.








Although were thin on the ground it is a of Spread the Word to other for this fun midweek format.

Details at www.worevents.com or the WOR Events book page.


RD 6 @ North Wales

SUNDAY 4th 2013.


by K.williams

WOR Events unleashed brand new venue last and what a track it was. An lap time of around 14 minutes a fast and flowing 5.2 mile that had rolling fields, off sweeping hills, rocky fast Moto cross going and some boggy rush infested sheep It went down a storm all the riders.

WOR boss Steve said he had never experienced a warm welcome for a new venue as all the riders throughout the weekend the RED through to the two main Putoline Scramble races had given the the thumbs up, and that was over 250 pointing skywards. The paddock was to bursting and the atmosphere as you would to expect from any WOR event, was relaxed and warm.

The racing kicked off on Sunday at 9am sharp the kids going out for their 1.5hr battle. The conditions slippy after some rain but under the first of the slip was pure grip the little bikes soon and made the most of.

The overall of the Kids race and securing some vital Putoline Scrambles series points was Dan in the over 85cc group as he had a and neck race for the duration Jacob James. The pair of riders not wanting to give the to much room on the circuit. At the end pulled a 27 second advantage to top the James was followed home in place by George Saunders had not had a day like he usually has, IE

The 85cc small wheel had Ryan Holland in third with Sion Evans in a earned runners up spot as both chased down the determined Jack Llewellyn as managed to get 7 laps to the other 6 and 5 respectively.

In the 65cc class it was the front runner, Charlie that once again the top dog in the little bikes as he buzzed to a 6 minute advantage over up Sion Hughes with Lucy in a well deserved spot. Chater and Hughes a brilliant 7 laps to their

Finally in the kids race was the 85cc group and Cynan riding a Gas Gas 125 looked to really be himself on the fast, flowing and friendly track. Runner up was the smiling and ever improving Skillin with another by the week rider, Oscar in the bronze trophy position.

a short break for the kids presentation and a few track tweaks by the non WOR track team it was time for the 12 start of the main 2hr PUTOLINE SCRAMBLE. A very busy area was full of bikes on taped out field that into another field, rolled into another before climbing onto the at the top of the mountain.

A new twin shock was introduced by WOR earlier in the week and 12 graced the event with stunning looking old, bikes that really did add to the in every sense of the word. The shock class will now be to regular WOR events in the future.

Off the went in waves as the union start flag was dropped for the 10 that the event caters In the Experts it was Beta Mounted Zac that was back at race first and looked to be in a very position as the first few laps Sherwin was chased by Expert MX Lee Kelly whom was in his element on the new WOR

Sherwin had problems though just 34 minutes as he lost all the from the stunning looking and was forced to retire, This the door for Kelly to push on in and take a nice lead. Not far the top two was the always committed and very 18 year old, Jon Hill. around 50 minutes remaining struck for the hard charging as his silencer fell off the bike, allowed Hill to charge to take the lead and ultimately the overall win.

Great to see for Hill after his nasty at an earlier WOR race. Hill winning by 1min and 7 seconds runner up, Aled Humphries. matched the11 laps of and finished a comfortable 3 minutes of third placed Expert Hughes.

Aled Price had going well until rope on the back wheel his day for the worse although 4th at the end was ok for him. did finish the event in 5th place his pit crew got his exhaust sorted.

The Veterans were in small but the speed of them was still fine with Chris once again churning out a result as class winner and 3rd in the event, even after a big out that must have him, or his pride. Runner up was Brewster, the most winningest in the last 8 years of WOR events,

Great to see the Brewster back, out on bike and having terrible with his left wrist, was still picking some lines and showed flashes of the that is on its way back. Third Expert Veteran was Dave on the little 2t KTM.

Fastest was 52 year old CF Racing boss, Lloyd. Riding a Kawasaki KX in the Clubman Veteran class it was who was the man to beat as he topped the group by a comfortable 2minutes and 30 seconds runner up Kev Freeman. Third Clubman Veteran was Mark who was not far behind Freeman at all considering rides maybe twice a if that.

Lloyd was fasted overall by a minute and a half and impressive considering the 2t and 4t Clubman a good 45 seconds in front of the

Top Two … Clubman was Matthew with Nathan Rodgers in place and Paul Engerlen in all 3 doing 11 laps and with than 30 seconds between all.

The 4 … group was close fought with a separating the top 3, all on 11 laps. Tom Edwards a storming ride to take the win Jordan Johns and Darren in 2nd and 3rd place.

The new Twin Shock was superb to see as the heroes on the bikes of our from yesteryear tackled the with enthusiasm from the Ian Barnett was top dog with Andy in the runners up position making the long trip from worthwhile with Trials and shop Boss, Ian Spence in 3rd making it a Maico and two Huqvarnas on the All 3completing 10 laps.

Top sportsman were Mike Manley in 3rd on 10 laps as he chased the top two of Stacey in second spot and class Darren Maloney whom completed 11 laps.

Over in the Veterans it was that man again Boustead that did th winning 11 laps to his credit as the runner up, Rob and third placed Shaun tried to hunt him down finishing on 10 laps a piece.

Top Youth rider was Jack as he was very quick on the grass type going, Caddy was the youth rider to clock up 11 Conditions really suiting the improving Shropshire based Runner up was the always fast and Ross Davies, whom in finished ahead of another and stylish Ross, this Ross Johns.

The non competitive class, although you wouldn’t so! was topped by Rob Simpson with Wilcox and Rob Parry in 2nd and third 4th place Leon Thomas a mention too as they were the Novice riders to click 10 each.

Another thing needs a mention is the conditions for the 25 minutes of the race, The track like an ice rink as the heavy hit the grassy fields, The bikers gymnasts more than off as the pirouetting pilots’ danced a dance to see the chequered flag and an end to the of traction. No one’s smile had though as the response to Steve latest creation was untold

WOR would like to as always the landowners, staff and most of all the for supporting and making this event happen.

WOR’s event is this WEDNESDAY 7th @ BUILDWAS OFF ROAD CENTRE a fun Race Experience Day and a stand 2hr evening Hare scramble place. More details at


WOR Events festival

Report by Keith Williams.


WOR Events certainly know how to an off road festival if the atmosphere and at the recent Berwyn Leisure are anything to go by. Steve Ireland and his organised a weekend rammed of off road action for ages and

Over 250 riders supported the activities and with all the spectators and it really did have a summer feeling going on.

Saturday was as kicked off by one of WOR’s famous RED fun with over 100 riders the massive loop that the WOR had created on Mr and Mrs’ Edwards piece of North Wales The track used both of the massive valley and incorporated of new and unused sections of track, The could see that once you can really expect a quality from the WOR staff and trust in operation.

After the RED finished at 4pm it was a break then a very schedule of events took First at 5pm, the now infamous, WOR race took place, a 40 race that had the elite WOR battling handlebars and much to see who would win. As usual swearing and cursing was par for the course, Ireland had even organised a jet wash to blast at the riders as came through lap scoring. A Giraffe rode very Paul ward did some cheating, Gareth Davies was like never before but the man of the marshals race was Martin no inventive line choice him as he took a well earned

Once the Staff race was it was onto the Master of the Mountain climb, something WOR have at this venue for over 6 A brilliant entry lined up British Enduro legends, BEC stars and genuine WOR club It was an awesome 1 hour and a half’s fun the hostess with mostess, Ireland, keeping the crowds and entertained with his humorous and banter. After a 30 minute session the hill was then up for proper goes at it.

Two top British stars even had an unoffical go at the TWO UP. lol. 8 riders made it to the top so in a of genius by the WOR team the way to decide it was by a first ever hill race. The top eight lined up the WOR arch an don the drop of the flag they went. chasing the top and the prize money.

British Legends Ady smith and Andrew were on a mission and would like mad for that Ј100. Edwards making the fastest up a hill ever as he SEEMED TO TO THE SUMMIT AND COLLECT HIS WINNINGS. It was entertaining stuff.

The night moved over to the big marquee the lovely glass awards handed out in a very nice to all of the 2012 WOR champions, Hog Roast, with all the lights and smoke great family banter and a light sprinkling of Alcohol off the night superbly.

Kicking off the day at 9am was a 1hr Bike Challenge enduro. and entertaining is not the word as the scooters, field bikes etc all took on the with even Enduro Ady Smith out there flat out a teenager on his mini pit bike!!

The went so fast because of all the The big mention from the FBC must go to Frank Parkinson who was out on a Honda on slicks, great to watch.

till noon was the Kids and they all did really well in the an ddusty conditions to put on some displays of racing skill and WOR have now introduced an Auto into the races and Lewis Charlie Crossland and Harrison all did brilliant to get their trophies.

Chater once again the 65’cc Group from Hughes and Frank Skillen. Richards, Cynan Sharp and Johnson were the top 3 in that for the over 85’s. The Big wheel had Chloe Richards in 3rd, James in 2nd with Dan Gibbons the podium on Gold.


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