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Sherco 50 CC Enduro

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por em Qua Set 25, 2013 5:15 pm

Primeiro a Sherco SE-R 250 2014 Enduro 360.

It seems we just got finished testing one and it is already time for the next the much awaited two … I am just back from a couple of great days around the trails of Tennessee on the new and I have lots to tell you it.

As far as the chassis goes, the new two … is nearly identical to the 2013 model that we just Literally the only differences are the frame cradle and obviously the new 250 two motor. The WP suspension components are the same spec.

So I will over some of the smaller if you missed the 300i test, up here: 2013 Sherco First Ride.

Obviously the news is all about the new two … that will be available in 250 and 300 displacements. Sherco brings us two firsts for this class; start only and electronically powervalve actuation.

The motor has a unique look. As casting advance, we see the size of the engine decrease as they tend to around the internal components The starter motor sits center in the bottom of the cases and raises the clutch housing a tad. With no kickstarter it makes everything on the right side take on a slightly new and odd proportion.

The left side of the looks familiar only for the that it looks like a ….

I understand that the of this motor was with an eye the potential future use of fuel That is one of the reasons for dropping the Apparently two … EFI needs a spin RPM to start properly, the E start.

It also means that the 2t come with a huge system, 220 watts of DC power.

The components of the new powervalve that are are the control cables that run the servo motor under the Here is a bit of trivia; I once a motorcycle with a servo powervalve, can you guess what it

Nearly everything else on the looks like current two technology; Keihin 36mm V Force reed block, slave cylinder, etc. the Sherco represents is not a radical in technology, but a refinement of the existing

I can tell you right now that I am to be at somewhat of a loss to properly how the new two … works. This is not a of superlatives. Quite the opposite, it is all subtlety, it is pleasantly understated.

My two of riding eastern single left me grinning from ear to I could hardly imagine a that would be easier to or more fun in such conditions. But comes with a caveat. The seems to be always telling you smoother is faster. For me, perfect, I am all smooth even if the faster eludes me at times.

But the message is so that there may not be any other for the rider. Start using the and throttle with a heavy the 250 two … is simply not going to as well.

Why is this so? I can’t you a definitive answer, but I have a few leads.

First, with a charging system, there is of flywheel mass to work The ignition cover is metal of a composite like most two It is also very narrow.

I the stator may mount to the cover in a similar to many four

The pipe seems to be purposefully for smooth low end power, just as you expect from a company such strong trials FMF is already prototyping a new exhaust I spoke with FMF about the They have the only two … Sherco in the country now. On the dyno, the 250 power is linear.

It produces a near a straight line on the chart, up to 7,800 rpm, sending to the rear wheel. From it drops off quickly, effectively down. FMF indicates they to match the stock power low and get a few more ponies on top, power to nearly 9,000.

If can continue to make gains the stock pipe is losing it will be big net difference.

Then is the powervalve. I know it is doing unique and good things, but I don’t know exactly

On the bottom the 250 motor is amazingly It gave me the same kind of as the first time I rode the fuel injected four The throttle response is crisp and

It takes very little movement of the throttle.

Many there is almost the sensation of control. Whether it comes the ignition, powervalve or a combination of I am not sure. But the bike hooks up

This 250 produces power in a that feels like a 300 2t, just a little softer. It is stall proof. The wheel not spin, even over log crossings. There is a slight in the power delivery and it never hard.

Like a four you can get on the throttle a bit early to counter the

I know this sounds a lot the way I described the 300i four Sherco. It is not to say they are the same, but certainly share the same of ride characteristics. We had the 300i for testing, so I started the second day it.

I was … to see how my comparative impression be.

I was somewhat surprised that I a little on the 300i 4t riding the trail as the previous day. the 300i was not completely stock, the Rekluse clutch and the open FMF (no quiet core insert). I the bike lost some of its bottom end feel.

I think mods detract from the … slightly.  I needed to the revs up just a bit more on the stock 300i and quite a bit than on the 250 two ….

It wasn’t before I was ready to have the two back. For tight single trail, it ruled the day. both models are built the same design principles, the two certainly has a lighter and more feel, exactly as it should.

As for delivery, there are few bikes can deliver the same buttery feel.

Like the other a stock mapping switch on the right side by the throttle. I I could use both positions, but felt that the mild (left) was the best for the conditions. The 250 was to ride in one gear for long of trail.

But there were a few when I was right on the edge of more power and it did not seem to naturally. On a couple of the steeper climbs the 250 put the power down but seemed right near the too. I am not sure if it was truly the or more the Sherco simply me to be smooth, as if I didn’t have a in the matter. It might be smarter me. Regardless, it is a very fascinating to ride.

Some of you may think I am a Gas Gas motor, they are very Sherco just takes it a further.


I have already my admiration for it in the 300i test. It is all the here, just with a feel. The feel of the front is the most obvious trait.

I yet to lose the front end on either of the we have ridden. It is so solid that it always fosters

I also sense that chassis a relatively rigid. It nearly impossible to hit or land enough to get any obvious flex to The front never wanders and feels precise.

At times also means that the quality is a little rougher I like, but that is the tradeoff.

One who tested the 300i referred to it as It does feel like a wheel base. At times you like you are right over the wheel, especially on steep hills. The published wheelbase is That compares to a 250xc-w at but KTM gives that a plus or of 10mm also.

Ground it is 350mm compared to 355mm for the

On the 300i I also talked how the “planted” front wheel also be slow to wheelie obstacles. The two stoke is better at the front, but still has a similar So it is not just a matter of weight, but of the design also.

This up an interesting point about philosophy. Nothing on the Sherco left to chance. Every seems purposefully designed.

Sherco 50 CC Enduro

For or worse, everything reflects the design and ride philosophy.

These are the exact same WP and specification as on the current four models. This is common, as KTM two and small bore four were also the same just this year. I was happy with the set up on the four

For this test we rode the two with heavier springs. It was set up springs that were two stiffer than stock. was not too bad for aggressive riding on open but I felt it was too stiff for most of the we rode.

That also up another part of the Sherco In general they have to use light springs with valving. The valving is much than on similar WP suspended For me, riding in open western the stock set up is surprisingly good.

But I took the 300i to Idaho I had to off on all the compression adjustments to get a smooth in the woods. I still need springs, particularly in front, but one rate (.44nm) would be


The electric start perfect. Most times was never any sensation of the motor over, simply push the and motor starts instantly. The big system makes sure the charges quickly.

The metal cover will keep sealed to avoid possible and water infiltration problems.

The fuel tank is the same as the … model (9.5 it even has the casting for the fuel A new 12 litre accessory tank is in the

Our bike was fitted with the electronic odometer, I believe will come stock on all the models.

Brakes are simply

Foot pegs ride a high but have great

The clutch pull was just a hard. It is really the same as clutches were a few years but feels heavy compared to the KTM DDS or the Gasser. It is slightly stiffer the four … model.


For where we rode and what we I could not image any bike I have had more fun on. How do I describe the in relative terms? Take the philosophy of the Gas Gas and update it to the latest add the build quality of the KTM chassis but a completely unique geometry and – that is the Sherco.

For most, will find themselves to do more and go faster on the Sherco It may be blue, but this certainly a YZ250 with a flywheel added. More aggressive may not fit the Sherco vision of how to get to the finish the But we also know that bikes are already winning in Europe too.

I would be interested to see what modifications are to the race bikes.

How does it up to the competition? That is a tough It falls somewhere in the mix between the KTM and Gas It shows build quality on par with the best.

I don’t it quite has the peak power of the but may be better in some types of terrain. As for handing it is completely not miles apart from the just a bit more confidence due to the feel for the front tire.

I a number of technical questions I have sent to the factory. I follow up with any additional that we might receive.



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