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The Colmore Cup — National S3 Trial on 2/3/14

The Chairmans

2014 Colmore cup trial diary

This year my aim is to in and complete the Normandale Championship, the S3 the SEEC Enduro Championship and the Hare and Hounds Championship.

this is the aim ha ha, but there’s a problem. The clash and so I will be left to which Championship to complete. will depend on travelling (against S3 and Normandale Championships) and my to cope with the riding (everything — ha ha).

So started the year with intentions and the first round of the S3 was here, The Colmore cup.

Daffin and former motocross and I travelled up to Stratford with a start from my home. We many miles of road was in front of us and that we would more fuel somewhere out on the so we came armed with cans which we could put out on the truck which would go out to the location away from the

So we pulled up in the car park and spoke to a official guy in the car park and said about’s is the fuel truck He replied There isn’t So, how do we refuel ? I said.

He looked at me a blank look on his face and We use petrol stations in these mate. Ha ha, very funny :)

So finally we found a willing to lug our petrol around for us, but whether we find him, I don’t

Rob Warner parked next to us and was the latest style in Jamaican beanie hats. We had a chat and he was some pre event maintanance on his but thought it was easier to pull off his bike rather than them. With 2 kids, I got time he laughed. He then into the back of his mini style van and said loudly come anywhere near doors, I’m going for a on the porta loo ha ha , and the doors swung behind me.

Those few words an indelible pic. Another face from the past was Scarlet unloading his Beta 300 the back of his pick up.

I was the last man with my two buddies right Rob Warner was also starting off with us.

So, it was raining hard and it was but not so cold that it was a problem. We set off and to the first group 7 miles I turned off the road through a gate and then rode for a mile across grass to the first section, which was at the a huge huge grass With the usual optimism and I parked the bike up and jogged to look at the section. The observer Don’t blame us, Alan set out this one out.

Oh no Wrighty, what have you The observer didn’t sound Still. I was fresh, clean and of energy.

The section took us the edge of the hole turning through a water ditch and along the bank. Then you had to to your left into the of the hole and then power the mud and up out of the hole to the ends cards.

I was optimistic, it was only the first What could go wrong. Nolan immediately sked for a and rode away. Oh my God , am I under this.

I dropped down the clag and lost my leg up to my thigh. My new Jotagas white trousers, black with stinking stagnant mud and I could feel my was wetter than a ferret’s Oh my God. Kevin was right, was impossible. Craig dropped into the section whilst I was walking it and rode the first easily.

He dropped into the hole and went nowhere.

rider, I don’t know, through and took a different He blasted through the mud and was up the other with no problem. This me confidence — fool :)

I cruised the first part of the and then selected third launching down into the mud on this new possible line engine revs high. I it 3 feet and sank :(. I then the next few minutes precariously to maintain my balance whilst around the bike, so that I get a good purchase on it, to pull it out of the

I was holding onto overhanging like my life depended on it ha ha. a start. Dragging the bike out I left for section 2, which was a and a twiddle on the hillside through twists and turns.

Section 3 was a hill climb. The hill was in slippery glass. The begins meant that you had to approach it at an .The fact that 120 had already been through sections and that we’ve had the rain ever recorded + area suffered from a lot of meant that these were very very and slippery.

I set off, third and made it to the 2 marker before I to a halt.

Although I hadn’t had a good start, to say the least, I was enjoying myself as we left group and headed on.

The sections a later, then started to get and harder. We dropped off the road some woods to be confronted by of the largest hills I’ve had to face on a trials bike. 120 had been through these t he hillside where they was huge, massive, monumental, but all the from the trees had gone the floor.

It was a floor awash with mud and

It was what can only be described as a scene from the World War 1 of the Somme. Riders were lying under and next to steaming over heating Bikes laying on their forgotten and unloved.

It was a formidable. and yet intriguing sight.

Sherco 50 Enduro Champion Replica

This is I saw Tony Scarlet reveal a of the magic he still has on a trial The biggest section was a straight on mud up a straight climb which bent round to the left. At the top you right and dropped down. let it rip and that tractor, I mean :) just would not stop. The had one position and that was flat

The Beta sounded like a C90 with no exhaust :) but he made it to the A great ride.

The sections for the rest of the trial in this Big 4th gear slippery climbs you couldn’t stand up on and glass greased down hills made you wince and think your family back

It was an epic trial, one that outclassed me completely. My Jotagas was all day. The Jotagas was excellent and miss a beat. Everything ace. It was no longer pinking.

this was because of the colder by half way through the day the rain was down so hard that I even see. My glasses had a layer of mud on them and my wiping was dirtier than the mud itself :)

I did that the easier sections, I was riding had become the harder of the two by the end of the day. 110 riders through on the course cut them lines and out logs whilst my sections as snotty and nadgery as ever. But I’m not making excuses.

I met Steve Saunders at one of the later and said to him I’m sorry, but I cannot believe that you up those hills on those old He just chuckled.

As I rode I had one reoccurring thought. How the hell did the back in the 50’s, 60’s, and 80’s cope with going and terrain, here at the Cup. This is the slipperiest, and steepest trial I’ve in a long time.

I rode trial back in the 90’s but had how hard it was. That’s the with memory, I for one only to remember the good bits ha ha.

I was so cold as I left the last on the 7 mile ride in the stinging back to the start. I couldn’t I was shivering and the rain at 40mph on my was like being tattooed ha ha.

thank God that’s over. I was a … rat. I got changed in the loo’s at the football club there was the luxury of hot water.

As for our fuel in the mystery van. I tell you the amount of vans we up on the side of the road before we got the one :)

Just have a look the previous winners. Look at the of times Steve Saunders back to win the event. He won it 10 times 17 years. Can you believe it.

I’ll you something. after this I can’t. Give me strength :)

Colmore cup trial Jotagas

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